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Heart Attack – Are You At Risk? + Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Heart attack – What causes myocardial infarction & what’s next? Heart attack and its synonym myocardial infarction describe a vascular disease of the heart. The heart, the most important human organ, is integrated into two of the body’s bloodstreams. On the one hand, it pumps blood into the large circulation, which supplies the organs and …


Different types of antiasthmatics + treatment of symptoms & basic therapy

Antiasthmatics properties, effects & ideal usage Antiasthmatics are medicines used to prevent and treat bronchial asthma. Today a distinction is made between two groups of drugs. The first group leads to rapid symptom relief. These include beta2 sympathomimetics such as salbutamol. The second group enables a longer-term control of the complaints. These include, for example, …