What Is the Ideal Diet And Nutrition For Multiple Sclerosis?


The best diet and nutrition for Multiple Sclerosis patients

Supplementary healthy nutrition, nutrient therapy, herbal therapy and a healthy lifestyle lead to a strong improvement in symptoms and the elimination of causes. The diet and nutrition for Multiple Sclerosis should be as nourishing as possible and avoid or at least greatly reduce substances that damage the intestine and immune system.

The Causes And Triggers Of Multiple Sclerosis

A natural and as unprocessed form of nutrition as possible, such as the paleo diet, is particularly suitable for this. Please refer to the relevant chapter for specific nutritional recommendations, as well as advice on nutrient therapy for multiple sclerosis.

Healthy eating with MS

With a healthy diet, it is possible to eliminate many causes of multiple sclerosis in one fell swoop, to calm the immune system, to regenerate the intestine and to provide the body with valuable nutrients again.

The exact procedure and nutrition of Dr. Terry Wahls, will be explained in a separate post in the future. I would like to describe the core essences from the study results and the election protocol in the following.

Many doctors deny that diet and lifestyle can have a positive impact on MS. Studies show again and again that this is not the case and that you can experience major improvements with a healthy diet.

The most important nutritional advice regarding multiple sclerosis will all come down to one diet: a low-carb variant of the paleo diet.

You can read more about what the Paleo diet is in the article below. The Paleo diet is based on the menu of our ancestors from the Stone Age. It consists of unprocessed, natural and nutrient-rich foods.

Furthermore, it contains exactly the nutrients in healthy quantities that your immune system and nervous system need to recover and regenerate from the disease.

Studies have confirmed that a restriction in carbohydrate intake and a focus on high-quality and healthy fats are associated with a clear and sustainable improvement in symptoms.

Do you remember that myelin consists of 70% lipids? We must provide these building blocks through nutrition, too.

The choice protocol is very strictly reduced in carbohydrates, thus, the paleo diet is, according to studies, a very good starting point for you.

The Paleo Diet For Beginners - Pros, Cons & Is it Worth A Try?

The main factors of healthy eating in multiple sclerosis

According to studies and experience, the following factors are the core essences of a healthy diet in multiple sclerosis. We divide them into foods that can have a positive effect on the disease and foods that are not recommended.

Recommended foods for MS patients

Green and colorful vegetables (see Broccoli – Reasons To Eat More Of It & Grow Your Own Broccoli Sprouts)
Ripe fruit, seasonal and regional
Wild-caught fish, as fat as possible
Seafood and seaweed (if there are no thyroid problems)
Meat from appropriate keeping
Organ meat from animals from appropriate keeping
Starchy vegetables
Bulbous plants (vegetables from the onion family)
Oily seeds, such as linseed, chia seeds, sunflower seeds (also see Linseed Oil Benefits For Your Health)
Fruits rich in oil (olives, avocados)
Olive oil
Butter and clarified butter
Coconut oil
Organic lard
Green tea (see Eleven Green Tea Benefits For Your Body & Soul)

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Not recommended foods for multiple sclerosis

Cereals, especially cereals containing gluten (see 7 Easy Gluten-Free Recipes Your Taste Buds & Health Will Thank You For)
Dairy products
Industrial edible oils
Fast food – processed foods
Meats from industrial livestock farming
Fish with heavy metal contamination (tuna, swordfish, king mackerel, shark)

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This nutritional advice is predominantly part of the Paleo diet and the Paleo autoimmune protocol (a form of nutrition especially for people with autoimmune disorders). Scientific studies show a connection between the severity of the disease, the symptoms and the diet.

With these foods, you create a good basis to calm the intestine and immune system and to regenerate the central nervous system to some extent.

Reduction in carbohydrate intake

Experience, the choice protocol and scientific studies have confirmed a connection between the carbohydrate intake and the symptoms of the disease.

So another part to mention in regards to diet and nutrition for multiple sclerosis is that many sufferers are increasingly better off if they limit their carbohydrate intake and increase the percentage of healthy fats.

We recommend that you first start changing your diet and focus on natural, healthy and unprocessed foods. A food diary is a good companion and helps you to keep an overview and to check connections between certain foods and the disease.

The next step is to modulate the macronutrients, fat and carbohydrates and to gradually reduce carbohydrate consumption. A good doctor or therapist will be by your side and give you expert advice.

If you notice that a carbohydrate reduction is good for you, you can continue this step by step. Many sufferers are best off with a ketogenic diet (very low in carbohydrates), but ultimately this is individual and requires initiative.

I’ll leave a link to a free video where you can learn more about the keto diet and get answers to the most frequently asked questions at the end of this article.

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Multiple sclerosis – nutrient therapy

Those affected by multiple sclerosis suffer from nutrient deficiencies that can also cause the disease and affect its severity. If you eliminate these nutrient deficiencies, you can expect an improvement in the course of the disease.

The rule of thumb should be to meet the body’s nutritional needs through diet. If nutritional deficiencies still occur, you can remedy these with the targeted administration of nutritional supplements.

It is, therefore, advisable to have a large blood analysis carried out after a certain period of time after changing the diet to reveal any nutritional deficiencies.

Lead A Healthy Lifestyle With Multiple Sclerosis & An Efficient Action Plan

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