Effortless Effort: Essential Tricks For An Easy Going Life

Effortless Effort: Why life doesn’t have to be strenuous

Have you ever wondered what effortless effort is? If life seems exhausting to you, something may be wrong. Hard effort is not the truth of life. In these moments we can wake up and remind ourselves that life happens by itself out of ease. Learn how to do this in this article.

Essential trick for effortless effort

Some workaholics almost idolize the effort and say “yes, it can’t be done without it”. Even my mentor postulated at the time: “If you start your own business, you have to eat dirt for the first three years.” To be honest, I didn’t believe him. From a financial point of view, starting my own business went smoothly for me. I didn’t lack for anything and I always had enough.

Another issue was existential angst that I had to deal with. But it wasn’t strenuous in the sense of “I have to work hard”. I lived a different truth within myself and I still do to this day: effortless effort. When other people talk about effort, I can only smile. Effort and burn-out is one of many things that you can shape your life with, but you don’t have to.

Sure, if you believe that life is exhausting, you will experience it that way too. When you believe more in the thoughts “Life is simple” and “Effortless effort is possible,” your life actually becomes easier. The fact is that exhausting attempts are not necessary for our life. It can also be done without exhausting yourself.

Effortless effort – what is that supposed to mean?

Imagine that you live on the fourth floor – like I did a few years ago – and have ordered 12 cases of mineral water. It would be exhausting now to carry as much as possible in order to have to go up and down as little as possible. It would be effortlessly exhausting to only carry as many bottles as climbing the stairs is not exhausting.

You may finish faster with the first variant, but you are under stress and then exhausted, have no strength and have to recover first. Your body wears out. Of course, the second variant takes longer, but the effort is easy for you. It is effortless. You don’t have to recover afterwards and stay energized and lively.

You look at the situation from the outside and ask yourself: “How can I solve this situation with wisdom?” That’s what many of us don’t do. They are busy, stressed, exhausted, running from A to B without even for a moment questioning what they are doing. Instead of solving their problems with wisdom, they get so caught up in the problem that they don’t see any other way out and struggle.

If something is strenuous, something cannot be right. Stop now!  The solution is effortless effort. Here we are not trying to force and control, but rather take a step back, take off our perceptual filter and start seeing things as they really are.

You stop fighting and seek dialogue with life:

“What is it about?”

“Is that the right way to proceed?”

Your actions should always strengthen you. It should bring you joy and excite you. Many people have forgotten these values ​​and prefer to adopt the values ​​of the given system: achievement through effort. Decide for yourself what suits you more and what you long for in your heart, what feels more right to you.

If you want to give up exhausting effort, you will gradually change.Your consciousness expands. Your thoughts and feelings change. That’s what we’re here for, and I hope you enjoy your journey! Of course, with effortless effort things then move more slowly but contain more love and awareness, and your life is characterized by relaxation and wise decisions.

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