Get The Most Benefits From Baking Soda For Your Health


How to harvest the full benefits from baking soda for your well-being

In alternative medicine, baking soda plays a major role and has a large following there. A study of the relationship between baking soda and autoimmune diseases has given the whole thing a big delay. But are there real benefits from baking soda?

What is the truth behind soda bicarbonate for metabolic problems and autoimmune diseases? How can you use soda properly? And how to test your acidity level, you can find out here from us!

Soda Bicarbonate In Autoimmune Diseases - Benefits & Disadvantages 

The chemistry behind baking soda

A little bit of chemistry is the absolute basis for the effects of baking soda. The chemical formula for baking soda is NaHCO3, sodium hydrogen carbonate. Sodium dissolves from hydrogen carbonate in water. Hydrogen carbonate is a base and reacts with acids. This creates CO2 and the acids are neutralized.

This is chemistry for beginners and a reason why baking soda is often used as a raising agent or baking powder. CO2 is produced during baking, which makes the dough airier.

Soda is a popular home remedy and very effective at home to replace chemical cleaning agents. For example, baking soda is suitable for making deodorant yourself (with essential oils), as a cleaning agent, shampoo and as a base for skin creams.

You can guess what the (proposed) effects of baking soda are aimed at: baking soda is basic, your body tends to be “over acidified”. With an unhealthy diet and lifestyle, or at least with chronic illnesses and autoimmune diseases. Sodium neutralizes the acids, and everything will be fine.

The acid-base theory is not the focus today, but logic and scientific studies that prove or refute the proposed effects of baking soda.

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Use baking soda properly – how it works!

Soda has advantages, but also disadvantages. Some benefits have been scientifically proven, others are still in their infancy (such as autoimmune diseases). It suggests that baking soda could become important in the treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases.

However, baking soda also has disadvantages that we have to watch out for. We would, therefore, like to summarize our recommendations below:

1- First test whether your stomach is not over acidified. You can find the simple self-test below.

2- Take baking soda 1 to 3 times a day, you have to find out the dosage yourself. One half (0.5) to 2 teaspoons of baking soda in a glass of water is the rough guide.

3- Start with low doses (0.5 teaspoons) and low frequency (once a day) and slowly feel your way up.

4- Watch your body’s reaction to it.

5- Always take baking soda at least 2 hours apart from the next or previous meal. Otherwise, it may affect your digestion, and health consequences may arise.

6- Monitor your health and self-awareness: Do you feel any differences in the symptoms of your autoimmune disease/inflammation? Then please let us know.

7- Please never disregard nutrition, stress reduction, lifestyle and healthy sleep. This also has a significant impact on inflammation and autoimmune diseases. Here at lovebodyfatsolutions, you will find valuable information and support.

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Important note!

Do not take baking soda if you suffer from hypertension (high blood pressure). Soda bicarbonate consists of the three elements carbon, sodium and hydrogen.

Sodium is the agent to watch out for in regards to elevated blood pressure levels. The AHA (American Heart Association) states that one teaspoon of baking soda contains 1000mg of sodium.

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How to test if your stomach is over acidified

This test seems a little strange, but it is an excellent help:

1- Dissolve 2 teaspoons of baking soda in 100 ml of water and drink it. You should allow two hours, before and after the test, until your next meal or tea/coffee/juice.

2- Normally, CO2 forms in your stomach due to the acid-base reaction, which escapes as a burp. The faster and stronger the reaction, the more acidic your stomach is.

If no pusher comes at all, your stomach is under-acidified. In both cases, you will find good help in our article about the irritable stomach.

Especially when heartburn and an acidified stomach come together, many sufferers are surprised at first. However, this can also happen.

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Conclusion – soda bicarbonate in autoimmune diseases

Soda bicarbonate has advantages and disadvantages, some have logical conclusions while others have already been scientifically proven. Basically, you should only consume baking soda if the stomach is not under-acidified.

There are a few important points to consider when taking baking soda, including giving yourself enough time until your next meal, and only taking it if your stomach is NOT acidified.

I cannot assess whether soda bicarbonate is effective in cancer. It is potentially very useful in autoimmune diseases, but should not sabotage digestion.

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Dear co-creators

In any case, we ask you to share your experiences with us. In order to achieve the best benefits from baking soda for your health, consult your doctor or therapist before beginning self-experiments.

Especially in the event where you are not certain about suffering from underlying ailments, such as hypertension.

Please, feel free to share your thoughts, experience and additional info with us in a comment below. We are always looking forward to reading from you.

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You are appreciated, cherished and endlessly loved. ~Namaste~


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