Guide To Healthy Foods That You Should Always Have In Stock


A list of healthy foods that you should always have in stock in my kitchen

What is the most common reason for failure to comply with good nutritional resolutions? Right – the lack of preparation! If the healthy foods that you should always have in stock are missing, it usually leads to the fact that the temptation to fill this gap with unhealthy alternatives is great.

Of course, there will be days like “only today I will make an exception”, but always remember that this will significantly lower your inhibitions the next time around too.

A healthy diet is much easier if you already have a lot of beneficial foods stored in your home – and accordingly less unfavorable foods.

Nourishing Foods That Help You Fight Inflammation 

Fill up your supplies with these wholesome foods

So you are less tempted and always have a basic stock of healthy and affordable edibles at home, from which you can quickly fix a nutritious meal.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil has an antibacterial effect and contains short-chain saturated fatty acids. This is not a bad thing as long as you rely on high quality and also use enough other valuable fat sources such as fatty sea fish or olive oil.

Coconut oil is particularly suitable for roasting and cooking because it has a high boiling point and a slightly sweet aroma.

The contained medium-chain fatty acids (MCT) help you to stimulate your fat metabolism and to get into ketosis faster with a ketogenic diet.

Coconut Oil And inflammation - The Fragrant Agent For Chronic Diseases

Olive oil

Olive oil is a good alternative to coconut oil, especially for carefully prepared dishes or as a salad dressing.

When buying, pay attention to organic quality and, if possible, prefer a family production from Crete, Greece.

Olive oil has an antioxidant effect, contains a large amount of vitamin E and consists largely of monounsaturated fatty acids, especially oleic acid.

Use slimming olive oil to improve your cholesterol, especially LDL, and prevent cardiovascular disease.

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Apple cider vinegar

A friend once said: “You can use apple cider vinegar for everything. If you have skin problems, want to clean, want to remove dandruff from your hair or just need a delicious dressing.” And, she is absolutely right!

Apple cider vinegar is the all-rounder among home remedies. It has an antibacterial effect, helps with intestinal problems such as the leaky gut syndrome, increases weight loss, improves intestinal flora, lowers cholesterol and regulates your blood sugar. A must for your kitchen!

Ten Benefits Of Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar & A Personal Recipe


The spicy tuber has it all. Ginger has been used as a natural medicine for thousands of years. As an athlete, it helps you build muscle and lose weight.

Ginger combats colds fast and boosts your immune system at the same time. When drinking ginger tea, it regulates your blood sugar, and the cholesterol level drops.

Even if you have to concentrate a lot, ginger helps you stay focused. Inflammation in the body, bacteria and fungi have no chance against the power bulb.

Benefit from the advantages and simply chew ginger, sip some tea or use it for cooking.

Note: Other spices, such as turmeric and cinnamon, naturally also belong in the kitchen. But we think ginger is even more versatile and delicious.


Another interesting and sometimes described as “smelly” bulb is the garlic. I love the taste in spicy dishes and at the same time, I can do something good for my health.

Garlic thins the blood and lowers blood pressure. It helps you lose weight and prevents colds. It can alleviate inflammation, reduce cholesterol levels and cleanse the liver.

If you don’t want to be a “stinker”, just eat an apple or green vegetables with the garlic. Ginger also helps against the sulfur formation and forms a great taste combination with garlic.

In And External Garlic Applications And Its Positive Influence On Your Health


The morning drink of many Westerners contains an incredible number of antioxidants, stimulates metabolism and ensures a clear head. In our stressed world, many people often need stimulants to “function”.

If you can limit yourself to one cup a day and take a week-long coffee break every 4 weeks, the black bean is a healthy food choice.

You will be rewarded with low blood sugar and cholesterol levels. When buying, however, pay attention to high-quality organic quality without pollutants and heavy metal contamination.

You Never Knew Coffee Like This! Pros, Cons & Facts At Facts At One Glance

Raw cocoa powder

Adored by the Aztecs, the brown bean has become an integral part of our world. Without chocolate, we would probably not have survived some tests or stress phases.

