What Is Black Cumin Oil & What Are Its Natural Health Benefits


Overview of black cumin oil  and its broad effects on your health

We obtain black cumin oil from the seeds of black cumin (Nigella sativa). It is a millennia-old natural remedy and people use it for diseases of the skin, metabolism and inflammation.

It has proven itself as a pain reliever and as an insider tip for health. Learn more about the effects, application and dosage of black cumin oil in this guide.

What is black cumin oil?

The oil is extracted from black cumin seeds by cold pressing. The black cumin originates from the southwest of Asia and is known worldwide today.

The first written evidence of the use of black cumin oil dates back 4,000 years, making it one of the oldest natural remedies.

The sharp taste of the oil is reminiscent of oregano and thyme. This is because a close relative of the active ingredient from the latter (Carvacrol) also occurs in black cumin.

In contrast to other cold-pressed oils such as olive oil and linseed oil, black cumin oil* is more of a supplement in nutrition and cosmetics. The effect occurs even in low doses and one only uses it diluted due to its sharpness.

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Black cumin oil ingredients

What are the ingredients in black cumin oil? I should mention six important substances. These are responsible for the effects:

1- Gamma-linolenic acid. This omega-6 fatty acid (essential fatty acid) makes up 10-20% of the oil depending on the cultivation.
2- Thymol, thymoquinone and thymohydroquinone. Three closely related terpenes that are similar to carvacrol from oregano and thyme.
3- Nigellone – A polymer with many individual thymol molecules.
4- Nigella. A bitter substance that makes up part of the aroma.
5- Vitamin E – Important vitamin; anti-inflammatory and cell-protecting.
6- Linoleic acid makes up the majority of black cumin oil. This is an unsaturated, essential fatty acid.

Black cumin oil and inflammation

Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) is a unique fatty acid that we can only encounter in a few plants. Black cumin and evening primrose oil are the best-known representatives.

GLA is a fatty acid that can effectively reduce inflammation. While it is an omega-6 fatty acid, it is generally associated with increased inflammation.

But the GLA activates a signaling pathway that leads to the formation of series I prostaglandins. These substances have a strong anti-inflammatory function in the body. Omega-3 fatty acids also activate this pathway.

GLA is potent in this effect and the high GLA concentration does explain many of the effects that follow.

Black seed oil effects

The GLA, as well as the terpenes and bitter substances, cause the effects of the black cumin oil

The effects at a glance:

Anti-inflammatory (see Causes Of Inflammation In The Body & How To Get Rid Of It Naturally)
Blood lipid-lowering
Lowering blood sugar
Faster wound healing
Easier breathing
Protecting the liver
Kidney protecting
Promotes hair growth (see Fight Hair Loss & Eat Yourself Beautiful)
Fertility enhancing
Neurotropic (promotes the growth of new nerve cells)


GLA and the terpenes inhibit biochemical signaling pathways that promote inflammation. They act similarly to aspirin – only more sustainably.

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Thymol and its close relatives have a strong antibiotic effect. In addition to carvacrol, manuka honey (MGO) and allicin (garlic), they are among the strongest antibiotics in nature. The black cumin oil also kills multi-resistant germs such as MRSA.


In the test tube and human studies, black cumin oil has an anti-tumoral effect. This means that cancer cells are targeted and killed. Healthy cells do not get attacked.

This effect is pronounced with this oil and stronger than with most natural remedies.

Easier breathing

Anti-inflammatory, lowering blood pressure and allergy inhibition clear the airways. That applies to the bronchi and sinuses. Allergy sufferers and asthmatics in particular benefit from this.

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Those who suffer from increased or decreased immune activity could benefit from black cumin oil. This is the case because the terpenes have a balancing effect on the immune system.

Lowering blood sugar

GLA has been shown to lower blood sugar in clinical studies. One study compared this effect to that of the drug ‘metformin’.

Black cumin oil application – for these complaints

The use of black cumin oil is recommended for the following complaints:

Fungal infections
SIBO (colon deficiency)
Type 2 diabetes (see Learn What Helps With Type 2 Diabetes & 7 Natural Tips)
High blood pressure
Caries and other dental diseases
Acne/pimples (see Apple Cider Vinegar For Pimples – 7 Tips To Use ACV For Radiant Skin)
Dementia diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s
Multiple sclerosis

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You have learned that it is valuable for small to medium-sized health problems, with inflammation, infections, chronic and autoimmune diseases involved.

Black cumin oil* is at least as good as conventional antibiotics just without the body suffering from side effects and damage and without developing antibiotic resistance.

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