Five Tips To Better Motivation – Understand & Overcome Listlessness

With five tips to better motivation and vigor

Since each and every one of us sometimes feels unmotivated, I’m today sharing five tips to better motivation with you. In times of listlessness you don’t really get going, feel tired and don’t feel like doing anything. This is normal and in most cases a sign that your body needs a break.

The drive often comes back as soon as we have recharged our batteries. But how is listlessness actually noticeable and what could be the causes behind it? I will give you answers and show you how to cope with your lack of motivation.

How is listlessness noticeable?

In medicine, drive is understood to be a moving force that influences all physical and psychological functions in terms of speed, intensity and endurance. What is difficult to imagine at first, we notice in everyday life mainly in how active, energetic and motivated we are.

When we are lacking drive, it is precisely this energy, motivation and interest in things that is lacking. This then often affects our everyday life and we find it difficult to tackle and complete upcoming tasks, for example. Loss of drive is often noticeable in the morning when we find it difficult to get out of bed at all. We feel tired, weak and sluggish – even after we have slept enough.

In addition, listlessness can also be associated with difficulty concentrating and a low mood. How long this condition lasts varies greatly, and here you will find five tips to better motivation that can help you to feel more pumped up and vigorous again.

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Overcoming lack of motivation: 5 steps to more vigor

Regardless of the cause of your listlessness, you should pay close attention to the signs on your body. The good news is: In almost all cases, you can do something yourself to overcome your lack of drive and recharge your batteries.

Find your balance between activity and relaxation

Just like a car battery, we humans can get energy by moving. Of course, that’s easier said than done. Therefore, make it simple for yourself first by doing things that are comfortable for you. Activities such as sports or walks are also useful because they stimulate your circulation and make you fitter. It is important that you find a balance between activities and relaxation. Plan conscious moments of rest and enough sleep so that you can switch off and activate your resources.

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Make plans and to-do lists

When we are listless, it is often difficult to make decisions and tackle tasks. If you then plan your activities precisely – that is, fix the time and place – you don’t need to think twice. You then have an appointment with yourself, so to speak, and “simply” implement your plan.

To-do lists can also be helpful. With this tool, you not only have a precise goal in mind, but are also motivated by checking off the individual points. In this way, you can even prevent listlessness.

Watch your diet

In order to counteract a lack of drive due to a lack of nutrients, you should pay attention to a balanced diet. The best way to do this is to use fresh and healthy foods. Ready-made products are usually not only lacking in important nutrients, they often also contain too much salt or sugar. The latter makes your blood sugar level fluctuate quickly and can subsequently lead to listlessness – the well-known midday low.

It is also important that you drink enough healthy fluids so that your blood can circulate better and your brain is adequately oxygenated. Adults should drink between 1.5 and 2 liters of water or unsweetened beverages, such as herbal or fruit teas.

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Watch out for daylight

In cases where the listlessness is triggered seasonally or due to the weather, daylight can help. Incidentally, this also applies to people who spend a lot of time indoors. Daylight inhibits the release of melatonin and also increases the vitamin D level, which is responsible for our metabolism.

In addition to walking and exercising outdoors, daylight lamps can help. Make sure that they offer a light intensity of 10,000 lux and that you expose yourself to their light for at least 30 minutes every day.

Don’t be alone

The last out of the five tips to better motivation includes involving other people in your activities. This can help overcome your own listlessness faster than you think. For example, if you go out to do sports with friends, it is more difficult to give in to the lack of motivation and to reject your companions.

Sometimes it can also be helpful not to have to make your own decisions, but simply to let yourself be carried away. Then your car battery gets a little jump start from the outside, so to speak, and you gain drive and energy again.

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Dear Co-Creators

The following applies: Although a lack of motivation and depression overlap, depression is more than just a lack of drive. Multiple symptoms must appear together for at least two weeks for diagnosis. I have summarized more information about the phases and forms of depression in another blog post. I hope these five tips to better motivation and more vigor can be helpful for you. Get in touch with me or let me know in a comment below if you need some extra support or answers.

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