Design Your Sport Routine Against Colds & Stronger Immune System


Can you use sport for colds and strengthen the immune system with training?

Sport is healthy for your body – no matter whether you go jogging, work out in the gym or dance. The effects of regular exercise range from an external improvement to better wellbeing to reducing the risk factors for lifestyle diseases. And don’t forget that sport against colds is an excellent remedy.

In this article, you will learn how you can design your training to boost your immune system!

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Do sports against the common cold?

A common belief is that sweating should help with colds. It would be practical to carry out an intensive sports session and to get the germs out of the body.

But we would like to advise against it- this is not how you should use sport against the cold or flu virus.

On the contrary, in the worst case, you will struggle with the consequences of a delayed cold. Exercise puts even more strain on your immune system, which is compromised by the infection and can increase your body’s exhaustion.

This makes it even easier for the germs to attach themselves to you and increases the risk of heart muscle inflammation.

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If you are really sick, you should be in bed and not on the press bench

This also applies to a visit to the sauna. If the body is already a bit damaged, this environment makes it even easier for the germs to spread, because the sauna is also stressful for the body’s defenses. In order to strengthen the immune system in this way, you would also have to be healthy to go to the sauna.

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Doesn’t sports help against colds, then?

Those who are really sick should be in bed. There is no exception.

It looks a little different in sports against a mild cold. If your nose is just stuffy and there are no other symptoms, a light workout can actually help you get rid of the runny nose faster. However, the emphasis here is on “a slight cold”.

Loose walking or running at the lower load limit gets the blood circulation going without stressing the immune system.

A good guideline for assessing the right load is that you can talk more easily during the activity. This ensures that you do not get out of breath and overload your body.

The light activity ensures the release of valuable hormones, which stimulate the immune function. The improved blood circulation, for example, and the stimulation of the exchange of leukocytes between our tissues and our blood.

Furthermore, the release of T cells and NK cells, which also serve the body’s own defense. An increase in interleukin-6 also triggers anti-inflammatory processes in our body.

All of these effects together can help you get rid of your cold faster. Light sports can also help reduce annoying side effects, such as a stuffy nose, and allow you to breathe better again.

If you want to sustainably strengthen your immune system, training is not suitable during this time. After all, it is completely preoccupied with immune defense and light movement can only support this process.

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How can I strengthen my immune system with sport?

Training works best on your immune system if you are healthy and exercise regularly. This applies to all recreational athletes regardless of the sport.

Nevertheless, you should pay attention to the correct dosage and give your body sufficient time for regeneration.

Studies show that competitive athletes show a weakened immune system, especially in high-intensity phases.

Too much training runs the risk that your body is more concerned with sports regeneration (sore muscles, inflammation) and, therefore, does not have enough capacity to fight viruses.

Therefore, note that intensive training sessions require significantly more regeneration.

If you do it correctly, the training sessions will strengthen the immune system several times. On the one hand, they ensure the perfect blood supply of your whole body.

Just like the mild cold, the immune cells are better integrated into our blood flow. The body’s defense has it easier to act directly on invading germs and to make them harmless.

Almost more important for the effect of sport against colds is that the activity of your muscles triggers various processes in the immune system that reduce the risk of internal inflammation.

Such inflammations cannot only promote the development of cardiovascular diseases. They also strain the immune system. If you don’t minimize this risk, you automatically miss a boost to your immune system.

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Other tips to help you strengthen your immune system through exercise (preventive):

1- Do sports outdoors – light, cold and oxygen are important stimuli for a strong immune system (forest bathing also helps)
2- Walk barefoot! The earth’s surface transmits electrons that can have an antioxidative effect
3- Sufficient regeneration; it is best to plan an hour more sleep
4- Good nutrition after sport. Provide your body with enough proteins, vitamins and minerals to react to the stress and strengthen the body systems.

Don’t forget: If you want to strengthen your immune system with sport, the motto is: “Moderate, but regular” and not “much helps faster”.

A strong immune system aids you, especially in the flu season, when most infections threaten. It is important, however, that you start with it in good time; at best already in summer.

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Dear co-creators

A well-functioning immune system can save you from one or the other mild cold – or shorten it. If you have more serious symptoms, there is only one thing left to do: stay in bed, drink peppermint tea, ginger tea or chamomile tea and rest properly.

In any case, sport against colds is an effective weapon, but only if you integrate it into your daily lifestyle. Exercise should be a part of your daily routine, just like your sleep hygiene, for example, is.

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That being said, it’s now your turn to share with us your own remedies on how you ward of colds. We are all looking forward to reading your interesting contribution.

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