Daily Workout Motivation – How To Make Exercise Part Of Your Life


Daily Workout Motivation: What truly keeps you from exercising?

Not your innumerable private and professional obligations, neither your laziness keep you from doing sports. So, what is it then? Let’s explore daily workout motivation a little more in-depth.

I want to tell you how you, too, can become part of that particular crowd for whom exercising belongs to their daily routine just like showering.

The meanest inhibitor is your inner voice. No one else is so merciless, hard and ruthless with yourself. Or do you hear things such as: “You cannot do that”, “it does not work anyway” or “that’s for others, but you can’t” from others? Most likely not. Thus, why do you preach it to yourself?

I hated every minute of training, but I said to myself, “Don’t give up. Torment yourself now and live the rest of your life as a champion.”
– Muhammad Ali

It’s true – about half of our population does not engage in sports activities. However, this also tells us that at least 50% regularly do some sort of workout routine for their health and well-being.

And these are by no means all better athletes than you are. Do not just focus on the well-trained guys in the gym, whom you always drive past with a guilty conscience whilst on the way to work. Or your slender neighbor, who always goes for a run in a fantastic mood on Sunday mornings.

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Take a closer look – you do not have to worry about taking your first step.

Even if it has not worked out several times in the past, regarding regular exercise. Do you also belong to those who are including a steady workout routine to their New Year’s resolutions? The ones who are sitting on the couch latest by the end of February?

If so, then it’s not because you have too less self-discipline. Much more important are habits, and I will go into more detail about that.

And one more thing: Age isn’t a problem, either – you are never too old. There is a sports fitting for all ages!

Watch your thoughts! They are the beginning of your actions.

If you always set limits, be it in training or elsewhere, it will extend to other areas of your life.
There are no frontiers. There are only plateaus, and you must not dwell there; you have to break it.
– Bruce Lee

Which is your “best” excuse?

I bet your best excuse is, “I do not have time.” And I hear you protesting that this is not an excuse for you, it’s a reality.

You know what – we all have no time, even though that’s not true. It simply is a misconception within our modern society. When I ask how many hours you spend daily in front of the TV or on the Internet, for instance, the protests usually become quieter. Right? So what does that tell us?


We do make time for things that are convenient for us. However, most of us forget that exercise is not only convenient but healthy and a milestone toward a long and vital life.

You have too much stress and are always tired in the evening? Sport reduces your stress and not only that. You also gain new energy through sport.


In the long term, you will not fall asleep anymore just after the evening program starts. A regular workout routine boosts your metabolism and energy levels.

Bad weather is also such a sensational excuse. As a matter of fact, it is my best friend’s favorite pretext trying to skip our exercise dates. It’s just a pity, that in the event of lousy weather, the majority of Americans, fortunately, have a roof over their heads. Meaning that you can also do sport at home, thus, excuse dismissed!

Strength does not arise in the body. It arises from an irrepressible will.
– Mahatma Gandhi


Why You Should Do Sports

Do you know any reasons why you should implement more exercise? Of course, you are aware of many motives that speak for sport. The media constantly advertises the benefits of sports, so you cannot even miss the message.

Sport makes you look better, improves your health, strengthens and clears your mind, enhances your focus, and it even makes you smarter. These are all wonderful reasons, but, unfortunately, they don’t aid you much.

In the end, there’s only one reason that will let you get up off the couch – your very own personal reason. So just think about it for a moment – why do you want to do more sports? Maybe this will help you:

1. Sport makes you more balanced.              Exercise-Routine
2. More exercise increases your motivation.
3. Workout routines provide you more energy.
4. You gain more self-confidence.
5. You become a role model for others.

The sport has given me something – a lot of zest for life and optimism. While my glass was always half empty years ago, it is half full today. And all without esoteric self-discovery courses. If you want to get more fun and valuable tips regarding exercising and weight loss, then sign up for our website and claim your free ebook.

The resistances you overcome in strength training and the resistances you overcome in life can only produce a strong character.
– Arnold Schwarzenegger

What can you do against your inner resistance?

First, you need to realize that it is your inner voice that resists. Thus, it is you who has to take responsibility. Become aware of the resistance, acknowledge it, but don’t ever feed it!

Your mind will come up with lame excuses such as no desire, feeling of fatigue, something else with higher priority to do, etc. The simplest and best remedy to beat the lazy animal in your head is a well-defined goal. If your target is a long way off, though, intermediate steps in the right direction are also important.

The more precisely the goal is defined, the easier it will become for you to stick to your exercise routine, whether in the evening or in the morning right after getting up.

It’s best if you schedule your sports program at the beginning of each week. Keep the appointments in your calendar and persist. With the goal in mind, it will become a simple process for you.

Motivation gets you going. Habit takes you forward.
– Jim Rohn

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How you get guaranteed started!

Enough of all the obstacles reported, now you are lacing your sports shoes. Because the first step is the most difficult and, above all, the most essential. Have you always procrastinated but want to change that now? Then here’s your chance.

