How To Efficiently Eliminate Vitamin D Deficiency


All you need to know about how to efficiently eliminate vitamin D deficiency

35% of all Americans have a vitamin D deficiency, and almost everyone else is on the brink of it. If you eliminate this deficiency, winter depression will be history. Here, you will learn more about this vitamin today and with what simple trick you can eliminate vitamin D deficiency.

It is important, because you will also have stronger bones and a better immune system. In addition,  a balanced vitamin D household reduced the risk of cancer.

Vitamin D deficiency – What symptoms come along with it?

Before we get to the effects of vitamin D in the body, I would like to show you how you recognize a vitamin D deficiency. Then you can decide for yourself whether the rest of the article is relevant for you.

If you regularly experience the following symptoms (or a person close to you does), a vitamin D deficiency may be involved:

1- Winter depressions (winter blues)
2- Often inexplicably bad temper up to year-round depression
3- Frequent infections
4- Bowel problems
5- A lower bone density
6- Osteoporosis (in the worst case osteomalacia or rickets)
7- Low libido and/or a too low testosterone level (in men)
8- Autoimmune disease (favored by vitamin D deficiency)
9- Constant tiredness
10- Chronic backache or bone pain
11- Skin problems such as acne, psoriasis or atopic dermatitis
12- Slow wound healing
13- Hair loss
14- Muscle aches
15- Nervousness

Now that you know the problems a deficiency can cause, vitamin D has become more relevant, right? With a high degree of probability, you also have a shortage.

Why am I so sure? Because according to a Studie, about 35-40 % of all Americans have a clear lack, and most of the remaining people are on the verge of developing one.

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What is vitamin D?

Surely you have heard of vitamin D as the “sun vitamin”. It’s the only vitamin your body can make by itself, but it requires sunlight. The production then takes place directly in the skin.

And in an amount that actually makes it superfluous to take additional vitamin D. That is under wonderful weather conditions, of course. Because the sun does not shine every day and certainly not all year round. Also, when it shines, it usually hits only a few parts of the body.

Vitamin D is also present in some foods; most of all in fish and eggs. To meet your needs, however, you would have to eat 20 eggs or nearly 2 pounds of salmon every single day; all year long.


What forms of vitamin D are there?

The biochemist distinguishes between vitamin D2, which is present in small amounts in a few plants, e.g. Fungi, and vitamin D3, “animal vitamin D”, cholecalciferol.

The precursor to the skin is 7-deoxy-cholesterol. Sunlight causes chemical damage that can form cholecalciferol. Cholecalciferol (provitamin D) is also the form that occurs in nutritional supplements.

Once activated, the liver converts it to 25 (OH) -Vitamin-D, the storage form of the vitamin. If necessary, it is then utilized in the kidney and converted into active calcitriol – 1,25 (OH) 2-vitamin D – the mobile hormone.

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Vitamin D – Effect in the body

In fact, vitamin D3 is a hormone in the body, e.g. a messenger that works throughout the body in different ways in just about every tissue.

Of our 23,000 genes encoded in the DNA, about 3000 require vitamin D to be activated. 3,000 out of 23,000 genes, that’s a lot for a biologist!

That’s why vitamin D deficiency causes so many problems.

Vitamin D deficiency – Why is it so common?

Every blood value of <40 ng/ml falls under a vitamin D deficiency. 40-60 ng/ml is a good guideline for a solid D-level. According to the national consumption study, 35 % of Americans have too little D3 in their blood. From those, Latinos and African Americans are the most affected races.

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Why is the percentage so high if we can get to vitamin D through Sunshine?

For one, only a very few people eat really many eggs and fish in order to cover their vitamin D needs.
The other problem is the sun: it only seems strong enough from May to September to provide noticeable vitamin D formation on the skin.

The other 7 months are vitamin D deficiency months. During this period, the few sunbeams in the face are not enough, so that practically everyone has a vitamin D deficiency. Especially in these months, vitamin D3* is important as a dietary supplement.

Although there is enough sunshine from May to September, we either do not go out into the sun long enough or protect the skin with sunscreen. This does not only hinder the dangerous UV rays to get to you, but it also wards off vitamin D.

It is said again and again that 20 minutes of sun on the face and forearms are sufficient to produce enough vitamin D.

