Exercise Tips For Good Posture & Why It’s So Important For You


Why is good posture so important and how does it work?

“Pay attention to your posture!” As a child, you must have heard this sentence from your parents, sports teachers, doctors or other people. Because good posture is more than just keeping a straight back. It is pure self-confidence, it is an attitude to life!

A good attitude is highly underestimated

There are many people with bad posture these days if you pay attention to it. Sure, they sit in front of the computer the whole working day or move too little in their leisure time.

There are also tensions caused by stress or chronic pain in the back and joints as a sign of approaching burnout syndrome. These examples make it clear that our posture is also related to psychological factors.

This is good news for you, because in conclusion, it means that if you improve your posture, you will also feel better mentally – more confident, more productive, happier! But where does this connection come from? And above all, how do you maintain an upright pose?

Bad posture usually begins in childhood

Many people understand under the term ‘poor pose’ a rounded back. The shoulders hang forward, the neck stretches like a turtle and the entire stature looks depressed and weak.

But there are other bad postures like the flat back or the hollow back. These can be caused by diseases such as Bechterew’s disease, osteoporosis, spondylolisthesis or Scheuermann’s disease. In most cases, such poor posture results only from a weak muscle band.

The attitude is not innate but is largely shaped by your habits. So if you move a lot and have good back muscles, you usually automatically adopt a good posture.

Thus, when the children spent their free time playing, dancing ballet or football instead of sitting in front of the game console, they had better starting conditions.

In the meantime, leisure activities are mostly passive from an early age. Sitting for a lot of times often goes hand in hand with sagging shoulders and the first bad posture becomes a habit.

In addition, poor posture in childhood can also result from incorrect shoes. Because in growth, this can cause sagging, spreading or flat feet, as well as bow or X legs.

Such misalignments in the area of ​​the feet or legs then result in incorrect posture in the entire body: an oblique hip, for example, a crooked neck or the back posture already mentioned.

It is, therefore, important that you already take care of your children by choosing the right shoes in an optimal fit and encourage them to sufficient exercise. All these things contribute to and support a healthy pose.

An incorrect posture is (usually) not final

If such an incorrect posture occurs as early as childhood, countermeasures should be taken early with the help of a child orthopedic surgeon. After all, the child is still growing and accordingly, poor posture can usually “grow out”.

If, on the other hand, you suffer from incorrect posture even though you are already an adult, the good news is: it is not too late! You can improve your posture at any time even in adulthood.

A bad posture is, therefore, never final – the only exception is poor posture due to illness, which cannot be treated or can only be treated to a limited extent.

If you are healthy, but have a rounded back, for example, you can and should definitely work on your posture.

Why? There are several good reasons for this: On the one hand, incorrect posture is unhealthy and can have serious health consequences.

This includes harmless symptoms such as muscle tension, headache or back pain, but also herniated discs can result from postural damage. Chronic inflammation in the body can also be behind it.

So the sooner you take countermeasures, the sooner you can avert such consequential damage and the better you will feel.

Relationship between posture and psyche

You will also feel better with good posture because, as already mentioned, it also has a psychological effect. Of course, bad postures are often or solely related to muscles that are too weak.

In many cases, however, they result from psychological factors. They can be accompanied by depression, fears, wrong beliefs, excessive stress, social phobias, shame or other negative feelings, and even serious illnesses.

Perhaps you know this from personal experience: Those who feel sick, weak or unhappy like to hang their shoulders. People who are ashamed try to make themselves involuntarily small and thus “invisible”.

And others who are stressed often pull their shoulders up and have tension in the upper back area. These are just a few examples that illustrate how the attitude is also related to the psyche.

However, since this body language runs unconsciously and fully automatically, many people don’t even notice how their poses change. Therefore, take a regular look in the mirror and look at yourself.

If you have a bad posture, you should ask yourself whether there are (also) psychological factors behind it. It may be necessary to treat the incorrect posture together with the psyche, i.e. to combine orthopedic and psychotherapeutic measures.

With a good posture, you can also strengthen your immune system – interesting, right?

Fortunately, you can also reverse this connection. If you improve your posture, you will immediately notice how you also feel psychologically fit again. Try it out, stand in front of a mirror and sit up. Doesn’t that make you feel more confident, stronger, more optimistic, happier – just better ?!

After all, body language is also a form of communication and with a bad pose, you subconsciously radiate weakness, stress, fear, depression or other negative emotions.

On the other hand, if you approach your counterpart with a good attitude, you will appear more sympathetic and confident.

All in all, you leave a much more positive picture in private and professional life. This will make you more popular, have a more fulfilling love life and more success at work, just to name a few examples from many.

These numerous small success stories make you proud and self-confident, thus they also improve yur body pose.

If you take a good stance on your attitude to life, you are going into a kind of upward spiral to a happier, healthier and more successful life.

Tips and exercises for good posture

A good posture is also part of a healthy and “attractive” appearance. Above all, it is part of a successful and joyous life. The question that surely interests you is: How can good posture still succeed in adulthood?

Provided that there is no underlying illness or malposition, which otherwise requires treatment, the motto is above all: training, training, training!

Yoga is a great way to gently improve your posture. At the same time, the exercises help to reduce stress and optimize your well-being holistically. Yoga, therefore, works on the physical as well as the psychological level for a better posture.

Stretching exercises for the upper or lower back are essential if your poor posture results from tension. Then you have to loosen the muscles first so that you can adopt a “normal” posture at all.

Strength training with your own bodyweight or equipment also helps you to strengthen the muscles in the right places.

A standing table at work automatically ensures better posture – standing tables that can be flexibly raised and lowered if you want to sit are ideal.

A cold shower puts the whole body under tension in the morning (morning routine), increases blood circulation, and gives the initial spark for an energetic day. And for a good pose.

More tips

In order for you to see success as quickly as possible and to maintain your new, better body pose in the long term, the following tips for good posture in everyday life will also help you:

1- Consciously straighten yourself up, again and again, to make good attitudes your new habit.
2- If you sit on the job for several hours a day, the best thing to do is use a seat cushion. This trains the back muscles and forces you to pay attention to your posture, instead of letting yourself sink into the back with a rounded back.
3- You can stick special tapes on the back or buy posture improvers for the back so that they support you during your training and remind you to keep your spine straight and upright.
4- Comfortable, well-fitting and properly fitting shoes are still important in adulthood so that you don’t provoke a bad pose.
5- Finally, you should integrate more exercise into your everyday life. In addition to targeted back training, simple measures such as climbing stairs instead of taking the elevator or cycling to work help.

Dear co-creators

Follow these tips and do your exercises three times a week. Then, you will quickly notice how your body pose optimizes and you also feel psychologically better – guaranteed!

Let us know your own tips for a good posture in a comment below. I’m sure many people will be grateful to find additional information on how to enhance their or their children’s lives.

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