Corona And The Shift To The New Time – Our Recent Time Quality

The virus and the shift to a new time  – Current time quality

Today, I want to talk about the blessings and opportunities the Corona pandemic brought us by starting the shift to a new time. The last couple of years have presented us all with major tasks – each of us very individually. Many are tired and exhausted, some without hope and desperate, aimless and without prospects.

Even for those of us who are already anchored in a deep inner knowing that everything follows a higher plan, it is a very challenging time.

The transformation to a new time

For months, the current energies have been causing external situations to come to a head. Everything becomes visible and comes to light. collective and personal. Many find themselves in difficulties in their living conditions because suddenly everything unredeemed appears around them – with inescapable power. The veil has been lifted!

Because we can’t get along with it anymore, we have no choice but to face it … to go within, to look, so that it can finally dissolve, transform and change. We are confronted with our deepest fears and demons. So that we can be free.

Everything that does not correspond to the new, higher, light-filled vibration has to go.

The shift to a new time is an intense process

Those who hold on will have a hard time in the ascension process!
The transformation on the outside will continue for the next five years or so. During this time we are going through a phase of chaos and restructuring. Existing systems will collapse so that a new order can emerge.

Anchoring – finding security within

During this great shift to a new time process, in which there is no certainty and predictability, we only have the chance to anchor ourselves in ourselves. Find safety within.

This works best in a state of being without thoughts. Our thoughts are constantly taking us either to the past or to the future with all the questions we have inside us. The more we think, the more we get entangled.

Tip: Resistance is not only futile, but also the greatest obstacle

Our only choice is to surrender fully to this energy increase and ascension process. Not only is resistance futile, it also has repercussions. If we fight against it, it will throw us off course. If we surrender to the current without knowing where it will take us, it is easier!

Note: Processes run much faster today. Due to the increase in energy, the shift to a new time processes and inner growth are possible much more quickly than they were a few years ago.
When we grow inwardly, when we ascend into the 5th dimension, the result is that the outside no longer corresponds to us in many areas. And if something no longer suits us, it will inevitably change.

Change on the outside – adapting your living conditions to the new energy

If all this is not new to you, you have probably already done a lot of inner transformation work in recent years. Then maybe you are now concerned with the expression of the inner shift to the new time process on the outer level: the change in your living conditions and the adjustment to the new level of vibration.

Many of us are now calling to create a new living space that suits us and our heightened state of consciousness more and in which we can continue to develop.

Or it’s finally time that you become self-employed, live your gift and bring your offer into the world.

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