However, studies show that you have to spend at least an hour with the whole body exposed in the sun to make enough Vitamin D.

Do you still think that putting your face for 20 minutes into the sun is enough? No, it isn’t.  In summer, your body needs a one-hour full-body sun absorption   (without sunscreen) to get enough vitamin D.

To form vitamin D3, the sun’s rays must be absorbed. Sunblocker contains titanium dioxide, which reflects the sun’s rays like an aluminum foil. As long as your skin is covered with sunscreen, your body will not be able to produce the vitamin.


Important basic rules to avoid vitamin D deficiency

From May to September try to walk every day with the entire body, and as much bare skin as possible and without sunscreen, in the sun. Do not apply sunscreen until after 20-30 minutes, when the sun gets too strong or you have a light skin type.

To avoid vitamin D deficiency from October to April, take it prophylactically as a nutritional supplement. A good and general rule of thumb is 5,000 I.U of vitamin D daily.

In addition, I recommend 200 mcg Vitamin K2, 1200 mg of Calcium and 400 mg magnesium. Try to take the calcium and vitamin D together in one capsule, as both enhance each other’s absorption.

You can find more information about vitamin D3, sun and skin cancer risk in this article:

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Do we need dietary supplements to fight vitamin D deficiency?

This question is justified. In fact, you do not need any dietary supplements if you can absorb all the nutrients your body needs through your diet.

However, and that’s important, not every nutrient or vitamin is available all year round, and we cannot cover all nutrients or vitamins 100% by today’s food.

Some people need more of certain nutrients/vitamins because of their lifestyle or family history (i.e., genetic) circumstances. You see, dietary supplements can make a big difference.

To combat and prevent vitamin D deficiency naturally, use sunlight in the late spring, summer and early fall seasons. The sun’s light is sufficient to produce enough vitamin D, but you should rely on quality supplements during the rest of the year.

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How much vitamin D is needed?

The goal is to bring the blood level of vitamin D3 to> 50 ng/ml. Under 30 ng/ml medicine understands a serious deficiency, below 50 ng/ml only a slight deficiency. The optimum, and thus the best for your health and your quality of life, is a steady level of> 50 ng/ml.

How much D3 do you need? Vitamin D is measured with units, ie I.U. In times when you are practically barely in the sun, like in winter, or for anyone who seldom comes outdoors even in summer, 5,000 IU per day is enough. As a fact, 5,000 IU is a good guideline, so that most people come to the target range of 40 to 60 ng/ml.


Should I also take supplements in the Summer?

In summer, the body forms up to 50,000 IU in one hour of complete irradiation (ie., only in bathing trunks/suits)! Supplementation makes no sense unless you are for some reason housebound. As soon as the days get darker and shorter, you should start supplementing.

Supplementing in autumn and winter: I take 5.000 IU of vitamin D daily from October to April. I take it in the morning, because the absorption is best then.

Small trick: Combine Vitamin D3  with Vitamin K2* (also available in capsule form or in cheese) or 1200 mg of Calcium to enhance the effect on bones and sex hormones.

In addition, daily 400 mg of magnesium, since magnesium always interacts with D3. I suggest you take the magnesium in the evening and shortly before bedtime. It acts as a relaxing effect and promotes restful sleep.

And do not be afraid of vitamin D overdose. Cases are known in which 100,000 IU were administered daily. Vitamin D is free of side effects. Meanwhile, it is unfortunately overlooked that the daily recommended amount of 600 IU is useless. You will remain to suffer from a deficiency.

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Who benefits from vitamin D?

The short answer to this is that anyone who has vitamin D deficiency benefits from it. So practically mostly everyone. Be it because he or she lives in North Canada or just does not spend much time outside.

From October to April, I think everyone can have some advantage from extra vitamin D. From May to September, anyone who is not regularly in the sun benefits.

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Dear co-creators

We have learned today, the simplest trick against winter depression and vitamin D deficiency and for strong bones.  However, almost everyone benefits from supplementation with vitamin D outside of summer. It is also important to eliminate vitamin D deficiency to prevent winter depressions and constant colds.

In addition, calcium, vitamin K2 and magnesium for strong bones, good nerve and muscle function. With these few supplements, you have a beneficial and cost-effective combination of nutrients that are difficult to get through the diet.


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