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Alkaline Water For Deacidification of Your Body

In our stressful world, it’s often necessary to add alkaline water to our diet for keeping a healthy pH balance. Because to really give our body what it needs, dieticians recommend eating 5 servings of vegetables daily!



Unfortunately, the reality is very far from that. Most of the time, our hectic lifestyles allow us in no way to pay attention to our diet to that extent.

The result is the acidosis of our body. Any food we consume affects our pH, and, thus, our pH balance.


If we consume acid-forming food, e.g. burgers, sandwiches or coffee, then our bodies must constantly struggle to maintain their optimum basic pH of 7,356.

Obesity and underweight are not the sole indicators of hyperacidity. Also, extreme fatigue, skin irritations, headaches, heartburn and allergies belong to the list. Learn more about the acidification of the body and its possible symptoms.

The key to achieving the ideal pH in the body is to find the right balance between alkaline and acidifying foods.

Since the optimal pH of our body is slightly alkaline, our diet ought to also reflect this. It should, therefore, never contain more than 25% of acid-building foods, such as meat, seafood, yeast products, milk, sweets and drinks such as alcohol, soda and coffee.



Instead, you should eat more alkaline based foods, such as vegetables, sprouts, seeds, tomatoes or avocados.

By making your diet more “basic” and naturally deacidifying your body, you will achieve a balanced, alkaline pH within your body.

This can help regain its healthy, natural weight, increase its energy level, improve the skin, reduce allergies, minimize joint pain, and enhance mental clarity.

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Alkaline food and water is already popular since around 1970

Alkaline nutrition is a form of nourishment that has been widely recommended since about 1970 in alternative medicine or complementary medicine as a health-promoting and healing diet form.

Here, the dieter prefers foods that allegedly contain less acid-producing components and more alkaline ingredients, instead. Scientific medicine and nutritionists do not classify this diet as a therapeutical one.

The pH value is a measure of the strength of the acidic or alkaline action of an aqueous solution. The term derives from pondus Hydrogenii or potentia Hydrogenii (Latin pondus, n = weight, potentia, f = force, hydrogenium, n = hydrogen) from. Based on the dissociation constant of the water, the value ranges are divided into:


pH minus 7 corresponds to a solution with an acidic effect
A pH equalling 7 relates to a neutral solution
pH greater than 7 corresponds to an alkaline solution (basic effect)

An acid-based balance is a general term for various physiological regulatory mechanisms. They maintain the flow of necessary metabolic processes at a pH of 7.4 (± 0.05) in the blood.

To regulate the acid balance, the buffering properties of the blood and tissues, as well as the gas exchange in the lungs and the excretory mechanisms of the kidney, contribute.

Disruptions in the acid-base balance of the body lead to acidosis (acidification) or alkalosis (hypoacetic acid) and have a life-threatening effect.

Acidosis is a condition of hyperacidity of the human (or animal) body. If the blood pH is below 7.35, it is called acidosis. The reference and normal range are 7.35 to 7.45. If this number lies above, one speaks of an alkalosis.

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Alkaline water – the freshness kick for your cells – ideal for a healthy life!

Alkaline water contains antioxidants, active hydrogen ions that can neutralize unwanted free radicals. Free radicals are responsible, among other things, for degenerative body processes and faster cell aging.


Not only basic foods but also basic water contributes to the harmonization of the acid-base balance and the pH balance.

This is an important factor in well-being, vitality and performance!

Is alkaline water the secret youth elixir in Asia?

People in Japan and Korea drink alkaline water for decades now to improve their health. Many folks also refer to it as “antioxidant water, deacidified water, basic ionized activated water, energized water, lively water, cluster water or super ionized water.”

However, due to the high pH value, alkaline water has meanwhile gained a lot of recognition in America and Europe as well. No wonder because it is softer, more fluid (I know this sounds strange, but it’s true).

It, furthermore, provides a thirst-quenching feeling and tastes much better than other drinking water. It is also extremely healthy, because of the neutralization of unwanted acids, which get flushed out by natural means.

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Explaining ORP (Oxidation-Reduction-Potential)

At the same time, the electrical forces in the water, the so-called Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP), also change. When measuring different types of water, it becomes clear that positive voltage or ORP values ​​have an acidifying oxidative power.

This means, for instance, that ORPs can make metal rust, and that negative voltage values ​​have an alkaline (acid-reducing) property. ORP

The following listing illustrates this:
* ORP / redox potential:
Tap water + 600mV
Mineral water + 300mV
Springwater + 150mV
Regular bottled water + 400V
Alkaline water -50mV to -750mV (depending on the device or manufacturing method)

In addition, researchers have found that one liter of alkaline active water has the antioxidant power of about 10 lemons! This means that this water is a highly effective, body-deacidifying antioxidant!

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Alkaline water – that’s what sets it apart from other waters

First of all, there are no studies that verify the supposed positive health effect of alkaline water. On the contrary, if you drink too much of the alkaline water or the pH is too high, it is not unlikely that you will harm your health.


The alkaline nutrition theory assumes that our body is often acidified due to our diet.

This assumption is not entirely wrong, but it is also a fact that neither too many acids nor too many bases are good for our organism.

In a health-conscious diet, our organism is quite able to provide itself for a healthy acid-base relationship.


If your body has a pH of 7.4, the base-acid ratio in your body is perfect and you can safely do without alkaline water.

Like everything else in life – Always keep it well-balanced!

