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The Probiotic That Works – Lactobacillus Helveticus For Candida & More

Lactobacillus Helveticus – The Probiotic That Works For Candida, Fungi, Infections & More Lactobacillus Helveticus, is a lactic acid bacterium that should be included in all high quality probiotics. It is the probiotic that works for so many ailments but has been underrated for so long. Lactic acid bacteria live in a healthy intestinal flora …


How Proper Nutrition Can Help Against Cancer

Health is edible and proper nutrition can help against cancer Most people are still asking themselves how proper nutrition can help against cancer. They don’t, however, take the essential steps toward changing their eating habits. Experts, on the other hand, attribute more than a third of all cancer deaths to diet. Which components are more …


Why Food Is Your Protective Shield Against Diseases & Aging

The reasons why food is your protective shield for illnesses Today, let’s talk about why food is your protective shield for many ailments. What we eat and how much of it can affect health; especially metabolism, heart and blood vessels. Certain ingredients in our edibles can help reduce the risk of various diseases. So have, …