Cats And Love: What We Can Learn From Them

Our cats and love: Things we can learn from cats regarding true affection

Not only do cats make their humans happy, but cats and love is a combination that deserves much more attention. After all, our furry companions are wonderful advisors when it comes to love and relationships.

Because the velvet paws know how to win the heart of a two-legged friend. These tips, which are not always meant to be taken seriously, but with a sense of humor instead, reveal what you can learn from the lovable fur noses.

“Oh, love! Why does it always have to be so complicated?”That’s what many people think. It is also easier if you take inspiration from cats. They are in no hurry to conquer the heart of their mistress or master, but then take their favorite person as he is and are not afraid to show their affection.


Don’t rush things: love takes time

Cats and love work in a mysterious way. The felines don’t just give away their hearts, humans have to earn their affection first. As a rule, that doesn’t happen overnight – love has to grow with time. After all, putting your trust in someone is a risk as injury and disappointment are possible. So do it like your kitty and take your time to sniff and get to know the person of your choice.

Attention in the relationship is important

Cats clearly show their humans when they want to cuddle, eat or go outside. They are calling for your attention so that you can take care of them. In the love between two people, too, it helps when you clearly and unambiguously communicate what you want, but in return you pay attention to your partner.

Like cats, people don’t always use words or sounds to say when something is troubling or preoccupying them. So pay attention to your body language and ask friendly questions more often if you have the impression that your favorite person is wrong.

Taking a loved one for who they are

There’s another wonderful thing we can learn from cats and love, as cats also do not try to change their humans, and neither do they allow themselves to be bent. This does not always make cat training easy, but you can show your kitty important limits. For example, with patience and loving tenacity, you can stop your cat from biting or scratching the sofa.

Otherwise, however, it means: if it fits, then it fits, and if it doesn’t, then it doesn’t. Sometimes the chemistry between kitty and human is simply not right, but that does not mean that cats are fundamentally not for you.

It is the same in human love: Sometimes the chemistry between two people is just not right, or the personalities do not match, so that there is constant misunderstanding and anger. This does not mean, however, that a relationship is fundamentally not for you. It simply signifies that it just didn’t work out with this one person. When cats take their humans to their hearts, they are happy and not looking for a fly in the ointment. They take their favorite person for who he is.


Cats also need space

Every now and then, even the cuddliest house tiger just needs rest, retires for a nap or takes a stroll through the garden to explore the world a little. People would never get the idea to reproach the fluffy little sleepyheads and adventurers for this. In love relationships, this serenity can also contribute a lot to happiness and harmony to the partner’s need for freedom and peace.

Show love through little things

After all, every now and then you should show your sweetheart with small gestures that you love and respect him or her. Cats have mastered this art of the little things perfectly: a little nudging of the head here, a gentle stroke of the legs there – or just lying there, being petted and purring. All that makes cats and love such a wonderful combination of something that makes us immensely happy, as both show us that love can be so simple and so beautiful!

Dear co creators

I hope this article gives you some more insight on the importance of seeing love and affection in a more simplistic way. Cats and love will always be great advisors to follow on our journey of self discovery, appreciation and love for one self and one another.

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