Health Problems You Can Use Licorice For & When To Refrain From It


A list of health problems you can use licorice for, application forms and when not to utilize it

The following includes a summary of health problems you can use licorice for and where it has validated its healing properties in the treatment.

Please, do not understand this as a therapy plan, but only as a list of the effects and uses of licorice proven in conventional medicine and naturopathy.

Ailments licorice can be used safely and effectively

Sore throat
Stomach pain
Mucus formation in the airways
Viral infections
Gastritis (caused by the H. pylori bacterium)
Adrenal weakness and adrenal fatigue
Leaky Gut Syndrome
Respiratory diseases
Liver disease (including hepatitis and fatty liver)
Chronic fatigue

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What does licorice taste like?

The taste of pure licorice root is, of course, not comparable to that of licorice in sweets. Because licorice in candy contains additives and a lot of sugar.

Licorice in its raw version tastes sweet, as the name implies. A somewhat stronger sweetness that one can compare to that of honey or stevia, less so than that of pure sugar.

The pleasant and not overwhelmingly sweet flavor surprises most people who try licorice for the first time.

This is why we can occasionally encounter licorice extract and licorice root powder in the kitchen, as it adds to the rich taste of certain culinary delights.

Because it is sweet, contains no sugar and almost always produces a positive reaction, licorice is good to use in a couple of ways.

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How can you use licorice?

In practice, licorice has proven itself in three forms: as an extract (syrup), in capsule form and as licorice powder whether bagged or loose licorice powder for use as tea.

Licorice root ground, chopped, granulated, application

Different forms of licorice root.

The use of licorice root extract allows a higher dosage and is particularly popular for chronic inflammatory diseases for internal use.

In addition to diabetes and arteriosclerosis, this also includes autoimmune diseases such as lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis and Sjögren’s syndrome.

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Important note!

If you are suffering from high blood pressure, or are taking medication, therefore, are using drugs to lower potassium levels as well as diuretics (water pills), then please, stay away from licorice root.

Since licorice root does contain glycyrrhizinic acid, this interferes with the above-mentioned medicines and can, furthermore, cause dangerous spikes in blood pressure!

External use of licorice root

Externally, one can use licorice root extract for inflammatory skin diseases such as neurodermatitis and psoriasis (see home remedies for psoriasis).

The use for everyone, whether for chronically inflammatory diseases or just to support your health, in normal dosage, is easiest in the form of licorice tea.

You can simply brew the bags or powder with hot water. After about 10 minutes of steeping and stirring vigorously, you have a delicious and *sweet licorice tea.

Since not everyone fancies the pure taste of this herb and licorice is known and proven as an adjuvant (enhancer), I recommend making a combination of licorice tea with the following other herbs or teas

Green tea*
Black tea
As part of chai tea

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Why no licorice root during pregnancy?

Licorice is not recommended for pregnant women. This is not because the licorice root is poisonous. This recommendation actually comes from the fact that one cannot yet estimate how the licorice affects the body during pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a special situation for both the mother and the growing child. Because of the steroid-like effects of licorice in the body, you play it safe to stay away from it. Generally, even doctors advise pregnant women against eating licorice.

Contraindicated – when is it advisable not to consume licorice root?

The licorice root mimics the effects of estrogen to a small extent. Therefore, eating licorice root is not recommended if you suffer from an estrogen-sensitive disease. This includes:

Breast cancer
Uterine / ovarian cancer
Estrogen dominance

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Are there any side effects from eating licorice?

The FDA has classified licorice as safe up to a dose of 18 g per day. No side effects should occur in the healthy body up to this maximum dosage.

Even friends and advocates of licorice root can confirm that 18 g is quite a lot. Therefore, regular consumption (with common sense) of licorice poses no danger. On the contrary: licorice has many health effects for the body that you can also benefit from.

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Conclusion – Licorice is an underestimated natural remedy

Licorice not only tastes good but has many anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and regulating effects in the body. You can use licorice both externally and internally for health benefits and enhancement of your well-being.

We can attribute the effects to the numerous and at the same time strong antioxidants and glycyrrhizic acid within the herb.

The latter is similar in structure to the body’s own steroid hormones and imitates their effects, but to a healthy and beneficial extent.

When in doubt, listen to your body and see how you react to licorice. In the case of chronic illnesses, I recommend taking the advice of a physician or therapist with experience in natural medicine.

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