Embossing People – Our Cultural Environment And Its Influence


How our cultural environment is embossing people

Every imprint that a person experiences through their cultural environment can have an impact on countless areas of life. Embossing people and the effects of such attempts are often far from beneficial for the well-being and development of society. You can find out how to recognize cultural influences, and how to best deal with them here.

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The face of our society

Without question: The culture in which a person lives, regardless of whether it is a nation, a group of friends or a work environment, can have a major impact on which identity he or she personally creates.

That can be wonderful fruits like, for example, customs or in modern times bear the different youth cultures.

However, this phenomenon also produces less advantageous excesses. Alcohol and drug abuse, refined sugar, fast food and additives intake, racism and the excessive meat consumption that the average person celebrates are good examples of how the cultural environment can have a negative impact on people.

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From imprinting to extremism

If a person identifies himself too much with the role that his cultural environment gives him, he will eventually come to the point where he comes up with the idea of ​​having to defend this role.

So it can happen that differently shaped people in another cultural environment appear to him as a danger.

This is the birth of religious fanatics, terrorists, as well as intolerant people who treat strangers with suspicion.

Here you can clearly see that the anger that a racist has against people who come from other countries and who have experienced unknown characteristics is only due to the fact that he identifies with the mask that his cultural environment has put on him.

It is important to understand that the character that arises from the impressions you take in from the world is nothing more than a spectacle. The actual essential nature is different.

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Greetings from the cultural past

One fact that we should all consider urgently on this topic is that embossing always comes from the past. Much of this is older than the persons who carry it with them.

The cultural memory of a society often goes back further than you think. So it is, for instance, often the case that the dark past that German-speaking countries have experienced still has an impact on people’s thinking and behavior to this day.

Or that, whenever we hear the word ‘slavery’, we immediately associate it with the United States of America.

This is not just about the world wars, but the times of the Inquisition can still have an effect on people right up to the present day.

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This phenomenon is also called cultural karma!

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But these are not the only characteristics that have an impact on the cultural environment and the people in it.

The media change people and the environment

Let’s take, for instance, cultural environment and TV. The entertainment industry recognized the phenomenon of cultural influence many years ago and has been using it ever since to transform society.

The well-being of people is rarely a motivation for practices like this. Profit and maintaining power are the keywords that television & Co mostly act on.

It is, therefore, not surprising that the lowest character traits such as greed, hostility and violence are celebrated so loudly on television.

A person who defines himself through such imprints does not pose a threat to the established power structure.

On the contrary, the human, as a changing wallet, is always ready to strengthen the economy according to his imprint, regardless of whether it causes suffering or not.

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Embossed as a bondage

As you can clearly see from the examples mentioned above, the phenomenon of cultural imprint has the potential to restrict a person in his own development.

This can happen through imprinted consumption habits, thought patterns from a dark past or a simple perspective-free exchange in his own work environment.

But what can you do to prevent these effects on your own life?

A solution to the dilemma

In the end it is very simple: If you observe your own thoughts long enough, you will notice that not one of these thoughts arises in yourself, but that each of them has a connection to what you have absorbed with your senses.

From this, one can conclude that what we call one’s personality is nothing more than a mechanism that has arisen from influences from the cultural environment.

Establishing this knowledge in one’s own perception makes it possible to gain a certain distance from the influences of the outside world.

If one maintains this distance long enough, the useless cultural ballast drops almost all by itself. The freedom gained from this will make it easy for you to make the right decisions for your life.

The more people free themselves from the constraints of their environment, the easier it will be to transform society as a whole.

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Methods to gain distance

If this was just about escaping the media, I would simply advise you to be frugal. Why, you can learn here:

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Since there are other factors involved, however, I advise you: Practice yoga and meditation! This combination will make it easy for you to distance yourself from the deliberately cultivated desires that the media use to generate consumers. Instead you will find satisfaction, peace and fulfillment in yourself.

It will also allow you to leave the beaten path, your cultural environment and what it can curtail in its potential and live a liberated life.

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It will introduce some techniques that will help you to increase your well-being and sharpen your perception.

To learn a first-class meditation technique, check out our various posts on different meditation forms and breathing techniques.

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Dear co-creators

The world is a wonderful place full of endless possibilities to express your essence as soon as you leave the limits of the imprint. What are you waiting for?

You don’t have to play a part in a world where embossing people and withdrawing society’s freedom is the master plan. Break the cultural shackles and set off!

Always remember that we are not human experiencing spirit, but we are spirit experiencing human form. So don’t let anyone remove your innate rights to rediscover your true essence and great power again.

You are within the Universe just as much as the Universe is within you!

You are unique, cherished, highly appreciated and endlessly loved. ~Namaste~



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