Emotional Eating: How To Stop Eating Out Of Loneliness

Dissolve emotional eating – Tips to help you stop eating because of feeling lonely

Emotional eating and loneliness often go hand in hand. Many people feel lonely in spite of their company. To numb these unpleasant feelings, they resort to sweets and other foods. You can find out here how you can manage to dissolve food issues out of loneliness.

Many people feel lonely, even though objectively they are not lonely at all, because they have people around them to spend time with. The decisive factor is not what you have objectively, but what you feel subjectively. And above all: how you deal with these feelings and thoughts.

Quite a few of them resort to food when they have unpleasant emotions – also when they are lonely.

Eating out of loneliness: (Not) a solution

Loneliness is a feeling that pours out psychoemotional stress hormones, because people, as social beings, always strive for community and belonging.
So whether there is actually a lack of human contact or whether the feeling of loneliness is “only” felt – both can trigger emotional eating behavior that leads to obesity.

If loneliness is the fear of moving towards people and entering into a social exchange, then working on this social fear is particularly important, because fear and loneliness can mutually reinforce one another.
I would like to give you an exercise that creates connection and instantly relieves loneliness. This exercise especially helps people who are caught between fear and loneliness and are looking for food as a way out.

A heartfelt message to you when you are trapped in fear and loneliness

You can be afraid. I’m scared too. Fears are there to protect us. Fear protects you, me, all people.
When you feel lonely, there is something that connects you to all of the people on this planet. The fear. Because it is there to keep the most important things in life and to remind us of the most important things in life: love.

Trust your heart

Perhaps you are now thinking that you have not experienced love or that you cannot feel love. Then you can know that life only comes into being through love. Our heart is the first organ to develop in the fetus, and it is brought to life by the hormone of love. Without this love hormone there is no life. So you are born in love. Your mind may not remember that you were brought into being through love, but your heart can.

You may have had so many experiences in your life where you were alone or left alone. Maybe you have been abandoned.
All of these disappointments hurt and leave scars and can trigger emotional eating habits. Your subconscious then tries to save you from new disappointments for the future. This can go so far that your fear center in the brain is so sensitized that it blocks any new contact or any form of closeness. And yet you feel a desire for closeness, security, togetherness, and then to gain trust.

This feeling comes from your heart because your heart does not have a fear center like your brain. Your heart is the pure form of trust and love. It proves it to you every day by ceaselessly beating for you. Regardless of whether you feel good or not. Free of whether you are in trust or in fear. Your heart beats out of love for you and for your life.

Stopping Emotional Eating: Heart Connection Exercise

Close your eyes for a moment and put your hands on your heart. Imagine in your mind’s eye how your heart is beating for you every moment. Maybe you can also feel your heart beating.
Make sure that you are not the only person feeling lonely. There are other people who feel alone and abandoned and who are afraid of making contact with other people.

Imagine if you could connect with one of these people. Through your heart and right now in this situation. Imagine if you could get him a message. About an invisible field that is neither visible nor tangible to our eyes or our minds. A connection that exists and with the help of which you have the opportunity to send your compassion to another person.

Maybe you want to encourage this person to open their heart as well. Or you want to tell him through this connection that he is not alone and that you, too, know this feeling of loneliness or fear.

An electronic message like an email that you send to another heart through your heart. Imagine helping this person by reminding them that they are not alone and that you are thinking of them right now.

Maintain this connection for a few minutes and give your heart and feelings the opportunity to do their work in their own way. This happens far from your mind, and it’s perfectly okay for your mind not to grasp it.

You’re not alone

There are things that we cannot explain to ourselves, and yet they exist. We have the chance to open up to these possibilities and thereby gain new experiences. I too feel for you while I am writing these lines and I am now connected to you with my heart. Because everything I am writing here right now does not come from my mind, but from my heart, and that is precisely why we are both connected to each other.

I wish you from the bottom of my heart that you allow yourself this contact with yourself and other people on a regular basis. You will realize that you are not alone and that you can let go of your fear.

Dear Co-creator

I hope that this article can be of help to you. In addition to eating out of loneliness, there are many other forms of emotional eating, for example to suppress anger or to numb grief and pain. I will definitely write more about this topic in the future.

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