Autumn Fatigue And Soul Heaviness – 12 Tips To Uplift Your Mood


12 tips against autumn fatigue and soul heaviness

Now that the autumn is here, I thought it is time to share some tips for fatigue and soul heaviness.  It has just been summer, and suddenly we arrived in the middle of the Fall. I still remember the dreamy summer weeks, and now we have beautiful, colorful October again. For some folks this rapid change is tough.

The late summer comes back to California with all its power and brings us the most gorgeous sunshine, combined with soothing warmth and T-shirt weather.

But shortly after that, autumn will approach in quick steps. And the transition between the seasons is always short. Quite similar to what we have already experienced in the transition between spring and summer. During Fall, the temperature drop, the trees change color every day, and you watch the leaves fall.

Even if you were out and about on a daily basis in nature, you could experience the change immediately. Everything moves fast and still lasts at the very moment.

Through this long-lasting and satisfying summer, the transition and change from late summer to the time of inner contemplation are extremely short.

The annual cycle at the end of each year with regard to the pre-Christmas time always brings this with it. However, I, personally, feel the transition phase from year to year stronger and shorter.

Many people are very sensitive at the turn of the summer and winter. They are feeling sad, melancholic and often dejected and even depressed even in the first weeks of autumn. These seasonal moods are very common in our latitudes, not a single person phenomenon.

This autumn blues usually affects women more often than men, with hormones in particular, but genes also play a role. Even children can be affected, which are then acting hyperactive and their mood is just a little more unstable.


The causes for this autumn heaviness

The changed light conditions that we are exposed to in autumn and winter most definitely have an effect on people’s moods. Morning breaks later, and it gets dark already in the afternoon.

Especially when we have to work during the day, we spend a lot more time in the office again. We often come to work when it is still dark and it is already twilight time when we go home.

Even if we get up in the evening after dinner, for a walk in the fresh air, it is usually already pitch-black outdoors.

This means that much less natural daylight and sunlight fall into our eyes during these weeks. Our skin gets much less sunlight, vitamin D and air than it does in summer, as we are bundling up due to the temperature change.

Because of these external conditions, our body releases less of the happiness hormone serotonin. On the other hand, melatonin, the sleep hormone, intensifies. This, in turn, leads to the fatigue known by many people in the transition between these two seasons.

Sensitive people can also react vulnerable because their Biorhythms get out of hand. In spite of the beautiful and long summer, some unfavorable components came together, which can affect one or the other between the seasons.


12 tips against the autumnal heaviness

But there are some tips you can use to get yourself back into balance:

1. Healthy and balanced diet- Nurture yourself well

The serotonin deficiency during the fall may be responsible for cravings for sweets and carbohydrate-heavy foods. Have you ever noticed that, come Christmas season, the many delicacies literally pop into our faces in the food markets?

Although it seems barely irresistible, we should not be driven solely by our cravings. Too many carbohydrates and foods from industrial production, or with refined sugar, additionally obscure our brain, acidify our organism and, thus, burden our souls.

This is why many people tend to gain quite a few extra pounds during the holiday season. You can, however, avoid this from happening if you start walking through the festively decorated and stocked food stores with awareness.

Look closely, and you will discover the many healthy, yet tasty, treasures you can indulge in and still benefit from.

Just think of the wonderful oranges that are always available to buy during the Christmas season, which are never as delicious anywhere else in the year.

Nuts and dry fruits are also particularly suitable now, which are considered to be natural sources of serotonin, too. Maroons, avocados, green beans and lentils are also particularly suitable in this season.

Pay attention to organic products as much as possible.

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2. Walks in nature

You should continue to walk regularly in all changeable weather, despite the cold climate and exhausting fatigue.

At best -daily! At least 30 minutes in the fresh air are recommended (more is always better, of course). An advantage is a walk that you perform at your own pace and really take as a walk for yourself.

Meaning, that any calculated paths from A to B do not count. Just stroll around aimlessly for a while. It does not matter if it’s morning, afternoon or evening.

The main thing you get up and receive the fresh air. If you find it difficult to walk alone, then make an appointment with a friend and walk together.

3. Sufficient movement

If you cannot manage regularly to move sufficiently in the fresh air in nature, then at least try to stay mobile with your usual ways and activities. Take the stairs instead of the elevator.

