Frugality – Why It’s Important For Your Life And The World


Why frugality is essential for your life and the collective

One thing is certain: Many people underestimate the importance of frugality. The time in which we live offers many opportunities and comfort that have never existed in history. Still, can our generation be the happiest? You can find out here why nobody has yet bought happiness, and the importance of frugality for true joy.

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A misunderstood paradise

To roughly outline the situation of the average American citizen:

Survival is as secure for most people as it can be, and it is very easy to take care of their basic needs.

Actually, we should be living here on the continent of bliss, if it weren’t for one thing that is so much too important to so many: the idea that we need more than our basic needs from the world to be satisfied.

This belief has been passed down from generation to generation in the near future, encouraged by the media and promoted by economic stakeholders.

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This concept leaves its mark!

We can see the result of this all too often today in people who have given up their lives by squeezing into jobs that they do not find fulfilling and, thus, struggle with every day.

After work, they resort to various forms of consumption, be it media, drugs, shopping or sex, to really take stock and reflect on whether they have been happier in some form in recent years.

Often enough patterns form through this type of behavior. In the moments when a crisis of meaning approaches, many use a few glasses of wine, cigarettes or their credit cards to muzzle the inner voice once more, even if only for a short time.

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Like cripples in golden wheelchairs

Due to monotonous movements, lack of movement, or overloading the body, it always happens that people are ready for the grave long before their desired pension.

Poor nutrition and a disturbed inner rhythm, such as stress and a disturbed sleep patterns,  cause many autoimmune, chronic and metabolic diseases.

Overwork and shift work, are also playing an important role in early decay.

Here is a question: why all the suffering? People give up the basis of their quality of life in order to buy cars, expensive clothes and all the other stuff they have seen from neighbors, friends and acquaintances, only if possible by a touch more expensive and exclusive.

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The meaning of “who is the better?” syndrome

People begin to accumulate any type of property in order to blind themselves even better to the negative impressions.

This starts a competition, often without comment, as a distraction from one’s own inner constitution about who has gathered more around him.

As a result, a lot of junk can build up over the years, but there is the least evil: The overexploitation of the environment still gets cranked up, wars are being waged to provide the necessary resources that devour this grotesque spectacle and people.

Those who could together make a paradise out of this world see themselves as opponents in the often unconscious struggle over whose possessions can generate the most envy.

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How thinking became suffering

The human mind is the finest tool available in the part of existence known to us. It has unimagined creative skills and the ability to make plans to create absolutely anything imaginable.

But what is it used for most of the time in addition to work-related processes? Want!

“I want this, I want that. If I don’t get this, or that. If I get it, I content myself with it and want the next thing right away.”

Some people are so addicted to this behavior pattern that they cannot even die in peace because they have not got their throat full enough even in old age.

This is exactly the attitude that they learned from the last generation, were confirmed by their environment and passed on to their children!

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But where is the way out of the misery?

Time for frugality: less is more!

The solution to this tragedy is unusually simple – practice frugality!

“Satisfaction is not achieved by owning more, but wanting less.”

What if you just stop chasing the impulse to take everything that comes to mind? Will you really be lacking in something?

Or, is it just the fact that you are still comparing yourself to those who are pedaling to death in the treadmill.

Does this thought make you think you are missing out on something if you cultivate your frugality instead of that believe you have to buy a new phone every year?

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A bright spot with meaning for your life

Even if it seems difficult at first and you cannot really deal with the chaos within you that has arisen over the years of greed walking, you will notice a certain inner distance from the “I want” impulse of great size. Meaning, this gives you the opportunity to gradually keep things tidy.

Questions like: “Do I really have to be in a job that tortures me?” Or: “Who am I actually smoking for, for myself or my boss?”

These thoughts will be the order of the day. As soon as the life situation created by greed is adjusted, e.g. accepting a more comfortable job, quitting smoking, these thoughts will change all by themselves.  Remember, they live from the often greed-related inner tension alone.

Over time you will notice that questions like, “What can I do to improve my quality of life? How can I really make myself useful? What dreams do I want to realize?” Begin to emerge in a previously unknown depth in your spiritual environment.

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Community without greed!

Over time, your friends and acquaintances, who may have made fun of the fact that you are no longer walking in the embossed lanes, will notice that it seems to make sense what you are doing.

If they do not, they will turn away on their own, but don’t worry, there are enough people already on the way and you will find the right companions at the right time.

You will encounter people who support you in making the best of yourself and the world around you.

As soon as the question “What do I want right now?” Becomes less, the question “What can I contribute?” Increases all by itself.

You will find a way to get involved in a really useful manner that is important to you and your fellow human beings as your life becomes more fulfilling day by day.

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Mother Nature will thank you

Over time, more and more people will notice that only frugality will truly make it possible to change their own lives for the better.

The economy will also have to adapt to changing consumer behavior and, in the course of this, will finally become the tool that it should always have been, instead of just gradually destroying our common home.

It is also important that a frugal person does not need to claim all sorts of imported goods for themselves.

This can ultimately strengthen regional and sustainable economic cycles. One can, therefore, now use consumption in a conscious way to transform one’s own environment.

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How you can increase your satisfaction through frugality

After the comparison between the suffering of uncontrolled will and the great advantages that a frugal lifestyle brings with it, the question naturally arises as to how best to get there.

Through individual paths, naturally, like the life content of each being. Let me outpoint a few ways for you to literally make your life easier with frugality:

Purify your apartment! Give the things you don’t really need to social markets. Many people would be happy about what is lying around in the area. (You can also sell the things if you’d prefer to do that.)

Switch from sweetened drinks to water and freshly pressed fruit juices!

Make your diet simpler. For example, separate yourself from meat consumption.

Go for a walk instead of taking the car. If your life situation allows it, you can also think about getting rid of your car completely. In certain situations the increased fixed costs make up the reason to hold onto a thankless job.

Leave the TV switched off or get rid of it completely Most definitely stay away from news and reality shows!

If you tend to have too much company, spend a weekend for yourself!

If you catch yourself in a moment when you think you have to buy something that is not necessary at all, hold back consciously and observe your inner reactions. You will be able to learn a lot about yourself.

Yoga and meditation can help you better control your impulses. Generally speaking, spirituality may mean that you need less to be satisfied. You can read more on this topic in the article:

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Dear co-creators

If you look out into the world, it may seem that the indications that a big change is about to happening are still manageable. This can, however, also be due to the milieu in which you are currently moving.

Above all, I should note that frugality primarily consists of an internal process. The effects of it sometimes take a little longer to show its fruits, but sooner or later they will undoubtedly come to light.

What are you waiting for? Start detoxifying your life today and increasing your quality of life!

You are unique light beings, cherished, highly appreciated and endlessly loved. ~Namaste~

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