Cactus, Birch and Coconut Water – What These Drinks Can Do For You


Whether it’s worth drinking Cactus, Birch and Coconut Water – A close-up examination of these super drinks

Five reasons why everyone drinks cactus water now

Cactus water seems to be the new super drink. But what is it really? And does the juice actually slim you down, promote brain functions and beautify? I examined the effect of cactus water.

You can find cactus water in well-stocked supermarkets and drugstores often next to the coconut water.

Low-calorie refreshment

Cactus water is extracted from the fruits of prickly pears. It tastes sweet and refreshing – but is much lower in calories than common sodas! The drink contains hardly any sugar by nature, so pay attention to hidden additives when buying.

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Cactus water as a youth serum

Unlike common anti-aging cures, this does not work externally, but it promises beauty from the inside. Cactus water is said to have a rejuvenating effect that cannot be denied when you take a closer look at the ingredients.

Vitamin A strengthens the eyes and also promotes the regeneration of the skin. At the same time, cactus water contains antioxidants that protect the skin from external influences.


Strengthens your immune system

Cactus water is rich in vitamin C. This strengthens the body’s defenses, which protect the body from invaders such as pathogens. So the drink actually does something for the immune system. Incidentally, vitamin C is also good for the connective tissue and the vessels.

Cactus water instead of coffee?

Good news for those who do not like coffee (or cannot tolerate it) and still, or because of that, are tired and fatigued. Cactus water could become your natural energy drink!

Because the water from inside these plants contains taurine. The amino acid is also popular with athletes, because it not only awakens and gives energy but should even prevent muscle soreness.

In addition, cactus water contains iron – a deficiency of this mineral can also cause fatigue.

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More concentration with cactus water

In addition to vitamins, cactus water contains calcium and magnesium. Both substances play an important role in the body, among other things for the metabolism and the bones.

In particular, magnesium strengthens the concentration, the memory and should even keep the brain fit!

Birch water – Can a drink wash away your cellulite?

After coconut water and cactus water, there is now a new “water trend”: birch water. And that is to stop a certain problem on the skin – cellulite.

Since we women are eager to avoid the orange skin, but it is particularly difficult to get rid of, we would probably try anything to combat it.

This is behind it: Birch water is a trend from Scandinavia. They drink it there, because it is said to be incredibly good for the body.

Like many of the new superfoods, it contains a lot of vitamin C, boosts the immune system and helps fight diseases.

The water is tapped directly from the tree, especially in spring. In Eastern Europe, they still traditionally do this in spring.

If you have birches in the garden, you can easily tap them yourself. Just drill a little under the surface of the bark and put a small hose outwards. That’s how you retrieve the water from the tree. You can obtain about 1-2 liters a day.


What’s the most special thing about the birch sap, however, is that it can allegedly improve the appearance of the skin.

And what’s even more important: The juice should make cellulite disappear. So just have a drink instead of sports, healthy food and little sweets? It sounds almost too good to be true.

My best advice is to combine all of the above in order to see results. Simply make birch water part of your new and healthy lifestyle.

Those who believe in the power of superfoods should try the drink. Maybe you like the taste, too. The water tastes slightly sweet and it is best to drink it ice cold.

You can purchase birch water online, as well, if you don’t have any birches near your living or working environment.

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Coconut water – Really a miracle drink?

Half Hollywood is currently running around with the new in-drink – coconut water. It should help with weight loss and protect against aging. What can it really do?

What is coconut water actually?

Many people think of coconut water as the white coconut milk from the ripe coconut. Coconut water, however, is the clear liquid that we can find in immature coconuts.

They usually offer it in tetra packs, in the health food store, but it is also available in well-stocked supermarkets. Even coconut water does exist in organic quality. Naturally, then the price is slightly higher.

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How does coconut water taste?

The pure and unadulterated coconut water has a mellow taste, reminiscent of the flesh of the coconut. Those who do not like this taste can switch to varieties with fruit additives – peach, pineapple, mango etc. There is a wide range on the market but often comes with artificial flavors and vitamins.

Why is coconut water so trendy?

The stars drink it primarily because of the figure. Coconut water has – unlike water – a touch of taste with low calories (20 kcal /100 ml) and hardly any fat (1 g / 100 ml).

It also contains potassium. This mineral has helps with water retention, regulates muscle activity and digestion.

In addition, further minerals stimulate metabolism. Plus, the rich and famous promise an anti-aging effect of the numerous vitamins.


Does it deliver what it promises?

You can lose weight with coconut water – that truly can work. Only, however, if it replaces calorie-containing soft drinks. In general, if you eat a balanced diet, you do not need coconut water, but it does not hurt. Also trendy: coconut oil. The fat of the coconut boosts the metabolism and makes the fat melt away easier.

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Coconut water and other trendy drinks

Matcha Latte is a brewed powdered green tea with foamed milk/soy milk. It is basically healthy, because green tea leaves contain many antioxidant substances that are good for our immune system.

However, Matcha latte tastes quite bitter, so the temptation is to add a lot of sugar or substitutes.

Almond milk is more of a meal than a drink. The milk is rich in protein and in calories. A glass in between meals is fine, but you should not drink it by the liter.

Green smoothies are made from leafy vegetables, certain fruits and roots/spices. They are vitamin-rich, metabolism-boosting and healthy snacks.  Green smoothies also act anti-inflammatory, detoxing and energizing.

They, furthermore, give you this certain youthful glow if consumed regularly and freshly pressed. They keep your intestinal flora clean, balanced and healthy. Thus, you are welcome to help yourself to a green smoothie every day!

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