Epigenetics In Depth – How You Can Become A Powerful Creator


Epigenetics In-Depth – You Are The Key To Your Own Health & Happiness

Today, I thought to add a topic that I wished to share with you for a long time already- Epigenetics in-depth. Somehow, I always postponed it, however, as I wasn’t sure if it will ever fit within the overall niche of our website. 

I recently figured, though, that it does blend in quite well, indeed, as epigenetics truly is the key to your happiness, well-being and health. It sounds like a complex topic for many, when, in fact, it is quite simple and, frankly speaking, the most natural thing in the world. 

One of the quintessence of epigenetics is that through your lifestyle, diet, exercise, inner-thinking and, mainly due to stress, it’s up to you how active your genes are and which genes are activated or stay dormant.

Speaking of stress, before we get any deeper into the topic epigenetic, I would like to share with you 16 quick but highly effective tips for immediate stress reduction.

Ready? Let’s lower your stress level, so you can afterward fully focus on regaining your health and happiness.

Another little note: In the long run, you will not get around avoiding stressors altogether, not just reducing them. Stress management (which includes meditation, yoga and inner beliefs) is very important.


You have to grab the evil at the root and tear it out, otherwise, your health will pay the price in the future. Until you are trained enough to do that, stress reduction is vital in addition to learning stress management.

As promised, here are my few quick tips on how you can effectively reduce stress in everyday life:

1- Dare to say more often “NO!”

2- Better time management

3- Learn patience (patience truly is a virtue).

4- Begin to practice optimism, to speak positively.

5- Green tea instead of coffee.

6- Use herbs in the kitchen or prepare yourself herbal teas. Especially peppermint tea, chamomile tea and ginger tea are of great help.

7- Stress-reducing dietary supplements: Magnesium, Vitamin D, Rhodiola Rosea, Ashwagandha, Vitamin C.

8- Laugh a lot and surround yourself with people who make you laugh.

9- Have healthy snacks (such as nuts).

10- A healthy diet; natural, nutrient-rich, versatile. For example clean eating, Paleo, Ayurveda, etc.).

11- Try to spend daily time in nature.

12- A lot of fresh air and soak up the sun

13- Healthy and sufficient sleep.

14- Mindfulness meditation, so as not to run through everyday life with a tunnel vision.

15- Practice gratitude (I can highly recommend a “thank you” diary).

16- Breathe properly, pay attention to deep abdominal breathing.

17- Do adopt a healthy posture.

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I know, this seems a lot to soak in all at once, but if you keep on implementing a few of those tips every single day, it will soon become a natural process for you.

Now, let’s continue our journey of discovery regarding epigenetic.

What is Epigenetics?

Our genetic information, which makes us human and unique, is stored in the DNA. This is genetics – genetics looks at whether a gene is there or not, and whether it’s functional or mutated.

Epigenetics goes one step further and looks at whether a gene is turned on or off. It is not enough that a gene is there, it must be activated. In the cell it looks like this:

The DNA is a long string – each cell contains DNA with a total length of 6.6 feet, or 2 meters – in a cell a few thousandths of a millimeter in diameter. For this to be organized and not a desolate tangle there are histones.


Histones are proteins and the DNA wraps itself around them, organizing itself and saving space. If a DNA segment, a gene, is very tightly wrapped around a histone, then it is inactive.

In this case, the enzymes that “read” the DNA do not approach the gene. If a gene is loosely wrapped around the histone and these enzymes get there well then it is active.

In particular, the histones, or proteins that control how closely a gene is wound up, make their own decisions regarding how active a gene is.

Vitamins play a great role

There are also substances that do not consist of proteins but can affect the activity of genes. These include e.g. Vitamin A, Vitamin D, and hormones. Vitamin D is estimated to control the activity of 3000 genes, thus, quite a lot!

If I tell you in an article that green tea lowers the chance of developing diabetes by 31 percent, then green tea also changes your epigenetics for the better.

It increases, e.g. the formation of fat-burning enzymes, insulin receptors, mitochondria and, thus, reduces the risk of diabetes.

That, too, is epigenetics. Basically, you already knew what it is, but you probably did not know the fancy term yet?

The Bridge between Science and Spirituality

The motivational speaker, Dr. Akuma Saningong, bridges the gap between epigenetics and, as he puts it, positive life energy: spirituality, gratitude, mindfulness, love. These are all feelings that have a very positive influence on epigenetics.

Personally, epigenetics also shows me that many things that have long been labeled esoteric,  such as meditation, love, gratitude, are now becoming scientifically tangible.


Who, for instance,  has never meditated, does have certain prejudices.

If you have meditated for 10 minutes a day for an entire week (which is not much effort) and then noticed what it caused within your body, and you’ll then be convinced.

Only, however, after you have tried it out first.

Never before, though, as prejudices usually prevail. However, thanks to epigenetics and cutting-edge research, people know what meditation can do, and fewer people have prejudices and skepticism, as you can simply refer them to scientific studies and counter with a handful of solid arguments.

