Fascia Training – All You Need To Know About It

Fascia training – what to look out for

Let’s talk a bit about fascia training and what to watch out for. Fascia supports the body parts and keeps them in the right place. They are made up of proteins (elastin and collagen), cells and water. Fascia is formed as a net-like tissue because the fibers run crossed. The collagens in the fascia are tear-resistant and hardly stretch. Because they provide a firm structure, they keep the body in shape. The collagens are found in the pericardium, kidneys, ligaments, tendons and the lining of the muscles.

The stretchable elastin is found in the fascia of the subcutaneous tissue, bladder, gallbladder, lungs and aorta. It can stretch and contract again to return to its original shape. The connective tissue is needed so that the proteins collagen and elastin can be formed and a constant renewal of the fascial tissue can be enabled.

The complete, endogenous renewal of the fascial tissue takes about 2 years. The fascia and the structures that are covered by them are nourished by the “ground substance”. This is a liquid found between cells and fibers. It consists not only of water but also of hyaluronic acid. So that the supply of the fascia and the covered structures is possible, the basic substance that ensures supply must be constantly replaced. With a “push and pull” that is built up by the fascia (similar to a pump), the used basic substance can be exchanged for fresh ones.

When replacing the liquid, waste products are disposed off at the same time. If the exchange does not take place regularly, the formation of elastin is restricted, so that the fascia becomes less and less elastic. The slag (metabolic waste) from the basic substance is disposed of via the lymph and the lymphatic system.

The different fascia

Fasciae react to vibrations, pressure and temperature differences because there are sensory receptors in the connective tissue. They are divided into deep (enveloping joints, bones, muscles and muscle groups), visceral (fixing the internal organs such as the pleura, meninges and pericardium in one place and enveloping them) and superficial fascia (enveloping glands , nerves, blood vessels and connect the tissue with organs).

They recognize the chemical composition of the surrounding tissue, changes in movement, joint positions and muscle tension. Without the fascia, the organism could not be as efficient and flexible. For a smooth gait, the body must be supported by the fascia. In addition, injuries to the muscles and displacements of muscles and organs are prevented. If the protection and support function of the fascia were missing, organs and muscles could shift while breathing.

The aging of the fascia and what facia training can do

Over time, fasciae become less and less elastic because the body produces more hyaluronic acid in youth than in old age. Added to this is the formation of cellulite, which becomes visible from the outside due to a weakness in the connective tissue. Stress, lack of exercise, poor nutrition or overexertion can also cause pain in the fascia.

The fascia is rarely diagnosed as a pain trigger. With such complaints, first think about your fascia. If these are not sufficiently supplied with fresh basic substance due to lack of / too little exercise or stress, they can stick together, become brittle, thin and rigid, or harden and become matted. You will then feel a significant restriction in mobility.

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Keep your connective tissue and fascia healthy

Regular fascia training can reduce numerous complaints, but also prevent the development of painful complaints. Stretching exercises on a foam roller (available in stores) are not strenuous, but can noticeably increase your well-being.

Increase this effect by getting enough sleep and eating foods rich in essential amino acids. These foods include:

  • pumpkin seeds
  • eggs
  • salmon
  • celery
  • citrus fruits
  • beans
  • soy
  • cow milk and
  • Pork meat.

You can also meet your essential amino acid needs with a vegan diet.

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