Best Wheatgrass Juice Powder – Which One Gets Your Green Thump Up?


Revive Your Body With The Best Wheatgrass Juice Powder

If you are slightly like me then the following article about which is the best wheatgrass juice powder is definitely for you. Have you ever had those days where you actually had enough sleep and still barely could make it out of bed? If you did, or still do, then I completely understand your frustration because I was dealing with the same problem for years.

It took quite a while every morning until I was even just “half awake.”  I drank coffee, took a shower and went on to my morning meditation in the fresh air in the hopes to recharge my energy level.

It mostly didn’t happen, though. And if, then only for a short period of time. Within the early afternoon hours, I felt the sluggishness creeping up on me again, and it felt as if I hadn’t slept in ages.

So, I decided it was time for a blood test. It turned out I had an iron deficiency. I was prescribed some iron pills, but I had a really hard time tolerating them. They just unsettled my stomach too much. I was getting used to taking the dreaded pills once a day, but not twice, as I should.

I was desperately looking for a substitute and then stumbled upon wheatgrass due to a friend of mine.  We were out jogging together and she wanted to stop by a juice bar after our workout routine. There, she had a shot of wheatgrass, which I then never had heard of or seen before.

She told me all about the benefits and that it would definitely boost my iron and energy levels, too. Needless to say, she convinced me, I tried a shot and surprisingly didn’t find it as disgusting as some say it is.

I’m drinking it now daily in the morning (instead of taking the iron supplement). Of course, juicing your wheatgrass fresh is even more beneficial, but at the moment just too time-consuming for me. I’d also like to mention that I add freshly squeezed orange juice to my drink.

Wheatgrass does, indeed, help with anemia

You see, the iron in wheatgrass is non-heme, which is more difficult for your body to assimilate. Thus, it should be combined with vitamin C to ensure complete absorption. Nonetheless, I’m satisfied and happy to have found something that works for me and finally could replace the iron pill in the morning.

My energy level did, indeed, improve a lot, and I am mostly already awake even before my alarm goes off. That alone makes my day!

So, today I decided to figure out which is the best wheatgrass juice powder and share my findings with you. For those who, like myself, find it too time-consuming to grow their own wheatgrass, there is a good alternative: ready-made wheatgrass powder. It is an easy and inexpensive way to enjoy the taste and effects of wheatgrass.

Wheatgrass powder, like fresh wheatgrass, offers many health benefits. Similarly, because the nutritional quality of fresh wheatgrass is naturally slightly higher than processed and powdered wheatgrass.

Nevertheless, most enzymes, vitamins, trace elements, and minerals are preserved. The partially very heat-sensitive micronutrients are treated very sparingly in the process of pulverization. The wheatgrass powder is usually spray-dried only up to a maximum of 40 ° C.

Spray drying is a process technology in the food industry in which foods dry under high heat with pressure and afterward pulverize.

There are countless suppliers of wheatgrass powder on the market, which makes it difficult to detect differences in quality and which, indeed, is the best wheatgrass juice powder. As a result, it’s hard to opt for your ideal product.

Here are four different wheatgrass powders that are both, high in quality, and good value for your money.

1 – Terrasoul Superfoods Organic Wheat Grass Juice Powder, 10 Ounces – USA Grown.

The Terrasoul Superfoods Organic Wheat Grass Juice powder, 10 – USA Grown is one of the unique “superfoods”.  Wheatgrass is fabulous grass that is intensely rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and alkalizing nutrients.

The chlorophyll content is up to 70 percent and acts as an essential blood builder and purifier. Terrasoul’s wheatgrass is planted, grown and harvested at its peak in Utah’s saturated soil. It’s then being pressed into a nutrient-rich juice.

Their special organic drying procedure ensures that the product never surpasses 106 Fahrenheit (41 Celsius), thus conserving the entirety of nutrients.

Enjoy a wheatgrass shot on its own, just mixed with water, or experience a new flavor when adding it to your favorite smoothie. To receive all the benefits of wheatgrass drink it daily.



      Average Customer Ranking: 4.4/5

      Where To Buy: Amazon

      Price: Check Store



  • Terrasoul Superfoods Wheat Grass Juice Powder, 10 Ounces (5oz – 2 Pack)
  • 100% Certified Organic, GMO-Free, Earth Kosher, Untreated, suitable for Vegans
  • Cultivated and harvested within the USA
  • This Wheatgrass Juice Powder is derived from a powerful juice of a vitality packed grass that purifies, detoxes, nurtures, and heals.
  • This Product comes in a Ratio of  25:1 Form of Wheat Grass


2 – Amazing Grass Organic Wheat Grass

Amazing Grass Organic Wheat Grass is naturally grown and only harvested once every year, for the root to dig deep into the soil and accumulate an abundance of lavishing vitamins and minerals, which are not present in other green leafy veggies.

They reap when the nutrition of the grass is at the peak, and they take care only to harvest the tips of the grass where all nutrients gather. As a result, one scoop equals the nutrient amount of over ten shots of home-grown wheatgrass.

Amazing Grass has deep roots, as the business is still run by the family, which started out on a farm in Kansas over 3 generations ago.

Today, they grow their grass mindfully; always keeping the highest quality and satisfaction of their customers in mind. Overall, the Amazing Grass products are a delightful manner to give your body the whole food nutrition it deserves and requires to feel great.



