Energy Vampire – How To Recognize And Get Rid Of Him!


Do you have an energy vampire in your environment?

Are there certain people in your environment who suck you outright? If you feel drained around particular persons, or after hanging out with them, then read on. This article will open your eyes, so you can tell if you have an energy vampire near you and how to solve the problem.

These people are robbing us of strength

Your girlfriend, your partner, your coworker or even members of your family – all these people can be an energy vampire and steal your strength in your everyday life.

Here you will get an idea on how to recognize and counter energy vampires. It is an essential task to learn, as the constant drainage of your inner strength can and most likely will lead to psychological, as well as physical ailments, in the long term.

Even if you’ve never heard the term ‘energy vampire’ before, it’s extremely likely that you’ve ever met a person that fits that description.

Unlike the vampire characters that we know from movies and books, these people use their behavior instead of sharp teeth to siphon off their energy.

They are the ones who relentlessly take more and more while you are barely capable to keep up with the giving.

An energy vampire is also revealed by the fact that he usually has a bad mood and criticizes you very often.

At the same time, a psychic vampire needs a lot of attention and often feels badly treated by his environment.

Not all people deliberately behave this way. Some do not realize that something is wrong with their attitude until someone points it out. With still others, the energetic vampirism is only a phase with a foreseeable end.


 There exist five common energy vampire types

The perfect one

No matter what accomplishment you’ve done or how wonderful your new boyfriend might be, your girlfriend can always outshine you?

Yes, it can be difficult to thrive next to a person who seems to always do everything perfectly. In many cases, the bill is deceptive.

People who look perfect at first glance are often much more insecure than you can imagine.

The scrounger

“Could you perhaps just help me out a little bit? I’ll definitely return the favor; I owe you one!” And once you have forgotten your money or just need a small favor, nothing happens.

That’s the scrounger’s pattern of behavior. This energy vampire takes and takes and, for a change, takes some more.

Unfortunately, the only way that you can get rid of him is by restraining your generosity and helpfulness.

The narcissist

At the beginning of a relationship or a friendship, everything looks great. Narcissists often give the impression that they have all the attributes a good friend has to have – until they show their true nature.

Then it turns out that you lack the ability to put yourself in the shoes of other people. That can cost a lot of strength and time. You also have to accept that the center will always be occupied.

Living with a narcissist in your close surroundings is no honey licking. I urge everyone to step on the brake and get out – no matter how “attached” the narcissistic person seems to be to you, or vice versa.

If you’re hoping that the narcissist will change for the better in time, then let me ascertain you that he will not!

You cannot change anyone, let alone a narcissist. That is unless, of course, the wish to change and work towards becoming a better self comes from the individual himself.

Then you can and even should step in and gladly offer your support. More about how to deal with narcissists I wrote here:

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The permanent stressed

“You do not know what happened to me today! It was really a miracle that I made it!” But, of course, he or she has been able to manage everything – despite constant stress.

Conversations with this type can be very one-sided. After all, why should you still tell about your stressful job when someone sitting across from you leases all the stress of the world?

Mostly behind such statements, however, is the need for more attention.


The victim

This is a particularly stressful type of person. He’s the one who robs and deprives all people in his environment of power and energy because he’s always troubled and unwell.

The whole world wants something bad for him, and everybody is after him…What a poor soul!

His suffering is the only thing of interest. People who are very helpful run the risk of being exploited by this energy vampire type. So be warned and mindful!

 Get rid of energy vampires – This helps against the power robbers

Having a balanced and fulfilling friendship or partnership with an energy vampire is next to impossible. If you engage too long with such a person, it can have serious consequences for you.

The power you need to invest in the relationship is disproportionate to what you get out of it.

Tip 1: In order not to get to this point at which you can no longer continue because of all the strenuous effort and lack of energy, it is important to draw a limit in time.

Tip 2: Manage your attention. If you consistently comment, console, admire or pity all the time, you will most likely enter a vicious circle that will make it difficult to escape.

Tip 3: Especially in a relationship, it is important not to be too dependent on your partner. Demonstrate your limits by standing up for your rights, meeting other friends.

Also, follow your favorite hobby without having a guilty conscience. Because only if you remain independent, the energy vampires cannot take advantage of you.

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Be careful though

He will definitely try to isolate you from the rest of the environment in order to keep you all to himself. He now very well that this is crucial for his agenda to work out.

So, just to let you know upfront, get used to the energy vampire’s dramas and fits when you plan something without him tagging along.

He’ll most certainly make a big scene of it and probably throw the guilt card at you – “How dare you to leave me behind and have fun when I don’t feel well.” Don’t let that irritate you though, and continue seeing your plans through.

Tip 4: In the worst case, there is no other option but to end the friendship or partnership. At such a moment, only a healthy dose of selfishness helps. Remember, if the other person does not want to be helped, your hands are tied.

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Dear co-creators

Have you ever had to deal with a narcissist, or are you still surrounded by one? How do you manage him/her, and if so, what were your strategies to get rid of him?

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You are unique spiritual beings, here to learn, expand, have fun and complete a specially designed mission for the greater good of our entire collective.

Thank you, and remember that you are cherished, appreciated and endlessly loved. ~Namaste~


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