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About Spirituality

Today it is getting esoteric, have you already noticed that? I cannot only write about ginger, apple cider vinegar, keto diet, exercise, cold showers, and everything else that’s great for your body, I must also leave room for the mind and soul.

Wait a minute…mind and soul? What do you mean with that?

The mind is everything you think. Your thoughts. Your thoughts affect your body and vice versa. When you think of something to eat, it stimulates the flow of saliva, the formation of digestive enzymes and stomach acid, thus, the mind has affected the body.

“Control your thoughts, and you control your body.” An ancient saying that contains a lot of truth.

The soul is basically subconscious. The 95 percent of your brainpower, of which you do not notice anything. Your body’s own magnetic field, charisma, instincts, and more.

Spirituality is the belief in something greater within oneself… in infinity and the eternal, the source.

Every person who is religious and believes in something greater than himself, such as a God, a source, a higher power, etc, is spiritual. Everyone who believes in “The Secret” or “The Universe” is spiritual, as well.

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Are you spiritual, too? Now that you know what it really means, it’s not so outlandish anymore, is it? Did you also have a fortune-telling gypsy with crystal balls, tarot cards, insect sticks and a strange, mysterious, voice in mind? Me, too, still several years ago.

Why am I writing this? Because it is human to be spiritual. We all are spiritual beings through and through.

The belief in the infinite (God) changes the brain’s central thinking and switching processes, which have a significant effect on your sense of happiness and your basic trust (in ourselves and the world).

I write this to clear up prejudices. It’s not only alright to be spiritual (even as a scientist), it’s even wonderful.

About Gratitude

Gratitude is an emotion that is fundamental to a happy life, and we are nothing without gratitude.


Those who are thankful focus more on the things that are going well and that they have.

When you’re grateful, you focus less on deficiencies; that is, things that you do not have, that make you unhappy and that do not run smoothly.

When a person is grateful, he has a completely different charisma and his brain has completely different interconnections, thought processes and information flows. It has been proven many times that gratitude triggers strong and long-lasting happiness; to the same extent that you train a muscle.

The more you show gratitude (consciously or unconsciously), the happier you will become. Please, be aware of the fact that the more positive your attitude towards life will become, your innate and basic trust will strengthen as well.

Does that, in your eyes, have anything to do with esotericism or any hocus pocus?


A very Simple Exercise, how to Become more Grateful:

Every morning, right after getting up,  grab a piece of paper and write down the 10 things you’re thankful for. These can be small things like “The coffee tastes delicious” or “I slept well”, but also big things like “I’m healthy,” “I have a great job” or “I have a roof over my head.”

Every night, write down 5 things that happened that day and for which you can be grateful.

Try this for a few weeks, it’s only 5 minutes every day. Like meditation (10-20 minutes daily), it will make a big difference within your life.

The focus is shifting away from ugly and negative things, to beautiful and self-evident things. Feelings of happiness, charisma and love; they will all come along casually.

I would like to share with you a more in-depth article regarding gratitude in the near future, but for now, let’s move on to the next chapter.

About Willpower and Meditation

I have already written about that, you can find the contributions here:

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Breathe properly – that’s what most people disregard!

Willpower is also an ability that is intangible but has a major impact on your success in life. Like a muscle, you can also train willpower.

Meditation … I limit myself to this sentence and I would just recommend that you read the articles mentioned above, as they will teach you everything you desire to know about this topic.

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You are Responsible for Your Own Happiness!

With epigenetics much easier to grasp, I finally understood esoteric-related subjects like meditation, gratitude and spirituality better, as well.

But, what epigenetic definitely shows: You have everything in your own hands! I always say that you are sitting on the wheel, thus, you decide your destiny and the speed.

It’s no longer about having “bad genetics” and blaming genes for everything. No, you basically have the control over which genes are active and how active they are.

At this point, for the body, nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress reduction becomes of the essence.  For your mind, gratitude, willpower, and intelligence should be activated, and for your soul, spirituality and meditation come into play.


These three areas allow you to determine your own health and happiness through epigenetics.

That’s one of the goals of this website: To show you how you can do it and reach for the stars.

What do you think about right now? Are we capable, or better said, are we strong enough to change our lives? We should feel empowered by miraculous stories, which all of us heard a few about in the past.

You could even take a look into the bible if you wish. The holy book actually features many of these stories. And, wasn’t it always the case that only the ones with unwavering faith found happiness and cure?

Personal note

I don’t know, but it sounds like a lot of epigenetics in-depth at work too, at least for me. I’m really curious about your thoughts and sentiments concerning this matter.

How did you like this trip to esotericism? Would you like to know more about it? If so, then I’m looking forward to your comments below. We are always happy to hear from you.

Also, please, follow, like and share us with your family and friends on social media. Don’t forget to sign up here, either, in order to claim your free ebook.

Meanwhile, I’m sending you much love, harmony, happiness and success. Always remember: You are beautiful, precious and unique regardless of what others might say. Thus, keep on shining.

In Front Of Thy Being, I Bow.

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