Why Food Is Your Protective Shield Against Diseases & Aging


The reasons why food is your protective shield for illnesses

Today, let’s talk about why food is your protective shield for many ailments. What we eat and how much of it can affect health; especially metabolism, heart and blood vessels.

Certain ingredients in our edibles can help reduce the risk of various diseases. So have, for example, certain vitamins and minerals, fiber or specific fatty acids a positive effect on health.

Other substances in food, however, especially animal fats or too much salt and added sugar can have an adverse influence on health if you consume too much of it for a prolonged amount of time.

Protective function of food

Numerous studies indicate that there are connections between the occurrence and course of certain diseases and diet.

It is less about the sum of all necessary nutrients or the highlighting of individual substances. A balanced and varied composition of the diet is more important.

This is because positive interrelationships between the nutritional ingredients support health in the best possible way.

According to various nutrition societies from the USA, as well as many parts of Europe, a nutrition form rich in fruit and vegetables meets the requirements of a preventive, health-promoting diet.

So, keep in mind that a varied and balanced diet with lots of fruit and vegetables creates protective mechanisms that can support health.

That’s why I encourage everyone to learn how to read the food and ingredient labels carefully before purchasing your goods.

Unilateral Diets & Supplements

Short-term changes in eating habits, such as purification cures, diets, fasting, juice cures, detox and the like have no long-term effect in terms of avoiding diseases.

The highlighting of individual substances by e.g. the intake of food supplements cannot replace the important positive interrelationships of a balanced diet.

Apart from a possible overdose of a certain substance, there is a risk of creating a feeling of security and consequently of foregoing a balanced diet.

Nutrition societies recommend avoiding supplements wherever possible and adopting a balanced diet that is tailored to your needs.

In certain situations, the use of supplements can still be useful (e.g. vegan diet or pregnancy). In any case, discuss any possible intake of food supplements with your doctor in advance!

Recognized areas of application for dietary supplements

Insufficient folic acid intake in women of childbearing age, especially if they want to have children (even before pregnancy and in the first few months of pregnancy),

Special fatty acids (DHA) for women who do not eat fish during pregnancy,

Reduced-calorie diet for overweight and obese people,

Insufficient calcium intake in people with e.g. lactose intolerance or milk protein allergy,

Lack of vitamin B12 due to a strictly vegetarian and vegan diet,

Vitamin D for risk groups or low status, especially in the winter months,

Extremely one-sided diet, especially with little fruit and vegetables,

Special situations during pregnancy or with certain diseases such as celiac disease,

After operations in the gastrointestinal area, e.g. Gastric surgery.

Active & healthy lifestyle

A healthy diet can best develop its preventive potential in relation to health ailments and certain diseases if one achieves a long-term change in personal lifestyle and in all phases of life.

Long-term positive lifestyle changes also include healthy levels of exercise, no smoking, and moderate use of alcohol.

Since people are “creatures of habit”, changing their lifestyle is often difficult. It can help to take a start together with your partner or friends (e.g. walking or cooking together).

We make a distinction between the so-called preventive nutrition and nutrition therapy, which  professionals use for existing diseases.

Preventive substances in food

A balanced diet is the basis for maintaining body functions and health. Basically, it serves the body to avoid undersupply and deficiency symptoms.

In addition, it can promote health. This applies, furthermore, to the correct ratio of the energy-supplying nutrients carbohydrates, proteins and fat to one another, as their qualitative composition is also important.

The ratio of short- to long-chain carbohydrates, the pattern of amino acids in proteins and the fatty acid pattern are essential for maintaining and promoting health.

The need-covering supply of vitamins and minerals is also vital. Some ingredients in food provide the body with additional benefits, as well.

Plants do primarily form these so-called bioactive substances and microorganisms. These include above all antioxidants, fiber and phytochemicals.

Dear co-creators

I guess we now can all agree that the variety of nutrients and their interactions with one another is important.

To maintain health and prevent disease, we should only consume a healthy mix of foods with protective ingredients. Mindfulness play a huge roll and has to become a part of a balanced diet.

Your understanding that food is your protective shield against diseases is what counts. A diet rich in fruit and vegetables meets the requirements of a preventive and health-promoting nutrition in particular.

Your body, soul and mind can and will benefit from a shift into improved eating and living habits.

If you have any questions or would like to add something to this topic, then leave a comment below. We are always happy to read from you.

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