Bone Broth For Autoimmune And Chronic Diseases + Wholesome Recipe


The full benefits of bone broth for autoimmune and chronic diseases and a healthy recipe

You do not have to remember the technical words of the ingredients of bone broth from the previous article. It may be enough to tell you the benefits of bone broth for autoimmune and chronic diseases.

The word ‘remedy’ is strong and always associated with healing effects. Thus, let’s get more insight regarding the wholesome bone chowder/bouillon and its positive impact on your body.

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Bone broth in autoimmune diseases

Almost all autoimmune sufferers have a damaged intestine, and all have an immune system misdirection.

In many autoimmune diseases, e.g. lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis, this includes the exposure of cartilage and joints to extreme stress.

Omega-3 fatty acids, collagen and glucosaminoglycans help a lot with these problems. Bone chowder is one of the most effective foods alongside Kombucha to solve intestinal problems, calm the immune system, and reduce pain in the body.

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Broth for intestinal problems

Bouillon can also help with problems in the intestine that are not autoimmune. Whether it is gastritis, leaky gut syndrome, SIBO, irritable bowel syndrome or other problems in the gastrointestinal tract.

Collagen, omega-3 fatty acids and glucosaminoglycans have proven their worth many times over. Therefore, I generally recommend treatment with bone broth to ‘meat-eating” people with intestinal problems.

Vegetarians and Vegans, please, resort to my other articles regarding natural and *organic plant-based collagen builder and omega 3 resources.

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Special Note for all readers

I just wanted to write this particular article for people who include meat in their diet and could benefit from some organic bone broth.

Here on lovebodyfatsolutions is no space for discrimination of any kind. We accept and respect all lifestyles and diets equally, and my aim is to put as much helpful and beneficial material out as possible – for all involved!

Bone broth for joint diseases

Regardless of whether it is arthritis, arthrosis, an inflammatory disease of the bones and joints or fibromyalgia (pain syndrome), omega-3 fatty acids, glycosaminoglycans and collagen also help greatly here:

They calm the immune system, provide building material for new cartilage tissue, and bind more fluid in the cartilage tissue again. In this way, your body can absorb more nutrients and the tissue can regenerate.

It is actually very obvious to consume bone broth for problems with the bones and joints. Bone broth contains substances that the sick and damaged tissue needs to regenerate.

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Bone broth for competitive athletes

Of course, this article seems primarily aimed at people with autoimmune disorders and people with chronic problems. Competitive athletes, however, also benefit greatly from bone broth.

Daily exercise maltreats the joints badly at a high-performance level. The ingredients in the bone broth improve the resilience of the bones and cartilage and accelerate regeneration.

I hope the last chapters have convinced you of the great health effects of bone broth. I would not recommend it if I was not absolutely convinced of it.

The most important thing you need for this is a good source of bone. If you have that, nothing stands in the way of the bone broth project!

In the following, we will deal with the production of the bone broth.

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Bone broth preparation: recipe, ingredients, cooking time

Now it’s all about making the wholesome bouillon. At this point, you should have found a good source of bone. If not, go back to the section at the beginning of my previous post about bones and read it again.

Take care of obtaining at least 2 pounds of high quality and sliced ​​bones. If you’re not getting a good source of bones, you’ll find soup chickens at most weekly markets and larger supermarkets. Soup chickens are just as suitable because they largely consist of carcass (i.e. skin and bones).

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Let’s start with the recipe:

Bone broth recipe

You need (for 1.5-2 l bone broth):

2 pounds of bone or a whole soup chicken
100 g onions
One hundred grams of shallots
100 grams of carrots
2 tbsp apple cider vinegar
Spices (4 cloves, 4 allspice, 8 peppercorns, 2 bay leaves)
Fresh herbs (thyme, rosemary, parsley, etc.)
Salt and pepper
A large soup pot with at least 4 l volume
For the filling: funnel and several boiled-out large jam jars or cucumber jars (jars with a volume of approx. 500 ml and a large screw cap)
3 l water per pound of bone (bones should be completely covered)

