All About Beetroot – The Vast Health Benefits Of The Red Tuber


Beetroot – That’s how healthy the red tuber is

Beetroot is one of the healthiest vegetables and has a variety of health effects. In addition, the red power tuber is cheap, available all year round, tasty and versatile in recipes. You can find out more about all of this today.

We can attribute the health effects of beetroot to three factors: the increase in blood circulation and lowering blood pressure, the high concentration of antioxidants (especially betaine) and the rich vitamin content (especially folic acid).

We can find beetroot ready-cooked all year round in the supermarket and fresh in winter as a tuber. In any case, it is cheap, quick prepared, delicious and extremely healthy!

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Beetroot nutritional values ​​and ingredients

Ingredient (per 100 g) quantity (% daily requirement)

Carbohydrates 10 g
Fat 0.2 g  All-About-Beetroot-Nutrition-Facts
Sodium 78 mg
Potassium 325 mg (9%)
Dietary fiber 2.8 g (9%)
Vitamin C 4.9 mg (6%)
Folic acid 40 mcg (20%)
Iron 0.8 mg (8%)
Calcium 16 mg (2%)
Manganese (16%)
Magnesium 23 mg (6%)
Zinc 0.3 mg (5%)

At first glance, it doesn’t look like much, but all that is packed in only 100 g! Think about what rich source of vitamins, minerals and more one glass of beetroot smoothie with 300ml or a salad with 300g beetroot make.

Beetroot is so healthy – 14 unique arguments

Below you will find 14 great health effects that the red tuber achieves and which are all scientifically proven:

1- Beetroot increases blood circulation

Let’s start with one of the most important points – blood circulation. Beetroot is very rich in nitrate, which our body reduces to NO1 (nitrogen oxide). NO is a hormone that widens the blood vessels, stimulates blood circulation and has many other effects.

Athletes and bodybuilders can benefit from consuming a glass of beetroot juice, smoothie or beetroot powder around 2-3 hours before exercise to improve blood circulation and pump. The effect is very similar to that of arginine, citrulline or other NO boosters.

Beetroot is also very beneficial for non-athletes since increased blood circulation does a lot of good.

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2-  The red power vegetable increases athletic performance

Numerous scientific studies have shown that consuming beetroot juice or beetroot powder 2-3 hours before exercise increases performance because it promotes the flow of energy in the body, heightens energy consumption, and improves blood circulation.

Increased fat burning is also observed. All athletes benefit from this, regardless of whether they are runners, cyclists, swimmers, strength, ball or martial artists.

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3- Beetroot facilitates weight loss

The tuber is relatively low in sugar and calories but rich in fiber, protein (for a vegetable), water and many nutrients. It saturates, gives energy, increases blood circulation and energy consumption and is therefore great for losing weight quickly.

4-  Beets increases energy consumption

Nitrogen oxide increases energy consumption in everyday life and during sporting activities by up to 25%. This effect lasts up to 6-8 hours. This is due to the fact that nitric oxide increases the absorption of fat and sugar in every single body cell, but especially in the muscle cells and mitochondria (the power plants in every cell).

5-  The red tuber improves concentration

The extra energy is also noticeable in the brain. Here, nitrogen oxide increases the absorption of nutrients in nerve cells, widens the blood vessels and thus ensures heightened concentration.

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6- Beetroot lowers blood pressure

Good news for millions of hypertension patients around the world: The daily consumption of beet lowers blood pressure and has no side effects compared to medication, but many positive effects!

In studies, the reduction in blood pressure by about 10 mm of mercury quantifies and thus already corresponds to a high-quality medication for high blood pressure. Less medication, but beetroot or beetroot smoothie or juice every day? Why not?

7 Beetroot helps with detoxification

The antioxidants in the beetroot help the liver eliminate numerous toxins and waste materials, from which everyone can benefit. Beetroot is not like many other one true detox food.

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8- Beet stabilizes blood sugar

The carbohydrate content in the beet is moderate, at the same time there are numerous antioxidants, vitamins and fiber that slow down the absorption of sugar. At the same time, nitrogen oxide improves insulin sensitivity. Therefore, everyone who has problems with blood sugar, including diabetics, benefits from beetroot.

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9-  Beet reduces inflammation

Inflammation is a fundamental cause of numerous chronic health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, autoimmune diseases and allergies. Inflammation in the body is the order of the day in our chronically stressed and unhealthy society. The antioxidants in the beetroot, especially betaine, can counteract this very effectively.

