Best Green Smoothie Blenders – Heal Yourself Naturally

Best Green Smoothies Blenders – Heal Yourself

Are you looking for one of the best green smoothie blenders for you and your family but are unsure about the price and variety?

I’ll help you in this post to shed light on all facets of buying a green smoothies mixer and to get rid of the uncertainties. Note, this article is very long, as I truly tried to put the best blenders together.

Thus, if you want to skip to a specific section, you can do so right below (although there’s lots of interesting info to read about).  Now, let’s get down to business. In this article you’ll learn:

A 700 dollar blender? – Are You Insane?!
Definition of terms household mixer vs. High-performance blender
That’s why you should not use a mixer
Possibilities and limitations of household blenders
Advantages of high-performance mixers
Breville BBL620 Fresh & Furious Blender, Silver
Vitamix TNC 5200: “The longevity/quality leader.”
JAWZ 83516 Precision Touch High-Performance Blender
Vitamix Pro 750: “The best and quietest blender.”

A 700 dollar blender? – Are you insane?!

“You’re all crazy! For the money, I can go on vacation!” These were my thoughts when I first came in contact with green smoothies or high-performance blenders. In my ignorance,


I have, therefore, first decided for a $ 60 mixer, because what should such an expensive mixer do more, right? My 60 bucks mixer chops everything small, too…

Unfortunately, I learned it the hard way after about 6 months. First, my household blender broke down, thus, I had my first green smoothie from Keryn’s (my friend and co-owner of our websites) Vitamix.

I was blown away. The taste, so creamy, soft and intense on the tongue. Although the same ingredients ended up in the blender, the green smoothie tasted far better.

I cannot give you a taste experience here, but I am able to help you not to make the same mistake. I’ve been working with a variety of mixers for 8 years now, had many different blenders, ranging from cheap kitchen blenders to high-performance blenders and popular green smoothies blenders.

Cherish your health – It harbors your true abundance

I have personally tested over 10 different mixers and have now for 2 years my own high-performance blender.


My personal motto is that without our health, we are nothing. Therefore, to me, an investment in my wellbeing is the foundation of everything else in life.

What do I do with all the money if I am too sick to enjoy it? So, es, a good quality blender seemed a reasonable investment for me. And I haven’t regretted it.

Should it ever burn in my apartment, I save exactly 2 things. I run out of the apartment with my cat in my right hand and with my blender in my left. Okay, these are also the 2 most precious valuables for me.

And I have to admit, I’ve built a relationship with my mixer. I love him in a certain way, and lately, I even thought about naming my blender. (Side note: That was the fault of the wine!)

A short definition of the term household mixer

A household or kitchen blender is one with a low power below 1000 watts and under 20,000 spins per minute. The mixer cost most between 30 $ – 250 $. These devices are designed for occasional use (every few weeks) to make fruit smoothies, soups, dips and pesto with low fiber ingredients.

High-performance mixer

“Power Blenders”, “Turbomixers”, High Performance or Green Smoothies Blenders are those appliances with a power of 1000 to 2000 watts and 28,000 revolutions to 40,000 turns. The devices cost between 250 $ and 800 $.

High-performance blenders are designed for the frequent production of larger quantities 1.5 – 2 liter and are, due to their high capacity, perfect for green smoothies with high fibrous ingredients. Why?

I’ll explain that to you right away. But first a look at why household blenders aren’t suitable for green smoothies and other high fibrous drinks.

That’s why you should not use a mixer


Blenders are designed for milkshakes, baby porridge or soups, and they immediately push their limits on leafy greens and leafy vegetables. For a very first try, you can use a blender, but that’s all. Why?

It takes ages to get everything evenly small, still leaving chunks in the very end. Also, if you do not run to the bathroom after you’ve tasted it, consider that as a sign from above to invest a few dollars in a high-performance blender.

