Why You Should Avoid Dairy Products With Hashimoto


Reasons to avoid dairy products when suffering from Hashimoto’s thyroiditis

I know, for many people it is hard to give up tasty yogurts, heavy cream, cheese, etc. However, today I want to show you the reasons why you should avoid dairy products when suffering from an autoimmune disease, but especially from Hashimoto.

These particular diseases, such as Hashimoto thyroiditis, put your body into a special situation.

An autoimmune reaction in the system due to inflammation and misregulation of the thyroid gland complicates life.

In order to experience long-term improvement and relief, we must identify the causes and, if possible, eliminate them.

Why should you not consume dairy products with Hashimoto? This question is essential for the further course of the disease and I wish to explain it here.

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Combating the causes of Hashimoto

In the case of an autoimmune disease, many things go wrong in the body. While conventional medicine can suppress the symptoms of Hashimoto (Hashimoto treatment), but this does not ensure and provide long-term improvement.

In order to tackle chronic disease, the causes of the disease must be identified (Hashimoto causes) and eliminated.

The Hashimoto diet occupies a central position here. If you suppress the symptoms temporarily and correct the causes, an improvement in well-being can occur. Only then will regeneration of the thyroid gland and a stop of the autoimmune reaction be possible.

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Why not dairy products with Hashimoto?

First and foremost, because milk proteins are difficult to digest. Most of the time, even people who tolerate lactose do not actually digest them fully.

Almost all autoimmune sufferers have problems with the intestine. Dairy products can cause additional stress due to their properties.

Many people do not know that they are lactose intolerant or that they do not tolerate the milk protein casein optimally.

The milk protein is hard to digest. The tougher a protein is to digest, the more likely it is to develop an allergy.

An allergy is ultimately an immune response of the body, such as local inflammation in the intestine, for example.

In addition, due to the heavy digestibility, milk proteins only enter the bloodstream half-digested. The body reacts and forms antibodies against the milk protein in the blood.

Allergies, inflammation and immune reactions can arise as a result of the consumption of dairy products. Thus, dairy products are unhelpful.

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Leaky Gut Syndrome

Holes in the intestine are also common in autoimmune sufferers. The syndrome is one of the central Hashimoto causes and one must eliminate it in any case in order to achieve relief.

Dairy products can also contribute to Leaky Gut Syndrome. As a result, the absence of dairy products can significantly improve your situation.

Chronic inflammation

If the intestine is overloaded, the immune system is not doing well – because, as you know, most of the immune system is located in the intestine.

If the intestine becomes inflamed, for example as a result of milk consumption, this is harmful to the whole body.

As long as milk proteins and other irritants in the intestine provoke chronic inflammation, regeneration becomes difficult to implement.

In the treatment of autoimmune diseases, it is essential to reduce inflammation in the body as much as possible, so that the thyroid gland can recover and autoimmune processes are stopped.

Therefore, it is recommended to refrain from dairy products during Hashimoto treatment in order not to hinder thyroid regeneration.

Avoiding other irritants such as gluten, soy, cabbage, sugar, alcohol and industrial cooking oils are among these options where you can actively assist.

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Which dairy products am I talking about?

Theoretically all – here you will find a list of common dairy products:

Cream cheese
Butter (take better ghee/butter lard!)
Whey Protein/Casein!
Milk kefir

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Dear co-creators

As a thumb of rule, even if you do not suffer from Hashimoto’s, or any other autoimmune disorder, but experience bloating, upset stomach, constipation and or diarrhea, this can be a sign of lactose intolerance.

Oftentimes, people also develop acne breakouts, because our body cannot manage the released IGF – 1 hormone.

Once you experience any of the above-mentioned symptoms, you should avoid dairy products. Do this for a couple of weeks to see if improvement occurs.

I am most certain that it will, as the absence of dairy proteins will give your body a chance to recover and heal.


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