How to get rid of the smell of garlic and garlic breath efficiently?

Simple tips that show how to get rid of the smell of garlic

Garlic lovers have been trying to get rid of the smell of garlic for the longest periods of time. Dishes with garlic are delicious, but they quickly become very spicy and usually leave an unpleasant taste in the mouth.

If you like to eat the tuber but want to reduce bad breath afterwards, you can prevent it with a few simple tips. You will also learn a quick and efficient trick on how to remove garlic smell from your fingers.


Briefly bring the garlic cloves to the boil

Raw cloves of garlic are much more intense than cooked ones. If the toes are briefly placed in hot water or in hot milk and cooked a little, they are then softer in their aroma. The heat dissolves part of the ethereal, sulfur-containing substance allicin.

It leads to the unpleasant exhalations and bad breath. Alternatively, you can put the garlic toes in milk for a few hours before processing. Even this, takes some sharpness from them.

Cut out the shoot in the middle

Housewives swear by it: removing the shoot in the middle of the cloves of garlic reduces the intensity of the tuber. This part of the herb contains a lot of heat and essential oils. To remove the greenish stalk, halve the clove and cut away the colorful parts. The aftertaste on the tongue is much milder afterwards.

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Garlic only as a light aroma

If you only want to enjoy the aroma of the tuber but do not want to put the clove in the dish, you can heat a few cloves of garlic in a pan or in a pot with a little oil or butter. The flavors go into the fat.

Then you take the toes out again and continue to prepare the food. This retains the aroma without leaving any aftertaste. Caution: if you fry  garlic for too long, it will become bitter.

Oxygen makes garlic bitter

By the way: if the juice from the toe comes into contact with air, garlic also quickly turns bitter. If you put some salt over the clove before chopping or pressing and only then grind it, you will prevent the unpleasant flavor.

This works because the salt soaks up the liquid immediately and it does not react with the oxygen. You have to remember, however, that you don’t have to add more salt to the dish.

Wild garlic instead of garlic for less odor

Do the home remedies milk and parsley help?

Garlic gives some dishes the right flavor – if only it weren’t for the annoying smell after consumption. Especially those who have an appointment or a meeting the next day want to get rid of the garlic breath.

The list of possible aids is long: chewing fresh parsley, sage and peppermint supposedly combats bad breath, as does the consumption of coffee beans or ginger.

Cardamom, juniper berries or fennel seeds are also said to help against the intense smell. While an apple does refreshen the breath, it’s not strong enough to fight the odor.

Peppermint chewing gum or a glass of milk will help for a moment. After a while, however, the allicin scent spreads again. That’s because these foods often only soften the odor a little, but do not completely neutralize it.

It flows from all skin pores – no matter what you ingest. Only chlorophyll capsules/drops from the natural health or drug store have proven themselves over the long term as anti-garlic agents. They neutralize the smell verifiably.

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How long does a garlic smell last?

How long the smell lasts varies from person to person. Without countermeasures, it usually dissipates largely after a day. In extreme cases, the garlic odor can still linger around after three days, This happens only if the odor-forming substances have not completely broken down and evaporated yet.


Garlic aroma without odor nuisance?

If you want to refine your food with garlic, but want to avoid the strong bad breath and body odor later on, you can use a simple trick:

  • Fry the divided cloves of garlic in hot oil and remove them from the frying fat. Then the taste remains, without the known consequences.
  • To give Zaziki its delicious garlic aroma, briefly add coarsely chopped garlic cloves to the cucumber water and then take them out again.
  • To remove the garlic odor from your fingers after preparation, rub them on the stainless steel sink with cold running water. A chemical reaction removes odor particles from the skin.
  • Chlorophyll capsules from the drug store also help to effectively combat the unpleasant smell of garlic.
  • Chewing parsley or drinking milk will only help in the short term. The allicin soon asserts itself again.
  • A good alternative to garlic is wild garlic. It tastes just as intense, but you smell less after enjoying it, as the sulfur-containing compounds completely dissipate during cooking.

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