Cocoa improves blood flow and lowers cholesterol. This leads to lower blood pressure and more concentration as more nutrients arrive in the brain.

Use raw organic cocoa for your own desserts or dark chocolate (over 85% cocoa content) to benefit from the advantages.

Tasty And Simple Cocoa Recipes For Your Body And Soul

Green tea

If you don’t drink coffee, you will probably have tea on the breakfast table. You should choose green tea here for the following reasons:

Many antioxidants
Improves fat burning
Makes you awake, but not as addictive as coffee
Lowers blood pressure
Regenerates the intestine
It’s good for the liver (read more about natural and gentle liver detox)

Therefore, use high-quality tea as a drink or during your break week from coffee.

Eleven Outstanding green Tea Benefits That Nourish Your Body 

Ginger & Ginger Tea

In addition to the pure ginger tuber, I also recommend integrating ginger powder and tea into your pantry.

The tea tastes great and warms. It strengthens your immune system, keeps your blood sugar in check and burns fat.

Cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, osteoporosis or poor concentration no longer occur with the yellow powder. You should actually consider ginger as a natural medicine that you can take every day.

Ginger And Tea Benefits - Effects, Nutrients & 3 Tea Recipes


Flax seeds are real power seeds that often grow in front of our door. Nevertheless, many underestimate their effects.

Flax seeds form a mucous membrane in the intestine that simply flushes out toxins, bacteria, fungi and other malefactors. This enhances the happiness of your gut and immune system.

The seeds are also ideal for losing weight due to their high protein content and degree of saturation. Use flax seeds as part of healthy low-carb muesli or refined salads.

Linseed Oil Benefits For Your Health And Overall Well-Being


Depending on how much you exercise, oatmeal can be extremely healthy food. We recommend taking it for athletes and active people.

Be sure to boil or soak the oats beforehand. In combination with flax seeds, you can quickly get delicious muesli, or you can process them into oatmeal cookies and/or energy balls.

The flakes can lower cholesterol and strengthen the immune system. They also help in weight reduction. When buying, pay attention to a high organic quality and the gluten-free variant.

About Oatmeal - Is The Once Beloved Cereal Really Bad For You

Rice and millet (healthy pseudo-grain)

Millet and other pseudo-cereals can give you the energy you need as an active person without stressing your gut or your immune system.

The problem with cereal products is the high content of gluten and glyphosate. The irritants can damage your intestines and, thereby, weaken the immune system.

Ancient cereals or pseudocereals, such as quinoa or millet, contain fewer of these irritants and, therefore, serve as a good alternative to pasta, bread and the like.

And yes, rice is fine too. Especially for athletes and active people. But please make sure to rinse it well before you cook it, otherwise, it can contain too much arsenic.

Millet Porridge Recipe - A Quick, Healthy and Tasty Breakfast To Go

Rosehip powder

The rosehip is a real vitamin C bomb. The antioxidant helps you build connective tissue in combination with collagen, strengthens your immune system and effectively reduces inflammation.

You can also use rosehip powder for weight loss or against arthritis. Limit the amount to one tablespoon of organic quality powder a day, which you can easily stir into smoothies, mueslis or puddings.

Discover All About Rosehip – The Powerful Anti Oxidant For Arthritis 

Dried medicinal mushrooms

Medicinal mushrooms are experiencing an enormous upswing, but have actually been used as a natural medicine for centuries.

Reishi is highly antioxidant, protects your nervous system from stress and reduces blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Chaga reduces chronic inflammation, improves pancreatitis and maintains the intestinal flora. You can use Cordyceps to improve blood circulation, against fatigue and for kidney problems.

Shiitake, Judas ear, Maitake and Almond mushroom are also very tasty. There are dozens of medicinal mushrooms that you can benefit from. Get started today!

The Chaga Mushroom - Inonotus Obliquus & Its Nordic Healing Power

Mixed nuts (especially Brazil nuts for Selenium)

In the right amount, nuts are very healthy. Brazil nuts, for example, contain a lot of selenium, which gets your thyroid going and boosts your metabolism.