      Average Customer Ranking: 4.1/5

      Where To Buy: Amazon

      Price: Check Store




  • Amazing Grass Organic Wheat Grass is 100% natural, whole-leaf wheat-grass.
  • USDA Approved, GMO-Free and Verified, Gluten Free, No added Sugar Added, Vegan and Kosher
  • All vital amino acids and minerals included.
  • Natural occurring chlorophyll source. It is a base for healthy immune and detox actions; boosts alkalinity in a natural way.
  • 30 Servings, 8.5 Oz. To 12 Oz add one or more scoops to your preferred beverage, design your own unique smoothie or fine-tune your favorite recipe with this wholesome goodness.

3 – Dr. Berg’s Wheat Grass Juice Powder – Raw and Ultra-Concentrated  Nutrients – Rich In Vitamins, Chlorophyll & Trace Minerals – 60 Servings


Dr. Berg’s Wheatgrass Powder aids the process of weight loss. This is a raw version, which is grown by ancient ocean shores, thus including an extra amount of trace minerals.

It, too, is No-GMO, Gluten-Free and approved. It does contain trace minerals, all of the 20 amino acids, and furthermore a huge amount of precious nutrients.

One teaspoon equals 14 shots of 100 percent wheatgrass juice; thus a highly concentrated nutrient. Forget your juicer and blender: Simply stir and enjoy. I must add that the amount is somewhat too little for the price.

But my neighbor swears on Dr. Berg’s Wheatgrass

Once you open the jar, you’ll find that it’s only half-filled. Then again, it has such great potential; it’s really a matter of preference, and high-quality products usually come with a higher price tag.

Surprisingly it does not taste like mowed grass;  it has a creamy, splendid and satisfying flavor. This will give you access to healthy energy throughout your busy day. Enjoy daily to benefit from the entire range of nutrients and feel like a newborn.

Dr. Berg is a fair businessman after all, because he offers you a full refund within 30 days of your purchase; plus you get to keep the product for free.

It’s a bit on the pricy side, but the benefits are greater than from most lower-priced wheatgrass juice powders. I have noticed that this is one of the seldom powders with all 20 amino acids; most others have only about 17. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t beneficial, though.



      Average Customer Ranking: 4.5/5

      Where To Buy: Amazon

      Price: Check Store




  • Great pre-workout substitute. It also enhances your energy levels within your body prior to weight training in a safe manner.
  • May regulate blood sugar levels in diabetics when taken on a    daily basis. It can also lower the bad cholesterol level and help with thyroid issues.
  • It does keep you satiated longer. You will not have any food cravings between meals, thus Dr. Berg’s Wheat Grass does support healthy weight loss and promote weight regulation.
  • People report improvement of skin texture, thicker hair, and less brittle nails. My neighbor swears by it, and I must say I did see a glow on her face; also less acne and blemishes.

4- KOS Organic Wheat Grass Juice Powder

This green powder is hoarding a great number of vitamins and minerals. It has you covered with vitamin A to K (except Vitamin D). Plus, it nourishes your body with 17 amino acids and enzymes, protein, calcium, magnesium and iron.

It claims to have a neuroprotective shield, and it boasts about being an awesome antioxidant. It’s also stating to protect against Alzheimer’s and memory loss. Its anti-inflammatory design helps with aching joints and other signs of arthritis.

This wheatgrass juice powder protects your arteries, keeps your cholesterol at bay and dissolves the artery-clogging layers which can lead to heart attacks or stroke.



      Average Customer Ranking: 4.5/5

      Where To Buy: Amazon

      Price: Check Store




  • It’s mixing easy without clumping; no ugly after taste. Boosts your immune system and enhances your energy level.
  • Some say that it tastes almost like matcha green tea. It does help regulate your digestive system and helps when suffering from bloating or gas.
  • It aides with cognitive function promotes a healthy heart, healthy guts,  fights inflammation and high cholesterol.
  • This, as well, is GMO-Free, naturally grown/harvested and a product of the USA. I’ve heard people mixing it with their protein shakes. They said it’s delicious. Someone I know makes a matcha latte with it and claims the energy boost is unbeatable.


So, now that we’ve got this review covered, I hope that it gave you a little more insight. Wheatgrass is a fantastic supplement. It’s anti-inflammatory, detoxifying, blood cleansing and healing. It truly does help to improve my iron and energy levels.

It also has helped to stay calm, which is important for me. I was a panic attack and anxiety sufferer, thus, anything with a calming effect is still always welcome within my diet. Why does wheatgrass act calming? Because of its magnesium content.

Personally, I do take the Terrasoul wheatgrass regularly, and I love the benefits. I have also tried the Amazing Grass and KOS wheatgrass too, but, to be honest, the effects were not as satisfying.

I haven’t gotten around to Dr. Berg’s yet (sorry Dr. Berg), but I may still try it out in the future and make a more personalized review about it. Most likely, I will simply switch to growing my own wheatgrass as soon as I have more time on my hands, as this would benefit really everyone in our household: hubby, cats, dog, etc…

Grow Your Own Wheatgrass & Discover The Benefits Of The Green Gold

Trust your guts (literally)

In any case, do listen to your taste butts and your gut feeling. Your body will let you know if he likes the specific product, or if you should rather move on to another. You will definitely feel a difference after a short time.

I’m not saying that you’ll get this instant reaction like Popeye whenever he ate his spinach, but you’ll discover notable changes after a few days up to a week. Listen to your inner voice; it never fails you.

Please, as always, feel free to leave comments, ask questions and/or share your personal experiences with wheatgrass. I’m always looking forward to hearing from you. Also, like and share us with your friends and family, and don’t forget to subscribe and grab your free ebook.

Last but not least, never forget: You are beautiful, precious and unique, so keep on shining.

Before Thy Spirit, I Bow


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