Egg Replacement Idea For A Plant-Based Diet & Vegan Scrambled Eggs

Egg replacement idea for people with allergies and on a plant-based diet?

Today, i want to share my favorite egg replacement idea with you. Vegans, but also people with an allergy to eggs, substitute chicken eggs.

Since egg is often used as a binding agent and not to improve the taste, it is usually possible to “veganize” classic recipes without any problems.

Of course, it is only a little more difficult with fried eggs (although resourceful cooks have already carried out promising experiments too).

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Replace eggs in cakes and pastries

Eggs are mostly used as a binding agent in cakes and pastries because of their lecithin content. Many herbal products also contain lecithin, such as soybeans.

By using a little soy flour or soy drink, both available in supermarkets or organic grocery stores, the pastry can also be made vegan. Commercially available egg substitutes are, of course, also suitable for this.

Time for a fair warning here: Even egg replacement sometimes contains egg products. It is obviously about reducing allergy triggers, but not about a vegan product.

In sweet pastries, it is usually possible to replace the egg with a mashed banana or applesauce. An often desired side effect of this method of replacing eggs is the pleasantly fruity aroma. Muffins and cakes in particular taste particularly delicious with a light banana aroma.

You can also use chia seeds for an egg substitute. Depending on the recipe, you can simply soak small amounts of chia seeds in water and stir it in the dough.

While chicken eggs give baked goods a yellowish tinge due to their carotene content, most egg alternatives are relatively colorless. If you want to add vegan pastries a classic yellowish color, you can use saffron (expensive) or turmeric.

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Replace eggs in hearty dishes

Original Italian pasta usually does not contain an egg. In every supermarket and discounter you can find pasta without eggs. Noodles with eggs are mostly used in regional recipes (e.g. Swabian cuisine).

If you want to do without eggs, for example, because the eggs unfortunately usually come from animal-cruel husbandry, but like the yellowish color, you can color noodles with a little saffron.

The sulfur salt Kala Namak can be used for vegan alternatives to hearty egg dishes such as egg salad (based on vegan mayonnaise and fussili pasta) or scrambled eggs (made from natural tofu). It gives the dishes a very authentic, sulphurous note that is strongly reminiscent of “real” egg dishes.

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Recipe: vegan scrambled eggs

Just in case you have not tried one yet, I want to introduce you to a delicious version of scrambled eggs made from egg replacement.

Mash medium-firm natural tofu with a fork. It is best to use tofu, which has nigari and calcium sulfate as a coagulant, because this tofu has a more pleasant consistency and is not as crumbly.

Lightly fry the mashed tofu in a pan with a little oil. Add some soy milk, or another unsweetened plant-based milk alternative, if desired. In personally usually use soy yogurt – it’s delicious!

When your vegan scrambled eggs are the consistency you want, season them with kala namak. This is a special seasoning salt that is naturally rich in sulfur and, therefore, has the typical egg taste.

You can buy kala namak (or sulfur salt) online and at some health food stores. Some organic markets also have Kala Namak on offer.

Give the vegan scrambled eggs some color with turmeric. You can find that also in any good grocery store or health food stores.

After heating, season the vegan scrambled eggs with fresh herbs and add a few drops of linseed oil. Make sure you add the linseed oil at the end and do not fry it with the dish! Serve the vegan scrambled eggs with a crispy baguette or wholewheat bread and a glass of orange juice. You will be amazed how real these vegan scrambled eggs taste.


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I hope that you will like this egg replacement idea just as much as I do, and that my vegan scrambled eggs will be a success at your table. Let me know your experiences and feedbacks in a comment below, as I’m always looking forward to read from you.


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