Effective Nutrient Therapy For Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients


Nourishing nutrient therapy for rheumatoid arthritis sufferers

Why nutrients?

Now you’re wondering why, in addition to a special diest, you should take nutrient therapy for rheumatoid arthritis into consideration. There are two reasons for this:

Because of your illness, there is an enhanced need for these nutrients in the body, which is so high that it is difficult to cover it with food alone.

Supplementing with these nutrients has proven itself very well in studies and in our experience and will also help you.

On the other hand, the immune system calms down further because these nourishments have important regulatory functions in the immune system.

This is important to further address the causes of the disease. The following nutrients have proven themselves and I recommend taking them in the specified dosage:

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Vitamin D

Have your family doctor measure your blood value of vitamin D. The target value is a concentration of 80 ng/ml. For every 10 ng/ml that you have too little in the blood, supplement with 1000 IU vitamin D daily. With a blood value of 30 ng/ml, this would be a dosage of 5000 IU daily (since you have 50 ng/ml too less).

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Either in the form of one to two cups of poultry broth daily or supplement with capsules. I recommend the *Vital Vitamins Multi Collagen Pills (Types I,II,III,V,X) 150 Capsules 3300 mg Grass-Fed Collagen Peptides.

Or for vegetarians and pescetarians, this marine collagen peptide powder product is great:

*Vital Proteins - 12g of Collagen per Serving, Skin, Hair, Nail & Joint Support

Omega-3 fatty acids

Add 3-6 g of omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil/cod liver oil on days when you do not eat fish or seafood. This corresponds to 10-20 g of pure fish oil/cod liver oil.


Supplement 500 mg of curcumin daily – curcumin together with omega-3 fatty acids suppresses inflammation in the body and relieves pain. If you want to intensify this effect, go with 1000 mg daily.

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Add 500 mg of magnesium (see Magnesium-rich foods to help cover your daily requirements) on days when you have not consumed green vegetables.

Folic acid

Supplement 400 µg of folic acid in its active form to methyltetrahydrofolate on days when you have not eaten green veggies.

Frankincense extract

If you are not convinced of the effects of curcumin (Organic, GMO-free Terrasoul Turmeric Powder*) , or cannot take it for some reason, try *frankincense extract. A combination of both substances is also possible.

These nutrients have proven themselves and will support you well in the long term and complement the diet perfectly.

I would like to conclude the topic of nutrition with herbal extracts that have achieved positive effects with rheumatoid arthritis.

Hope For RA With CBD Oil And Other Plant Substances - Heal Without The High! 

Rheumatoid arthritis diet and herbal extracts

Why herbs?

Herbs are massively underestimated in the treatment of autoimmune diseases – especially in rheumatic diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis.

They are Mother Nature’s remedies, which have unfortunately largely been forgotten since the advent of the pharmaceutical industry 100 years ago.

Herbs are also authorized to support you in your situation. You should take any help and promise that you can get for the regeneration of the gut, immune system and joints.

Integrating herbs into everyday life is child’s play, but can be very effective.

Just take a few herbs for cooking, as tea or as an extract? If it helps – bring it on!

The right herbs and spices, the right extracts are mostly incredibly effective. In our folk medicine, in Ayurveda, in traditional Chinese medicine – herbs have proven themselves in all of these millennia-old forms of medicine.

So why not use it now? Science is currently rediscovering herbs, especially in regards to autoimmune diseases.

In addition, herbs are mostly free of side effects and inexpensive to obtain compared to conventional medicine.

Thus, these are the main reasons why I don’t want to withhold these herbs from you:

Devil’s claw extract
Frankincense extract
*Hemp oil (extract from Cannabis, but without THC) 
Nettle (as a salad or tea)
Tiger grass (Gotu Kola) – as a tea
Coriander (as a salad and seasoning)

Use these herbs and herbal extracts daily when cooking or as a dietary supplement. This, combined with a change in diet, lifestyle and thinking pattern will aid you soon to achieve remission and in early stages even possible healing.

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