Our bodies usually compensate for smaller nutritional sins without any problems. However, if you feed yourself permanently unhealthy, it can lead to acidosis, the so-called acidification of the body.

Noticeable is an over-acidification, for example, when heartburn persists. A pH below 7 is also a clear indicator of acidosis. If your organism is permanently over acidified, it can lead to serious health problems, such as kidney damage.

Our drinking water has a pH of around 7, whereas the pH of alkaline water is much higher. The alkaline water’s pH is 8 or 9.


If the pH of your alkaline water is even significantly higher, then you should no longer drink it, but use it for cleaning purposes, instead.

Occasionally drinking a glass of alkaline water will probably not have any negative health consequences for you.

However, whether the alkaline water actually has a positive effect on the acid-base balance of your body has not yet been scientifically proven.

There isn’t even yet a scientific proof if the statements that praise the alkaline water as a“fountain of youth” and “anti-aging elixir” are true.

It is certain, nevertheless that an excess of alkaline water can have a negative impact on health. Among other things, it can lead to long-term heart and digestive problems and calcification. So, as with everything else in life, the perfect balance is the key.

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Make alkaline water yourself – that’s how it works

Alkaline water is not one of the cheapest beverages- at least not the one that’s offered to you in the supermarkets. As with all hypes, basic nutrition is no exception. With a few inexpensive home remedies, however, you make your alkaline water for just a few cents.

Ionization creates alkaline water, and you can obtain corresponding water ionizers, which are not always inexpensive, in the trades, for example online.

Drinking a glass of lemon water in the early morning is actually a well-known health tip. In addition to other positive side effects, enjoyment of lemon water helps the body to stabilize the acid-based balance.

The water begins to act alkaline within your body due to the lemon’s natural acid. I actually wrote an article regarding the lemon diet, because it helped me lose a few extra pounds quickly.

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Another relatively simple and inexpensive method of rapidly producing alkaline water yourself is with the help of baking soda. In a glass of water, add about half a teaspoon of soda.

The exact dosage depends on the quality of your drinking water. At the pharmacy, you will receive pH test strips that help you determine the pH of your mixture. The alkaline water should show a pH between 8 and 9, definitely not more.

Hyperacidity – Bring your stomach back into balance with my home remedies

Hyperacidity in the stomach is often associated with stomach pain, heartburn and nausea. Home remedies can combat the symptoms.

Hyperacidity – why the stomach turns sour

Hyperacidity of the stomach occurs when the stomach produces too much stomach acid. The overproduction of gastric acid is not an independent disease, but always a symptom.



There are many reasons for this, and your eating habits can cause over-acidification of the stomach, as well.

I have put together a few home remedies for you that can relieve the symptoms.

If your stomach remains acidic for a long time, you should consult a doctor and have the cause clarified.


He’ll most likely prescribe tablets that inhibit gastric acid production something. However, let’s first try to get rid of the discomfort in a natural way.

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Hyperacidity of the stomach – these home remedies can help

Often the stomach just turns sour if you irritate it with an unhealthy diet or stimulants. Coffee, cigarettes and alcohol are all things that the stomach does not agree with much.

If you reduce consumption, hyperacidity generally regulates itself. Of course, if you have an unhealthy diet, you also have a lot of influence. In any case, avoid fatty and spicy food if you have stomach problems. Stress can also hit the stomach and lead to hyperacidity.

White bread offers fast alleviation for complaints like heartburn. Whether rusk, roll, toast or baguette – all bind acid. If you want to prevent acid reflux, eat a piece of wholemeal bread.

You should stay away from the bread while it is still warm, though. The warmth still triggers the acidity within the dough and may cause further stomach upset.

Low-acid fruit helps when the stomach burns. These include banana, pear, water and honeydew melon, mango, papaya and apricot. In general, you should preferably resort to alkaline foods and water. The classic is of course milk, which neutralizes the acid.

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Oatmeal also works like a charm. The following advice does not taste delicious, but it helps: Take two teaspoons full of dry oatmeal and chew vigorously and extensively.

Continue until it’s a fairly liquid pulp. This will then, upon swallowing, transports the stomach acid that caused your heartburn back into the stomach.

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Green smoothies

Green smoothies are, without any doubt, one of the healthiest foods you can add to your daily lifestyle. They are pH balancing, thus, transforming acidity levels to alkaline levels within your body. Green smoothies, furthermore, act anti-inflammatory and, therefore, prevent many chronic disease.

They are packed with nutrients, vitamins, minerals and even chlorophyll. They’re wholesome, cleansing and regulate your intestine flora. I wrote an article regarding green smoothies, including our favorite detox recipe, here:

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Personal note

So, my friends, basically the most important thing to look out for isn’t even if the water is alkaline or not. It’s better to check out the pH levels at all time. Make sure that it is between 7 to 8, and you have the ideal pH level for drinking water.

They say that everything from between a level of 6 and 8.5 is good, but the actual best pH level is 7.4, so I always stick close to that range. Everything below 6 can contain toxic metals or be corrosive. On the other hand, anything above 8.5 is way too alkaline.

Please, let us know in a comment below what’s your experience with alkaline water, or drinking water and filters in common. We are always looking forward to hearing from you.

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In the meantime, I’m sending you much love, light, happiness and an abundance of all good things. Remember, you are beautiful, unique, precious and endlessly loved. Tus, keep on shining.

Before Thy Spirit, I Bow

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