Take a break in the fresh air, walk on foot instead of using the car or public transportation. Look carefully, at which point you succumb to your comfort, which would be attainable for you on foot, instead.


4. Sufficient sleep

If you are already tired, take time, if possible, to rest. Perhaps even take one or two naps, if this does not interfere with your nightly sleeping rhythm.

Anyone who feels like being hit after a nap, but feels so tired that he wants to lie down, can try a power nap. Here, sleep researchers recommend about 30 minutes. Then, your alarm clock should wake you up before falling into a deep sleep.

Such deep sleep-phases during the day are almost always the cause that you feel completely crushed after certain naps and in the evening cannot fall asleep at a regular bedtime.

It is also advisable to go to bed early in the evening so that you can sleep between 7 and 8 hours. Also pay attention to relatively constant bedtime and getting-up-time. See that you fall asleep before midnight, then the whole night’s sleep is most relaxing.

Make sure that you are no longer exposed to bright, artificial light before you sleep. A dimmed red-light is good in the evening and does not disturb your organism.

Even candles are suitable during the dark season. And you should rather read something before going to sleep, or listen to uplifting audiobooks, instead of watching TV or surfing the Internet.

5. Morning routine

Perhaps, over the dark and soul-straining time, a certain morning routine can help you out. You can tailor this according to your needs in those days or weeks.

It can be helpful during these times to take time in the morning to start the day calm, mindful with positive affirmations.

Think about what you would wish for yourself in the morning. What would relieve you, make you happy in the morning and relax you a little before the day starts properly?

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6. Mindfulness & Acceptance

By battling yourself, you’re not really improving the state of autumn depression. So do not condemn yourself if you do not function in this transitional period as you are used to from yourself.

Never be too strict to yourself, but allow yourself just to be and live. In these times of change, meet yourself lovingly, with patience and care for yourself.

Also, accept affectionately what makes you suffer. Embrace every emotion that comes up in you. Keep in mind that emotions are energy in motion; they pass by and are not part of you.

Say grace for them, and your awareness of them, and let them continue moving along. Remember that even the hard times offer us growth potential. So stay mindful, realize what’s going on inside of you and confess to being as you are. Love yourself!

Go inward, return to yourself. Remove yourself from the world if you feel like it. Make yourself comfortable at home, very cozy and snug, carefully schedule your appointments accordingly and with enough space, recovery periods and withdrawal times for yourself.

Allow yourself the peace and quiet that you need right now, without having a bad conscience.


7. Sauna, wellness and showers

If you like the sauna, start with the sauna sessions as soon as nature shows the first cool tendencies. Sauna sessions are extremely relaxing, very comfortable. Many infusions provide valuable and seasonally adapted oils and essences, which increase your well-being even further.

Let the sauna become a small, regular ritual in your everyday life. Go for a sauna visit on a regular basis, as you please – either every week or at least every two weeks. It will always be like a mini wellness-treatment for you.

Once you are done with the sauna, you should not miss out on the short cold water therapy; the descent into the cold water pool. Even though it sounds cruel and you are glad that you are warm, the change really works wonders.

Similar to sports, your circulation really gets going. Thus, your immune system is on high alert and your body prepares itself for possible pathogens; you’re going to ward off many flues and other viral diseases. Also, your connective tissue receives a good workout in this way.

If you cannot regularly visit the sauna, or do not like the sauna, you can also do the changing shower-routine at home.

Really, though, be brave too, and do not set the water warmer than necessary and calmly finish by switching between warm and cold water three times; ensuring that you always end your session with warm water.

8. Essential oils for the soul in autumn and winter

Fragrances can cultivate our soul, support the process of inner contemplation and still make us feel well and comfortable. Also, they are able to carry us and lighten the mood a little.

Particularly suitable in these times are the following scents:

Bergamot Essential-Oils-For-Depression
Ylang Ylang

The essential oils are great for the fragrance lamp, or diffuser, and easy to handle. Get a suitable lamp, put down a tea light, pour water into the holder and 5 – 7 drops of the oil of your choice. The fragrances are not intrusive and unfold very gently.

If you do not have any oils at home yet and do not know what you are comfortable with, just take a sniff through the essential oils in the bio shop of your trust.