Start slowly and with easy exercises. I am mentioning this because many want too much at a too fast pace and then only get frustrated or even injured. However, you are smarter than that, and, instead of immediately trying to run a marathon, casually jog around your neighborhood block once, maybe twice, for starters.


On your first rounds, you can do without any fancy gadgets, such as heart rate monitor, a smartphone with GPS measurement or even food and drinks, Leave all this at home. Instead, try getting the feeling for jogging or running.

Can you sense the rush of feel-good hormones and the clearing effect of your mind?


If you find out that you, in fact, do like this particular exercise, then you should treat yourself to a couple, or two, good running shoes.

Even if I am a huge fan of training plans, that too is an obstacle, in the beginning, thus, it is important to minimize it. What counts is to make sports as often as possible. So, four times a week, 10 minutes per session rather than 45 minutes once a week.

The greatest pleasure in life is to do things that other people think you can’t do.
– Marcel Aymé

Sport has to become a habit for you. This is your first milestone to reach.

If you want to be on the safe side, do some sports every day. Yes, I wrote – EVERY DAY! Of course, you should not overdo it, but try adding 3 pushups next to your daily jogging rounds.

That’s possible, right? Only three pushups, or alternatively sit-ups, result in more than 1000 pieces after one year. An impressive number, isn’t it? It is also not necessary to exercise endless hours per day.

Sometimes less is more, and once you’re used to your personal exercise routine, you will see lots of improvements within no time at all.

When someone trains once, nothing happens.
But if this person obtains the willpower to do one and the same thing a hundred or a thousand times, he will achieve far more than just physical development.
– Emil Zatopek

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Consistency makes you successful

As I mentioned earlier, steadiness should be at the top of your list of priorities right at the beginning.

How often you should do sports is one of the most common questions. I already explained one possibility to you in the last section – daily.

If the sport becomes routine after a few weeks, you can reduce it to 3-4 sessions per week. The resulting 2-3 hours of exercise are a great way to boost yourself quickly and without being overstrained.



Another essential factor is not to do the same training every time. Don’t let your workout routine bore you, as it can quickly become an excuse for quitting to exercise altogether.

Only a variety will make you enjoy the movement in the long term, thus, be inventive and don’t shy away from exploring new things.


Naturally, and in addition to the duration of your sports sessions, the degree of your exercise is crucial. Training too less is as counterproductive as putting yourself to the limit every time. Find the right proportion for you!

Of course, you will not always be highly motivated to complete your session. Not even if you have a clear goal in mind. Not to have a desire is completely alright from time to time. Just make sure it does not turn into something permanent, or you’ll have to start at square one.

In my career, I’ve missed more than 9,000 throws. I’ve lost almost 300 games. Twenty-six times I was the one who could have won the game, but I blew it. I have failed over and over again. And that’s why I’m successful.
– Michael Jordan

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A couple of things I do when I have no motivation

Of course I also, from time to time, just do not feel like. Absolutely clear – especially when I come home after a long and stressful day. And, yet, I usually stick to my sports routine, and these three things help me with it.

The 5-minute trick

If it really does not look good, then I use the 5-minute trick. I change my clothes and begin with my activity. As far as no magic – the trick is that if I still have no desire for sports after 5 minutes, I stop immediately. Stop for today – and no blame!

Of course, it usually happens that I just do not stop. It’s a mind trick: I’m not going to change for just five minutes. Plus, more often than not, suddenly the enthusiasm and desire to workout sets in.

By the way, the trick works best if you have to go outdoors for it. Once on the fresh air, it’s much easier to convince yourself to workout longer.

Everything difficult has its origins in something facile – and all the great in the small.
– Lao Tse

Planning is everything

Every Sunday evening I plan my sports session for the coming week and add them to the calendar. There they remain and I cannot remove them so easily.

Even if it has to absolutely reschedule, I know what I wanted to train during that week and just adjust the calendar accordingly.

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Here are a few features that will help you along your exercise journey:


Right at the beginning, you need discipline – discipline towards yourself. Do the things that need to be done to reach your goal.


Watch out, please! If you do not have the time to do sports, sooner or later you will need to invest even more time for your health.


Life is easy within the comfort zone. But, unfortunately, you will expand that way. Thus, go ahead and try new things over and over again.


Even if you have training partners or commitments to get up from your comfortable couch, in the very end it is you who has to make the decisive step.

Nothing in the world can replace perseverance. Talent not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent. Genius does not; unrewarded geniuses are downright legendary. Not even wisdom; the world is full of educated homeless people. Only perseverance and determination are omnipotent.
– Calvin Coolidge

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Have you had those days where you wanted to quit your exercise routine just because you thought it wouldn’t make sense? Did you try and continue, however, because of some personal daily workout motivation that you used, which helped you to stay persistent?

If so, please let us know all about it in a comment below. You know that we’re always happy to hear from you. Also, please, share, follow and like us on social media and subscribe to our website here in order to claim your free ebook.

Meanwhile, I’m sending you lots of love, happiness harmony and an abundance of all good things. Remember that you are beautiful, precious, unique and endlessly loved regardless what others might say. Thus, keep on dreaming.

Before Thy Spirit, I Bow

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