Sharing My Grocery List With Nourishing Foods For Enhanced Health


Grocery list with nourishing foods for more health and weight loss

A healthy diet doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. Many people would like to live healthier, but do not know how to start. This is now the end of that dilemma! Receive my grocery list with nourishing foods here, with which you can start living a healthier life today.

Healthy shopping list – This clears up the ‘how to eat healthier’

Many people would like to eat healthier, but do not know how to do it and where to start. The how is very important to me on lovebodyfatsolutions – I want to give quick and easy health tips with a lot of frills that you can use to improve your health sustainably.

I work science-based and practice-oriented, but I make sure that everything is easy to understand and that everyone can implement it.

I (and my clients) do what I write here myself. The healthy shopping list is part of it: I walk with it to the supermarket around the corner every week.

Guide Of Healthy Foods That You Should Always Have In Stock

What do I mean by healthy?

I represent my view of healthy eating here – somewhere between the Paleo diet and clean eating. Natural, nutrient-rich and low-irritant foods. Full of healthy vitamins and minerals. I understand that as healthy.

Healthy shopping list – important notes in advance

In the following, you will get the healthy grocery list, with which you can start a healthier life today. These things are available in every major supermarket.

If there isn’t something there in your local market, then probably in the nearest Trader Joe’s, Wholefoods or Ralph’s.

Important for the healthy shopping list: You don’t have to buy all of it, but you can. Many of these are “basics” that you purchase once and then hold for several weeks to months (such as honey, cocoa or spices).

The healthy shopping list is calculated per person for $ 55 per week. That is not a lot of money, but for many, it is probably more than they are currently spending.

If I now tell you that a healthy diet is the basis for your professional and private improvement, that you are less sick (see immune system), healthier, happier, sportier, lose weight quickly, do more and go through life with more energy, then it is a small investment that is very worthwhile. Don’t forget that … Money for food is an investment in you and your health.

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Enough preschooling now, here is the healthy shopping list:

A grocery list with nourishing foods for one person

This healthy shopping list lasts for about 7-10 days and costs about $ 55-75  depending on the current level of the storage and refrigerators. The quantities are not a must for every week, but a good amount to have in stock after shopping. You don’t have to buy everything from this list, but it gives a good overview of what should be in the shopping basket (and in the pantry):

(You can also print out the list and simply take it to the supermarket)


2 pounds of apples
Additional seasonal fruit also 2 pounds
500g lemons
2 pounds of frozen berries (blueberries/blackberries/strawberries)
Two avocados
For athletes: 2-4 pounds of bananas

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2 pounds of carrots
4 pounds of potatoes / sweet potatoes
500 g beetroot
2 pounds of onions
Fresh tomatoes/ two pounds
400g mushrooms
150g corn salad
500 g red pepper
500 g frozen spinach
500 g frozen broccoli
Bulb of ginger

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Starchy foods

2 pounds of basmati rice, jasmine rice or brown wild rice
500 g quinoa or amaranth
For athletes: 500g oatmeal

Oils and healthy fats

1 l (33.8 oz) extra virgin olive oil (preferably from Greece)
250 g willow butter (e.g. Kerrygold)
500 g extra virgin coconut oil

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Healthy protein sources

10 free-range eggs
200g smoked salmon (for omega-3 fatty acids)
200 g hard cheese made from hay milk
500 ml buttermilk or kefir
500 g plain yogurt
250 g wild salmon

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Canned/jarred goods

500 ml jar of pickles
1-2 glasses of olives
1-2 cans of coconut milk
2 cans of black beans or lentils (boil well before eating)
Tomato paste

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Nuts and seeds

500 g linseed
Half a pound sunflower seeds
200 g nuts (unsalted)
Two hundred grams of prunes

Spices and herbs

Himalayan salt
Paprika powder
Chilli flakes

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Various dried and fresh herbs

If you like it simple: Herbs of Provence, grill spice mix, curry mix

Coffee, tea and other drinks

500 g high-quality coffee
250 g baking cocoa or raw cocoa
1-2 l organic milk (to make yogurt)
Fruit or herbal tea (I like peppermint tea, chamomile tea and ginger tea very much)
Green tea
Black tea

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Apple cider vinegar, naturally cloudy/with the mother
Balsamic vinegar
Honey (raw or manuka honey)
Beet syrup
Dark chocolate (> 85% cocoa content)

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Dear co-creators

The shopping cart full of healthy groceries goes home. The best place to muck out unhealthy foods that have nothing to do with your healthy future: flour, sugar, industrial cooking oils, margarine, non-probiotic milk products, processed food, etc.

Once you know what to cut out of your diet, you can experiment to add more things to the above grocery list with nourishing foods. You can replace any food that floats around in your kitchen pantry that is unhealthy.

There are healthy variants available for every food. Just learn to distinguish between what’s good for you and what isn’t, and then become creative with the nurturing substitutions.

Next, research the internet for healthy recipes (on lovebodyfatsolutions there is now a recipe category that grows weekly) or buy a good cookbook on clean eating or the Paleo diet. I am also happy about Ayurveda cuisine.

Then it means: cook, try, enjoy, and become healthier every day. For many this may be a change – but it is a change that is worth it! You are worth it!

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