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What Celery Juice Can Do For Your Health & Celery Salad Recipe

Celery juice: Liquid vegetables for a balanced diet Vegetable juice is trendy, and especially around the term “detox”, a juice cure is propagated. Celery juice is said not only to have a detoxifying effect, but also some beneficial effects. I’ll clarify what’s right. The benefits of drinking celery juice There is no doubt that celery …


All About Fat – The Versatile All-Rounder In Your Diet

Facts about fat and how to use it to benefit your health Fats often do not have a good reputation among vital substances. The thing about fat is that we need the different types in different amounts because naturally occurring fatty acids provide our body with energy and are also excellent flavor carriers. I’ll tell …


Why The Mediterranean Cuisine Is So Healthy + 3 Tasty Recipes

That’s why the Mediterranean cuisine is so healthy & flavorful According to studies, traditional Mediterranean cuisine is so healthy. Plenty of fruit and vegetables, fish and seafood, but little dairy products and rice, pasta or bread. Plenty of nuts, legumes and herbs, but little meat. As a primary source of fat, olive oil is also …