The unsaturated fats in nuts prevent cardiovascular diseases and lower cholesterol levels. They also contain a lot of protein and the fiber helps the intestinal flora.

Pay attention to organic quality and fresh nuts when buying. Soaking helps you remove phytic acid from the nuts, which can otherwise disrupt your intestines’ absorption of nutrients.

Since nuts also contain a lot of omega-6 fatty acids, do not consume more than a handful per day.

Too Many Omega 6 Fatty Aids Can Cause severe Health Problems

Canned beans

Beans are healthy food. Especially black pinto beans contain a lot of protein and minerals. Furthermore, the complex carbohydrates and fiber fill you up for a long time. This helps you lose weight and gives you energy.

The advantage of canned beans is that the soaking stage already removed the harmful plant substances. So if you rinse the canned beans thoroughly and boil them well again, you can eat them straight away.

If you cook beans yourself, soak them for 12-24 hours and cook them for 2-3 hours to get the same effect.

Why Omega 3 Fatty Acids Are So Important For Your Physical And Mental Health

Canned sardines

If there is any food that I would take to a desert island or catch there, I think it would be sardines. The small fish are stuffed with healthy omega-3 fatty acids, connective tissue-forming collagen and the organs and innards contain many important minerals and vitamins.

Pay attention to sustainable fishing when buying and choose the variant with olive oil.

This is how you combine a very healthy oil with the fishy protein supplier. Add some vegetables and you can start enjoying your meal.

Wrong Meal Combos Can Create Disruptive Chemistry & Digestive Issues


Eggs are easy to prepare, almost everyone can tolerate them and there is at least one preparation method that tastes good to the individual person.

The cholesterol from the egg yolk helps you with the steroid hormone synthesis and is not nasty as often claimed.

As long as you stay below a utopian amount of 6 eggs a day, nothing will happen to your cholesterol level.

Organic eggs are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, contain important fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamins A and E and help you lose weight thanks to their high protein content.

Pay attention to the highest quality when buying, because what the hen eats is always important to the egg, thus, to your body.

About Vitamin A & Its importance For Health And Immune System 

Protein powder

One of the best ways to lose weight and stay fit and productive in the long run is to consume more protein.

Protein shakes keep you full for a long time and it is almost impossible to gain weight through protein. If you drink enough, up to 300 grams of protein a day are no problem for your liver and kidneys.

Use high-quality whey protein isolate and collagen to increase your protein consumption, lose weight, build muscle and improve your hormone balance.

While whey tends to get the body’s growing processes going, collagen helps you build connective tissue and maintain healthy hair, nails and joints.

Collagen - One Special And Potent Protein

Honey from the beekeeper

Natural honey is my favorite sweetener. It tastes delicious, does not have as great an effect on blood sugar as table sugar, and prevents allergies.

Manuka honey is almost considered an antibiotic and has an antibacterial and antiviral effect.

When buying honey, be sure to use a cold-pressed version, preferably from the beekeeper around the corner.

The pollen in honey prepares your immune system for the allergy phase, in which you are then better protected.

Overview Of 23 Health Problems Manuka Honey Can Help You With

Beetroot (vacuumed)

Beetroot is a real superfood. The red bulb helps you lose weight, improves blood circulation, has an antioxidant effect, increases concentration, stabilizes blood sugar and strengthens the immune system.

The beets get quickly vacuumed, thus, you can store them easily. In combination with arugula, goat cheese, healthy walnuts, some organic honey and a dressing made from apple cider vinegar and olive oil, the result is a true superfood combination.

All About Beetroot - The Vast Health Benefits Of The Red Tuber

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The next time you come home after a hard day’s work, you’ll be happy to find foods that you should always have in stock in your kitchen pantry. This way, you can still prepare something quick, delicious and nourishing.

So don’t let the hectic pace of everyday life overwhelm you, but take precautions: A healthy diet is very easy to implement if you have the right foods at home.

Use the list to get inspiration and fill your pantry with healthy foods!

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