I recommend the use of household mixers only in two cases:

1. If you are just starting out with the Green Smoothies and already have a household blender, then first try the habit of daily Green Smoothie Consumption before you buy a high-performance blender.
2. Because you’re really so short on cash, that you absolutely can’t afford a blender that costs more than 30 $.

Next, you will learn the 4 possibilities or limitations of household blenders

1: Limited power

Domestic mixers typically have a limited capacity. They are designed for the occasional use and shredding of low-fiber fruits for fruit smoothies, soft-boiled vegetables for soups and chopped ingredients for dips and pesto.

2: Danger of overheating

If you start making green smoothies with the household blender, you will notice that you have to mix them longer than a pure fruit smoothie. This is due to the fibrous green leafy vegetables. The best taste of the green smoothie unfolds when it’s finely pureed.

To achieve this effect, the mixing process takes 2-3 minutes. This longer blending process is necessary due to the high fiber content of green leafy vegetables.

The engine can easily overheat and also suffer damage. If you use the device every day or quite a few times a week, it will not survive long, as it simply was not designed for that.

3: No breaking up of the cellulose

This Blender can’t handle = Nutrient Loss

A major benefit of the green smoothies is the health benefits of the variety of vitamins, minerals and trace elements it contains. Household mixers cannot manage to break up the cellulose because of the low power.

However, the cellulose, the fibers or supportive structure of the plants, enclose an abundance of vital substances. The body cannot absorb these without the splitting process of the cellulose.

Then a part of the vital substances migrates through the body without absorption. So, you do not get the full benefits of the green smoothie.

4: Not an optimal taste experience

In addition to the lacking health benefit also comes a reduced taste experience. All gourmets among you will surely notice this. There are, depending on the appliance, even smaller chunks in the mix. Plus, the beverage is more of a coarse viscous mass than a “smoother” green smoothie.

If you are serious about the green smoothies, your health and the full taste experience, then there is no way around a high-performance mixer.

The advantages of high-performance mixers

1: More power

High-performance mixers, or one of the best green smoothies blenders, have between 1000 watts and around 2000 watts. They reach 20,000 to 40,000 spins per minute. This is a tremendous power set in motion, albeit with a massive volume.

So, it’s probably not a good idea to start the Vitamix, for example, at an ungodly hour, as this certainly would fall under the disturbance of the peace.

However, this power is necessary to split larger amounts (1.5 liters to 2 liters) of the highly fibrous green leafy vegetables into very small components.

2: More comfortable preparation

Additionally, the best green smoothie blenders have some features that make mixing much easier.

Automatic Programming: The newer devices, such as the Vitamix Pro 750, for example, have an automatic program, which allows you to turn the device on and take care of other things, such as texting your loved one. When you return, the green smoothie is ready.

Pestle for replenishment

Have you ever had to open the lid of your household mixer a few times to push down portions of the content with a spoon, because the suction was not strong enough? And you probably did that too during the operation, because you were too lazy to switch the blender off?

That’s pretty dangerous, in case you accidentally touch the rotation knife with the spoon. All modern high-performance mixers have an opening in the lid to help with the pestle during the operation. The height of the ram is designed so that it cannot touch the knife. Pretty genius, right?

3: Health Benefit / Better Nutrient Absorption

The biggest advantage of the high-performance mixers is the splitting of the plant green into the smallest components.

This way, your body can absorb more of the released vital substances (vitamins, minerals and trace elements). There are scientific studies that confirm this, which I discussed in another article.


I try to explain this point with a small example. Have you ever wondered how cows can be so strong, tall and healthy by eating grass alone?

Through chewing and utilization of the different stomachs, they can split the plant fiber and get to valuable ingredients of the grasses.

A high-performance mixer does something similar and also allows our body access to the rest of the proteins, minerals, vitamins and trace elements contained in the plants.

Without blending, the body would excrete the food undigested as fiber, together with some of the vital substances. What a waste!

4: A enhanced taste experience

The high speed and the reliable cellulose break-up generates a unique taste experience The green smoothies are a homogeneous, creamy mass and feel particularly soft on the tongue. The intensive mixing of all ingredients results in an exquisite taste explosion.