10 Beetroot makes you smart

It has been shown that nitric oxide from the beetroot stimulates the formation of new synapses and nerve cells in the brain. Anyone who wants to be smarter can benefit from this.


11-  Beetroot improves digestion

Due to the high content of fiber and water, beet stimulates digestion and is suitable for everyone who has intestinal problems.

12- Beets increase libido

Viagra is basically nothing more than a drug that increases the formation of nitric oxide in the body and especially in the genitals (in men and women). The frequent consumption of beetroot, beet powder or beetroot smoothies or juices, therefore, corresponds to a daily Viagra tablet, as it improves the blood circulation and increases the libido.

13-  Beetroot boosts the immune system

Nitrogen oxide is an essential signal substance for the immune system. Beet can help to make the immune system fitter and more efficient in the long run. For more information about the immune system see here: Strengthen the immune system

14- Beet is rich in vitamins and low in calories

Vegetables are generally very rich in vitamins and minerals and low in calories.

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Beetroot for athletes

As already mentioned, the red tuber promotes blood circulation and energy consumption. It also lowers blood pressure, improves the flow of fats and carbohydrates, reduces inflammation and also increases regeneration after exercise.

Beetroot is almost a perfect food for athletes! The formation of nitric oxide is highest about 2-3 hours after ingestion, so it is advisable to consume beetroot, beetroot juice and/or smoothie 2-3 hours before the sports event.

It’s extremely beneficial to drink a beet powder and collagen shake to simultaneously achieve the effects mentioned and to strengthen joints and bones. You can find more about collagen here:

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Beetroot for pregnant women

Beet is one of the richest vegetable sources of bioactive folic acid (B9, a B vitamin) and is therefore very important, especially for pregnant women. A lack of folic acid is associated with malformations in the unborn child; frequent beetroot indulgence is a healthy and tasty option for pregnant women.

Why is the beet producing red urine?

Everyone who has already eaten beetroot knows this: the urine turns red. This is because the beet is so rich in antioxidants (red dyes) that the body is unable to process 100% of it.

In addition, the waste degradation products of betaine also look red. These are excreted via the kidneys, i.e. later in the urine, and stain the urine red. So don’t worry about any underlying diseases, it’s just the beetroot playing with colors?


Can you eat beets raw?

The short answer: yes, you can! However, I would recommend that you peel them beforehand because there is a substance called oxalic acid in the shell and in the leaves, which hinders the absorption of some nutrients.

It is best to use disposable gloves for peeling because the red color is even stronger when raw and is then difficult to remove from your hands.

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Do you have to peel beetroot?

When raw, I would recommend peeling the beetroot, for example in a raw salad or simply as a healthy snack.

When cooking, I recommend that you only peel them after cooking. In this way, no valuable nutrients are released into the cooking water and thrown away during the process. When preparing in the oven, it is also advisable to peel them beforehand.

Red beetroot juice

If you also want to do something for your gut health and lower the carbohydrate content, the lactic acid fermented beetroot juice is a good choice. It also tastes very good and refreshing.

Beet juice is low in calories and very healthy You can take it anywhere and acts as a delicious addition to everyday nutrition. More about the health benefits of fermented foods:

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How much beetroot juice a day?

In order to ensure the health effects of the beet, 250-500 ml of beetroot juice was estimated to be optimal per day in scientific studies. This corresponds to 1-2 glasses of beetroot juice a day. You can buy it ready or press it yourself.

Smoothies with beets

Add 2 tablespoons of beetroot powder or 400 g of boiled beetroot with a handful of carrots and celery sticks to the blender. Puree with water or yogurt and drink.

Not for everyone, but super healthy, works against bacterial or viral infections and is an easy way to eat a lot of vegetables in one session.

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Buy beetroot

A small summary of which beetroot products you can buy and where:

Raw beets: supermarket, autumn, winter and spring
Boiled beets: supermarket, all year round (canned or in glass)
Beetroot juice: organic supermarkets and large supermarkets
Beet powder: natural health store

The red tuber is an underestimated superfood

I like to write about superfoods that are also available locally, which are inexpensive, tasty and underestimated. Flax seeds, apple cider vinegar and ginger are part of this. I have already written about these, and beetroot joins the small list.

Beet is an absolutely underrated, tasty power tuber that has numerous health effects and can be used in many ways in the kitchen – either cold or warm.

We should not underestimate the health effects of beets. Consumed daily, this vegetable, in whatever form, comes with a range of positive effects.

These include effects on weight loss, regulating blood sugar, high blood pressure, inflammation, infections, blood circulation, athletic performance and more.


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