Overview Of 23 Health Problems Manuka Honey Helps Against


23 health problems Manuka honey helps against and how

Today, I am going to introduce you to health problems Manuka honey helps against. I recently read an interesting medical report. The document stated that scientists administered Manuka honey intravenous into cancer patients.

As a result, the tumors actually shrank significantly more while applied together with chemotherapy, than a chemo session alone had established. This is, among other personal experiences with Manuka honey, which led me to write the following post.

These applications are for internal as well as external use. The external usage should occur so that a lot of honey is applied to affected skin areas.

For areas outside the face, I recommend isolating the specific zone with a bandage so that nothing gets wiped off.

When used on the face, I suggest the exposure time of one to two hours before washing the honey off gently.

For internal use, take one or two teaspoons of Manuka honey in a glass of warm water once or twice a day.

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We now come to the application for the following health issues:


SIBO is a bacterial or fungal infestation of the small intestine. Manuka honey really cleans up here and eliminates these infections.

2- Gastritis

In the case of gastric inflammation (gastritis) with the bacterium Helicobacter pylori, Manuka honey aids in high concentration (as fast as possible, with a little water) to kill the bacterium. Two to three times a day until symptoms improve.

3- Gastrointestinal infections

Manuka honey removes harmful bacteria. At the same time, honey is slightly prebiotic and helps the good bacteria to survive and regenerate.

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4- Colon cancer

According to studies, Manuka honey has the ability to prevent cancer cells from growing. This seems to be the case, especially in colon cancer. It is sensational!

5- Immunodeficiency

Manuka honey has a modulating effect on the immune system, which means that overactive mast cells are inhibited, but natural killer cells are stimulated.

How this affects autoimmune diseases is not known. Please discuss this with your doctor or alternative practitioner.

Important: You should not use Manuka honey if you are taking immunosuppressive drugs at the same time!

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6- Allergies

Honey is known to help against allergies. Manuka honey is significantly stronger because it contains more essential oils and polyphenols. In fact, honey is a natural antihistamine and suppresses allergic reactions.

7- Cystitis

Manuka honey also appears to help with and prevent bladder infections. The antibacterial effect affects the bladder.

8- Cold

One can quickly control a flu infection with Manuka honey. How fast is not known and varies from person to person. However, Manuka honey can clearly support regular flu therapy and is recommended.

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9- Bronchitis

Infection or inflammation of the lungs can be controlled with Manuka honey. I recommend a cup of thyme tea or oregano tea with a tablespoon of Manuka honey twice a day.

10- Cough and 11- Sore throat

Manuka honey also appears to be very useful for inflammation or upper respiratory infections. As with bronchitis, drink a cup of oregano tea and thyme tea with a tablespoon of Manuka honey twice a day.

12-  Sinusitis

In many people, chronic sinusitis is due to multi-resistant germs. A nasal rinse with Manuka honey can significantly help here if there is no sensitivity to pollen or honey.

13- Tooth decay

Bacteria, especially Staphylococcus mutants, cause cavities. Of course, they like to feed on sugar, including honey, but Manuka honey eliminates them beforehand.

14- Herpes

Manuka honey has an antiviral effect. So also against herpes, especially on the skin of cold sores.

15-  Acne

Here, too, Manuka honey works in different ways, especially the antibacterial effect against Propionibacterium acnes and enhances the inflammation relief.

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16- MRSA

Wherever multi-resistant Streptococcus aureus (MRSA) occur, you can use *pure Manuka honey to combat them.

17- Shingles

Manuka honey also seems to help with this viral disease (secondary infection after chickenpox). Either alone or in combination with coconut oil.

18- Psoriasis

Manuka honey helps exceptionally well with this autoimmune skin disease. Either alone or together with coconut oil, vitamin E, vitamin D and curcumin – all together as a cream/paste.

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19- Neurodermatitis

You can fight off the inflammation and infection of the skin in neurodermatitis with Manuka honey.

20- Burns

Manuka honey not only disinfects the burned area, but also stimulates the healing of the skin. Rinse the affected areas well, apply Manuka honey and fix with a bandage. Repeat this every day.

21- Dry lips

If your lips are dry and cracked and nothing seems to help, try honey. Use sparingly and do not lick off.

22- Disinfection

In the event of a problem, internally or externally,  that requires disinfection, you can apply a high-dose of Manuka honey. This also refers to cuts. Rinse the wound, put Manuka honey on, cover with a bandaid or bandage and let the healing process begin.

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23- Diabetic foot syndrome

This falls under the category of disinfection and open wound, but we should look at it separately because it occurs so often.

If the body’s regeneration in diabetes slows down greatly and nothing seems to help even after months or years of treatment, try Manuka honey.

Did I forget anything? Let us know in the comment section below!

Conclusion – Manuka honey for different applications

Manuka honey is the honey from the Manuka tree of the South Myrtle. It is more of a cure than food and can be used for a wide range of problems.

The effectiveness comes from the strong concentration of essential oils, polyphenols, defensins of bees and the substance methylglyoxal.

When buying, pay attention to the MGO seal or UMF (at least 15). Good honey costs more and is also worth the money, especially for critical health problems.

Do not celebrate Manuka honey as a miracle cure and d not skip antibiotics in extreme cases. Antibiotics can save lives and are justified. However, they should not be used irresponsibly and only when absolutely necessary.

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Dear co-creators

I hope you found some interesting points in my post about health problems manuka honey helps against?

You have learned that it is valuable for small to medium-sized health problems, with inflammation and infections involved.

*Manuka honey is at least as good as conventional antibiotics just without the body suffering from side effects and damage and without developing antibiotic resistance.

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