5. Longevity/The economic benefit

High-performance blenders were designed, among other things, for professional use. Thus, the components are much longer-lasting than conventional household mixers. Most manufacturers give warranty periods of 5-7 years.

Vitamix even promises a lifetime warranty on the engine block in the U.S.A.

The 4 best green smoothies blenders

Breville BBL620 Fresh & Furious Blender, Silver

“The absolute price/performance winner.” Best-Green-Smoothie-Blenders-Breville-Fresh-And-Furious-Blender

Power: 1100 watts
28,000 spins
Color: Silver
Operation: LCD display is counting up on speed settings/down
Capacity: 1.5 liters
Equipment: Power cord, assist lid, juicing cone.

Ideal for:

Green smoothies
Fruit smoothies
Cocktails (including crushing ice)
Dessert & creams
Pestos & Dips
Vegan milk

This is the perfect high-performance blender for those who are beginners, want to adopt the reen smoothie habit but don’t want to break the bank.

This blender integrates the function of a food processor and a blender for diversity and to save your time. It is using smooth mixing kinetic, thus, accomplishing its task efficiently. It’s transforming ice into snowflakes, oxygenates and folds so you can enjoy velvety smoothies and soups rich in texture.


A big plus on this device is the high torque motor and blade design, which operate efficiently and delivers silent performance. The blades are made of stainless steel, which ascertains that they remain sharp.

This model comes with an LCD display that does out up when on speed settings and downward while on pre-programmed settings to control each blending cycle perfectly.

You can prepare the creamiest of smoothies and green smoothies with the extra designed and illuminated one-touch pre-programmed buttons.

The machine has an auto-clean mechanism to facilitate targeted rinsing around the blades. This Breville model, furthermore, makes it easy to remove the lid due to its special ring pull feature. However, it seals tightly during the blending procedure.

You will also receive 10 complimentary smoothie recipes in card form. These include ice popsicles, dip sauces, marinades and, of course, smoothies. Additionally, you will get a juicing cone and the assist lid with an internal measuring lid. 

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Weight-Loss-Smoothies-Recipes Vitamix 5200 – “The longevity and quality winner.”

Power: 1491 Watts (peak 2 horsepower motor)
28,000 spins. Weight: 13 pounds Colors 3: black, white, red (price varies)
Operation: Step-less speed adjustment. Turbo button.
Capacity: 1.893 liters (64 Oz)
Equipment: Electric plug

And for those who have plenty of experience, because that’s exactly what this mixer is all about: experience.

The Vitamix company exists for almost 100 years and invented the blender …

The Vitamix 5200 is the absolute classic among high-performance blenders. It has proven itself over many years and the catering industry and nutrition experts use it regularly.


With this blender, you cannot only mix but also chop, grind, puree and knead. It is a high-quality machine that is absolutely robust and reliable in use.

This is also reflected in the 7-year warranty on all parts. The manual operation is intuitive and step-less. The preparation of coarse pesto is always a great success due to its initial slow startup speed.

In addition, the tamper has an ideal length. The only drawback in use: Its volume is something to getting used to.

In any case, the Vitamix TNC 5200 is an excellent choice in the mid-price segment, which convinces with intuitive usability, longevity and robustness.

Not suitable for nut and cereal flour
Warranty: 7 years
Country of manufacture: Made in the USA

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JAWZ 83516 Precision Touch High-Performance Blender, 64oz, Silver –“The affordable in elegant design”


Power: 3.5 peak horsepower motor
10 Speed settings, including pulse
Colors: Stainless steel
Operation: Manual mode with individual time and speed settings.
Capacity: 1.893 liters/64 Oz

Warranty: 2 years
JAWZ transforms grain into flour, makes nuts to milk and mercilessly crushes ice.

Because of the elegant and precise touch control panel and sturdy quality 3.5 peak horsepower engine, this truly is an all-rounder kitchen tool.


