How Can Meditation Help To Cure Physical Illnesses?


Body Healing & Can Meditation Help?

Illness arises when one has not done justice to a topic in life. Life principles always have a positive and a negative side. If someone turns too negative and, thus, gets into disharmony, diseases develop.

The first principle of life, aggression, for example, can also be negative as well as positive. It can be lived out, for example, through murder and manslaughter or through courage and decisiveness.

When a person ignores a principle altogether, or goes on the negative side long and hard, these issues sink into the body.

The mental state is embodied, so to speak. Since this is an unconscious process, meditation can help identify the subject of a physical problem.

There is a connection between meditation and medicine. It is no coincidence that medicine and meditation have the same root. There is the word ‘middle’ (Latin ‘medi’) in it. ‘Medicine’ used to be called ‘Re-medium’, which means nothing more than ‘back to center’.

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Healing begins within

Medicine and meditation are all about finding your way back to your center. I, personally, have come to the conviction that no one can heal only from the outside after I have overcome my decade-long panic attacks and Agoraphobia through meditation and shadow work without taking any conventional medication.

So, can meditation help to restore the body’s health? I believe that patients can make a difference themselves, by going inwardly like in meditation, and that they have to do so in order to be cured. You can find your inner healing power.

Mind and body are related, and every illness has a spiritual connection. I see an illness as a symbol, every physical problem has an emotional counterpart.

There is a spiritual reason for all symptoms. The conflicts can then be resolved again, for example through meditation or psychotherapy. When we know what a mental illness stands for, we can heal ourselves on the spiritual level.

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It’s about your perception and joie the vivre

Conventional medicine provides treatment. You should view my recommendations as complementary medicine. Without these complementary directions, however, the mainstream medicine will most likely fail.

One can see this all too often in patients who succumb to their ailments simply because they gave up the will to live.

Others, again, who were already declared dead by their doctors, ‘miraculously’ survive. I firmly believe they were able to pull through because they did their ‘inner work’.

It is important to focus on the spiritual level, especially when dealing with serious illnesses such as cancer. Man can only become healthy if the physical as well as the mental and spiritual are treated.

My focal point is on the personal and emotional reasons for an illness. This applies to all diseases. Every inflammation always has a certain emotional meaning. But the individual personality and life story also play a role.

There is not exactly the same inflammation occurring twice. Even if it happens to reappear in the same place, it always has a different effect because it was favored by something else (emotions, thoughts).

To find out what inflammation means in a specific situation, guided meditation is a wonderful tool. Try a chakra meditation that harmonizes all seven main chakras. If you do it regularly, it also stimulates the self-healing powers.

Let’s assume someone has an inflammation. I would point out to this person that this inflammation is a war between the immune system and pathogens.

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Fasting and meditation – Two great healer combined

That the war has sunk into the body because the person concerned was not in harmony with one of the life principles on the level of consciousness. The patient must try to wage this war on a spiritual level instead of in the body.

Fasting is often a wonderful help because it can lower the inflammation levels in the body. I also advise bringing warmth into the organism and exercising a lot.

For holistic healing, the combination of guided meditations and a fasting program is very beneficial. Both are also great for healthy people, because they have a preventive effect against diseases and lead to a balanced life in harmony with all life principles.

We need knowledge of the rules of the game in life, the ‘laws of fate’. What is life actually about? We have to understand things first to be able to solve problems.

The important thing is to find meaning in life. we have to find the meaning of life because without it nothing makes sense to us.

Most people are unhappy and dissatisfied precisely because they have not yet discovered the meaning of their life.

In the past, many people found their meaning in religion, today many look for it elsewhere, and some find it in spirituality. Every illness also has its purpose and wants to show and teach us something. Nothing is coincidental!

I hope this makes sense and helps many people. I really put in my own two cents about how I started to view this topic after my personal experience. I’m sending you all much love, harmony and happiness 🙏🏼💖.

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