Elderberry For Viral Infections – The Strongest Argument Against The Flu


The effective use of elderberry for viral infections – The most reliable aid to combat viruses and pathogens

The elderberry for viral infections is one of the strongest arguments against all flu symptoms of the cold season.

It is no coincidence that the flu and cold come to us especially in autumn and winter, because when the sun is missing and the temperatures drop, our immune system loses strength.

For every degree of Fahrenheit that we lose in body temperature, the activity of our immune cells drops by around 10%.

Thus, viruses and pathogens have an especially easy game during the colder times of the year. When the disease breaks out, we, therefore, need efficient weapons that are available to help us defend ourselves.

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Elderberry as first aid

The black elder, holder bush, holster or even Sambucus Nigra has been used as a dye and food for many centuries, but above all as a remedy for infectious diseases from flu to cystitis.

The berries of the elderberry bush are particularly rich in active ingredients that strongly support our immune system in fighting off infections.

The elderberry anthocyanins and polyphenols protect our immune cells when they use aggressive chemistry to fight viruses and pathogens.

Elderberry is also particularly rich in healthy flavonoids, and, thus, far exceeds the power of blueberries, cranberries, goji and blackberries.

The ingredients of the elder also have a positive effect on the course of the disease because they cause the mucous membranes to swell.

This reduces the risk of secondary infections in the nose and sinuses. At the same time, it makes the cold more bearable for us because we can now breathe more freely at night. This, in turn, improves sleep, and, thus, also speeds up recovery.

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Hot elder

In Europe, where I am originally from, the elderberry has always been used as juice with hot water. The warm drink satisfies our need for heat in the event of illness, while our bodies absorb the active substances in elderberry particularly well.

Nowadays, of course, elderberry extracts are also commercially available as capsules and gummies. But in its effect, hot elderberry is a classic and remains the healing and home remedy of choice in its beneficial reactions.

Elderberry shortens the disease by around 30% and it, furthermore, significantly reduces the severity of the course.

Elderberry increases the number of our immune cells and prevents the growth of influenza viruses and bacteria in the upper respiratory tract. However, the elder does not seem to have a preventive effect.

Regular consumption of elderberry in the cold season is, therefore, no better protection against a cold than the juices of cherry or sea buckthorn.

Elderberry is available in recipes with flowers and berries. However, since the healing effect comes primarily from the berries, I recommend using the berries as elderberry juice or syrup in the event of illness.

You can find it usually in the well-stocked grocery store and of course in health food stores. Advisably, you should stock up during summer and/or early Fall time, as supplies can run low quickly once the flu and cold season hit.

In the preparation, pour one part of elderberry juice with three parts of the cooking water. Let it cool down and drink it warm.

Elderberries are poisonous raw and uncooked. Under no circumstances, should you consume freshly collected elderberries directly from the shrub or tree!

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Elderberry & Friends

In order to intensify the effect of elderberry on the flu and cold, further helpers from the herbal pharmacy are available.

Adaptogenic medicinal plants help the body to adapt to stressful situations and to survive crises better. The best-known adaptogens include the medicinal plants ginger, schizandra, ashwagandha, maca, kalmegh (creat/green chiretta) or CBD oil/cannabis.

With the first symptoms of infection, ginger, in particular, has the best effect. As soon as it scratches your throat, suck a fresh slice of ginger root in your mouth and chew.

The essential oils and active ingredients get distributed in the mouth, throat and nose to fight the viral infection there.

At the same time, the sharpness of the ginger is a wake-up call for the local tissues and mucous membranes and stimulates the immune response.

To accelerate the disappearance of the disease and get the body back on track, the herbal products cocoa or carob are available.

Both provide energy and help the body clean up after surviving an illness, without overloading the weakened metabolism.

Carob is the fruit and seeds of the carob tree that taste very close to cocoa. That’s why I use carob primarily in my shakes and warm desserts.

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How to prevent flu and cold and other viral infections?

The best way to avoid viral infections is to recognize that they are contagious diseases caused by virus particles. As long as we can keep these viruses away from our mucous membranes, we are on the safe side.

Mouthguards in the bus and subway would, of course, be ideal at the time of the cold epidemic, but this basic protection has not really reached our culture. Regular hand washing is, therefore, much easier to implement.

With our hands, we collect the viruses from jackets, keyboards and other people’s hands. We then bring this viral load to the mouth and nose with unconscious hand movements on the face.

Another more practical measure for working colleagues with a cold in the office or the first signs of a cold is nasal irrigation. With the help of a nasal rinsing jug, one rinses the nose with saline.

This cleanses and moistens the mucous membranes at the same time. This is an important step, because the dry heating air in winter months also contributes to making our airways particularly susceptible to viral infections.

Proper nutrition in winter is just as vital. Our body not only needs its dose of vitamins but nourishing and helpful foods that suit both the season and your biological type.

Unsuitable food promotes biochemical stress and makes us more susceptible to colds and other dangerous viruses.

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Dietary supplement with zinc

When it comes to nutritional supplements, zinc is the drug of choice because zinc is a booster for your immune system.

Zinc accelerates regeneration in sports. In the case of infections, this mineral significantly reduces the duration and severity of the disease. The upper limit of a daily dose is around 40 mg of zinc.

The sun hormone: vitamin D

It is no coincidence that the diseases catch us in the sunless wintertime, because now our values ​​and storage reserves for vitamin D are the lowest.

Vitamin D is the sun hormone that is produced in our skin by sunlight and UVB. As a hormone, vitamin D not only regulates calcium intake and immune status, but also energizes the metabolism down to the level of the mitochondria, our cell power plants.

Especially in winter, food supplementation with vitamin D is highly recommended. The daily dose for acute illness should be 15,000 units. Otherwise, a dosage of 8,000 units per day is recommended.

For comparison: An adult in swimming trunks produces around 10,000 units of vitamin D in one hour of the midday summer sun.

For healthy calcium metabolism, vitamin D supplements should always be combined with vitamin K2.

Commercially available as combined drops of D3 and K2 in oil.

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Proper nutrition in the cold season

In winter we need energy and warmth, and that’s why we should avoid cold and hard-to-digest foods like salads and raw food.

A cooked breakfast is, therefore, the healthiest start into your day. Make it consisting of cereal porridge or rice, yes rice, and check out the 14 wholesome breakfast ideas in my article linked below:

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The cold season is also the time of the spices. Mixtures of turmeric, caraway, ginger, cinnamon, juniper or rosemary stimulate the metabolism.

This inner warmth is our bulwark against the flu and colds. Oil pulling with sesame oil supports oral hygiene and the respiratory tract.

Keep warm teas, hot water or ginger water available as drinks during the day.

The winter cold is again the time for more broth or soup. Dishes with an extra portion of ghee, clarified butter, are also ideal.

Hearty soups with root vegetables, healthy fats and spices are easily digestible and, therefore, they are ideal for evening meals.

We should also avoid foods that are incompatible with us due to their ingredients and that conflict with our biotype during the cold period.

These antinutrients not only interfere with our internal biochemistry but also affect our immune function. And of all times when we need them most urgently when we are ill.

Thus, it is particularly of the essence to stick to the nutritional recommendations. Avoid your red meats and look for the green superfoods. Against this combined with good supplementation, flu and cold don’t stand a chance.

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