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1- Fry the bones on both sides for about 1 minute

2- Pour the water over the bones in the pot

3- Add the spices and apple cider vinegar

4- Turn the stove to the maximum heat and wait for it to start cooking

5- Then turn back to the lowest level, put the lid on it and wait for it to simmer gently

6- Let the whole thing simmer for 3-4 hours

7- In the last 30 minutes, add apple cider vinegar again and add the herbs and vegetables (cut into small pieces)

8- At the end of the cooking time, let the broth cool down a bit

9- Fill the broth into the clean glasses provided. If you have worked sterile, you can now store these glasses at room temperature.

10- You can cook the remaining bones again. To do this, add almost the same amount of water, apple cider vinegar and spices and start the process anew.

11- If the bone marrow has not yet detached from the bones, you can remove it with a fork or a small spoon and eat it. I do remember, from way back when I still ate meat, that bone marrow tasted delicious!

That was actually the standard recipe for good bone broth. Then find out which variations you can carry out:

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Variations in the bone broth – how is there variety?

1- Basically, you can combine bones and soup chickens in different ways and try them out.

2- You can try different types of vinegar, but apple cider vinegar is the most tried.

3- Nobody makes regulations for spices. You can also use ginger, garlic, and a spice mix if you like.

4- Root vegetables are standard. However, you can also cook mushrooms, tomatoes or other vegetables.

As they say? Your creativity knows no limits! Just follow the rough instructions from this post. If you have some routine, you can also experiment!

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How long to cook bone broth?

The minimum is 90 minutes for the collagen to start detaching from the bone. It should be at least 3 hours so that the bone releases the vital substances.

Most people I know established a personal cooking period of 3-4 hours, but longer cooking times are possible.

Professional manufacturers of bone broth let the bones simmer for up to 18 hours. However, the minimum is 3 hours and this time span suffices completely for your needs.

Bone broth – use and consumption

Now you have prepared and filled a few liters of bone broth. Next, think about how you will drink it. And what is this weird white film that forms on top of the broth?

This white film is fat from the bone broth. When the fat cools, it becomes hard and settles on top of the liquid. You can use the fat as lard for frying or warm it up with the broth and drink it.

You can use the broth itself in a variety of ways:

1- Heat, whisk with a little butter, add salt and drink in a cup. Very good for approaching colds, as a coffee or tea substitute for breakfast and in between as a snack.

2- Bone broth is an excellent additive and basis for sauces, because it gives good taste and is very healthy.

3- Freeze and use as a soup cube: Then the bone broth also has the usual shape of a stock cube

You don’t need any more applications! The connoisseurs of bone broth enjoy it in between, for breakfast or dinner as a refreshment and strength elixir.

If you have an autoimmune disease or bowel problems, I recommend drinking one to two cups of hot bone broth a day.

With today’s post, you have already received a lot of valuable information about bone broth. Unfortunately, this knowledge was lost for a long time, but luckily bone broth is now making its big comeback.

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Dear co-creators

I hope to be able to help you not only in terms of taste, but above all regarding your health with this wholesome drink.

As I said, bone broth is better than many other foods, especially for autoimmune diseases and intestinal problems, to improve health and quality of life.

The next step is now up to you. Make yourself a good bone broth for autoimmune and chronic diseases and enjoy it! Drink it daily and watch how it helps your body and health.

Please, share your experience regarding bone broth with us. Also, let me know if you tried our recipe and how you liked it.

Also, please, do help and spread the word about our website with your family and friends on social media. This way, I can continue writing informative articles, share tips and free ebooks.

This allows me to hold personalized talk sessions with those of you who are in need of an open ear, are desperate for advice and could use encouragement during their spiritual awakening phases and other tying times.

I’m sending you lots of love, happiness, harmony and an abundance of all good things. Remember that you are unique spiritual beings, here to learn, expand, have fun and help to uplift this world into a higher dimension.

So, ‘thank you’ for your patience, devotion and existence, and know that you are cherished, appreciated and endlessly loved. ~Namaste~


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