There, you will usually find their entire selection of testers. First of all, choose one to two, which will appeal to you on the first try.

If you also find it pleasant at home, in both fragrance and effect, you can later expand your collection with additional aromatic scents.

You can then combine, mix and match, one with another in order to develop their aromas and effects a little more differentiated. (On the Internet and in books, you can find many valuable tips on how essential oils can be mixed for what effect.)

Pay close attention to real essential oils and refrain largely from synthetic fragrances that can carry the risk of causing allergies and intolerance symptoms, such as headaches.

9. Ventilate premises regularly

It is also important that you ventilate your premises at home as well as in the office regularly to provide you with fresh air and oxygen during the day, as well.

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10. Meditation

After all, meditation always works, and it doesn’t take much to practice it. Neither does require a certain mood, nor a certain time of the day, no invitation and no special utensils. It is an advantage if you already have a meditation cushion that can support you.

This is optimally when sitting upright, but you can also take a firm sofa cushion. You can, furthermore, sit in a chair or meditate while lying down, if you do not tend so much to fall asleep.

Take yourself back to a place where you can be undisturbed for a few minutes. Just sit down, make yourself comfortable, light a candle and surround yourself with something that smells pleasant to you.

An incense stick or a fragrance lamp (as described above) and diffusers are commonly used and fancied items. You can also play music quietly. Something that relaxes you and makes you feel good about yourself.

Be aware, get in touch with your body and feel what is there – in thoughts, feelings and sensations. Let yourself be there as you are. Be mindful of your wholeness.

Whatever emotions may be arising in these moments, whether you are just sad, melancholy, angry or even happy and satisfied, just be aware of it and let them be.

Allow yourself to be in the present moment, and follow your breath.

11th Evening routine

Just as you follow a certain routine in the morning, it may be helpful for the soul during this time to establish an evening routine. Even if it was only temporary. Similar to the morning routine, design your evening consciously and lovingly.

Take your time in the evening to end it for you and your soul. Maybe with a bath, an herbal tea, meditation or a book that keeps you entertained and lets you, in contrast to digital media, relax and unwind a bit before you go to sleep.


12. Gratitude

And even if the soul wanders through the nebulous swirls of depressive moods and melancholy for a long time, it is still essential to remain mindful and to observe oneself attentively in what is happening within oneself.

However, at the same time it is vital to perceive everything for which one is grateful – despite all the supposedly negative experiences in life.

These can be tiny things, such as having the opportunity to even go for a walk or to take a nap today, having indulged in a lavish bath that, the sun that came out for a few hours today so you could enjoy and even see it, that piece of chocolate you savored just before.

Be grateful that the meeting with friends went so nice, the roof over your head, the food on your table, your hands and feet, your eye-sight, hearing, speech, sense of touch, smelling and your every breath! None of those things are self-evident. Others are not so blessed, thus, don’t take everything for granted.

Write down at least one thing every night for which you are thankful from the bottom of your heart. Relive the event in your memory once again. Let the feeling of gratitude be awakened again and anchor it in you.

If, however, the melancholy becomes too strong and/or lasts too long, seek help. Listen in, trust in yourself and your intuition, but also recognize when you can not overcome the low point alone.

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Dear co-creators

I wish you a blessed and beautiful autumn and wintertime. Enjoy the change in nature and notice how the change takes place within you as well. Realize that you are not separate from what is happening around you.

And in case you are having a tough time recognizing this, then I hope that my tips against autumn fatigue and soul heaviness will help you out.

Keep in mind that everything that happens on the outside (your surroundings) also happens within you. External and internal occurrences are never separated. Give yourself time. The annual cycle is a neverending process of becoming and passing on, and you are a precious part of it.

Please, leave your comments below with your thoughts regarding this topic. I’m looking happily forward to hearing from you.

Also, spread the word about our website by using one of the “Share” buttons below or on top of the page. This way, many others can find advice, tips, free ebooks, recipes and personalized encouraging words during tough times.

Meanwhile, I’m sending you lots of love, peace, happiness and an abundance of all good things. You are way more than just flesh and bones – you are a precious spiritual being, here to explore, have fun, grow and fulfill a specially designed mission. And, I want to thank you for existing. You are endlessly loved. ~Namaste~


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