You can select from 10 different speed levels, 3 preset settings and, as well, a pulse function along with a timer.

Ice literally feels crushed due to the low pitch blade, which is engineered with a heat-treated technology.

The 64-ounce triton blender jar is BPA-free and was created with the ideal wall height. This affordable mixer also comes with a 1.5-ounce measuring cup.

This diverse blender integrates blending capacity, juicing and food processing in one powerful device.

Ideal for green smoothies, fruit smoothies and cocktails with ice cream

Also great for desserts & creams, pestos & dips, soups & sauces, vegan milk, nut butter, ice

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Vitamix Professional Series 750 Brushed Stainless Finish with 64-Oz. Container

“The best and at the same time quietest mixer.”


Power: 1200-1400 watts
37,000 spins
Color: stainless steel
Operation: Step-less speed adjustment, turbo key.
5 automatic programs, including cleaning mode.
Capacity: 2 liters
Equipment: Power cord
Bonus: 2 extra smoothie cups, 1 cookbook with many healthy recipes.

Furthermore for all folks who are looking for more than a very good high-performance mixer, but for a multifunctional food processor in premium quality.

The Vitamix PRO 750 combines 6 kitchen machines or functions in a single device: chop, grate, puree, mix, crush, grind and knead. In addition: The Vitamix Pro 750 can produce boiling hot soups!


For the first time, the typical US-American device design was subjected to a cautious “facelift”. The result convinces with timeless design. Rightly it was awarded several times.

The Pro 750 is an all-rounder that combines a wide variety of kitchen appliances and functions.

The best: He prepares not only cold but also warm and even hot food, e.g. boiling hot soups, in no time!


The processing of the device is extremely high quality and pleases both tactile and visual senses.

Simple elegance never goes out of style. The blender offers ”Smart Blending” with a total of 5 automatic program functions and an included intelligent cleaning program. Particularly impressive is its compact device form, which facilitates its handling considerably.

The entire device fits under every kitchen closet. Incidentally, cleaning is very easy thanks to the automated cleaning program. Furthermore, the significantly lower, but wider, container shape makes cleaning hassle-free (even by hand).


The operation convinces with an intuitive simplicity. A word on the volume: The Pro 750 is the hitherto quietest mixer in my personal test!

Not suitable for nut and cereal flour
Warranty: 7 years
Country of manufacture: Made in the USA

Ideal for green smoothies and fruit smoothies

Also great for cocktails with ice cream, desserts & creams, pestos & dips, soups & sauces, vegan milk, nut butter, ice

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My personal experience and conclusion

Last but not least, a little story from me. At the time, I bought an average household mixer of just under $ 100. I used it daily because I really enjoy green smoothies, and I feel the health benefits within my own body.

After only seven months, a brownish liquid flowed out of the engine block, and in the 13th month, the kitchen blender died on me. Shortly after the end of the guarantee and warranty period – Great!

If I were to purchase a similar household mixer again, and not change my habits, I would probably have to buy a new one every 6-12 months. That was yet another good argument that made me consider to give one of the best green smoothie blenders a chance.

That makes a minimum of 1500 dollar for 15 years. That is if the regular appliance always even lasts a full year. My current high-performance blender, the Vitamix 750, has cost me $ 600. However, it runs after almost two years still like on the first day.


I feel healthier and more energized than ever before. And that’s very rewarding for me. All I can say is that I am very happy with it and that it has never let me down.

Apart from that, it involves time with the problems in the warranty processing, the return, the purchase of a new kitchen mixer and the longer/harder preparation.

If you value your time as I do, then this is a huge argument.

Doctor visits, treatments, hospital stays and prescription drugs are costing way more in the long run and aren’t desirable, to begin with. Thus, why not prevent them altogether.

Also, think about the environmental impact of the unnecessary consumed resources if you constantly buy a new low-quality blender. So, if you think long term, you are doing something good for your priceless health, your wallet and the ecosystem.

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