CBD Oil For More Well-Being In Everyday Life


The versatility of hemp oil & CBD  oil for more well-being in everyday life

They already used cannabis and CBD oil for more well-being in everyday life in ancient China. The Asians are smart and quickly figured that the Hemp plant was also great for making clothing, oils, and medicine. Cannabis products are on everyone’s lips again today.

Some regularly take CBD oil, others just talk about it. Either way – the natural product is in vogue and rightly so! It is much better than its reputation and supports our well-being, even at times when nothing runs smoothly around us.

Cannabis – So versatile is the plant

We have heard the term cannabis many times, but what does it exactly mean? The hemp plant actually contains several hundred cannabinoids and other substances called terpenes.

The best known and most researched are THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol). Especially CBD is very popular because it can affect our nervous system, but at the same time it does not cause an intoxicating effect – that is, it has no psychoactive effect.

In addition, the plant consists of four parts, all of which find different uses in everyday life:

1- Seeds: For the production of edible oils
2- Fibers: For processing as ropes or clothing
3- Leaves: Essential oils
4- Flowers: Medicinal cannabis, marijuana and dietary supplements

We find CBD and THC in the flowers of the plant. However, the cannabinoid concentration in the flowers of the female plants is significantly higher than in male plants.

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Cannabis oil without THC – How does it work?

We derive cannabis oils from hemp, whose flowers already contain only a small amount of THC. Newly developed techniques make it possible to filter out the constituents of the flowers by means of a special process (the so-called CO2 extraction).

Then the substances are dissolved in organic hemp seed oil. That’s how they make the cannabis oils, which we can buy later.

It is also possible to filter out only the CBD. The law requires that CBD products should not contain more than 0.2% THC. This is the amount that is so low that it no longer affects our body.

The result of the modern manufacturing process is pure CBD oil with no intoxicating effect to support the general well-being in everyday life.


What is a full spectrum oil?

Pure cannabis oil does not contain THC but may contain other cannabinoids and terpenes; this is also called a full spectrum.

In such a full-spectrum oil, there is an interaction of the substances (entourage effect). That means the effect of the CBD is additionally supported.

So, if your well-being gets out of balance or if you want to support it permanently, you should try CBD. Incidentally, it works most effectively when it is absorbed through the oral mucosa. Just drip a few drops under the tongue and leave the oil to work for one minute before you swallow it.

Where do I get hemp oil from?

Alsten, for example, manufactures hemp oil. The dietary supplement is 100% natural, GMO and gluten-free, with no genetic engineering or pesticides, rich in omega 3,6, 9 and vitamins E and B.

This hemp oil is made from raw, botanical and cold-pressed hemp, and dos not carry any addictive or harmful byproducts. It is, furthermore, organic and you can take it as needed to relieve pain, stress and anxiety, for more focus and better sleep.

In addition, it supports heart health, good mood, helps with sore muscles, boosts the immune system, fights inflammation and promotes silky hair and radiant skin.  The proportion of THC is so low that it could not be detected in independent analyzes.

You can learn more about this product if you follow this link:

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CBD and hemp oil support regeneration when the muscles ache

Exploiting the full potential of the body is easier said than done. It takes tension and relaxation in exchange. This becomes particularly clear in sports when the body imposes itself to a compulsory break after a lot of exercises: sore muscles!

To avoid this annoying ‘companion’, one should always maintain the muscles after exercise. Give them a little TLC. This is the only way how it works quickly and efficiently!

Sore muscles: That’s what the body wants to tell you

Muscle activation is the response to movement and, thereby, acts strengthening in the long term. Basically, exercise has positive effects on the whole body.

Those who exercise regularly benefit from a strengthened cardiovascular system, balanced blood sugar levels and an improved immune system.

Even mentally, you just feel better and the feeling is not deceptive. During physical activity, the pituitary gland releases endorphins, which are happy hormones.

What’s the conclusion?  Anyone who exercises, or even walks, regularly is healthier and happier.

The catch? If you overuse your muscles, the body reacts as well! Just not in a pleasant way.  The muscles hurt and feel stiff, and you get sore muscles.

A clear signal that you have exaggerated. The body literally forces you to hold your feet still to regenerate.


What exactly is muscle soreness?

For a long time, everybody assumed that the muscles over-acidified with great effort. Meanwhile, they refuted this assumption considerably.

Today, medical professionals expect that in the muscle fibers small cracks (microtrauma) arise, which easily ignite and swell by the ingress of water.

Although this process already starts directly during the sport, the pain only becomes noticeable in the following 12-24 hours.

The reason is simple, because muscle fibers do not have their own pain receptors. Only when the body begins to flush out the inflammatory substances, the nerve cells send pain signals.

You cannot immediately downshift, but only later notice that you have strained the muscles too much during sports or other activities.

The complaints usually resolve after a few days and have no physical consequences except for a learning effect. Nevertheless, soreness is disturbing.

Simple movements like climbing stairs or getting up are difficult and painful. No wonder then that everyone wants to avoid sore muscles.

Support muscle recovery after exercise

You can prepare your body for a workout with simple and gentle means. Stretching and warm-up exercises, for example, get the blood pumping through the muscles and, thus, reduce the risk of injury.

It is best to adjust the intensity of exercise to the already existing muscle power and slowly increase the intensity of the exercise. In this way, you challenge your muscles, but you don’t overexert them.

Additionally, after exercise, you can apply a cooling gel, for example from Hemp Active, to the muscle site to aid regeneration.

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