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Kundalini Yoga: Channel More Energy Through Spirituality

Kundalini Yoga and how it works The Kundalini yoga teaching works holistically and addresses body and mind. By placing his focus within himself, the yogi should be able to keep his attention fully to himself. This increases sensitivity to the environment and promotes the body’s own harmony. The energetic models of the chakra system and …


Emotional Eating: How To Stop Eating Out Of Loneliness

Dissolve emotional eating – Tips to help you stop eating because of feeling lonely Emotional eating and loneliness often go hand in hand. Many people feel lonely in spite of their company. To numb these unpleasant feelings, they resort to sweets and other foods. You can find out here how you can manage to dissolve …


Meditation Poses: How To Sit Well During Meditation

Various meditation poses – Posture while meditating People have been meditating for several thousand years using different meditation poses. That is quite a long time to deal with this practice. Buddhism has always recognized that mind and body are connected and influence one another. The meditation seat therefore plays an essential role. Over the years, …