Alcohol – Effects On Your Body, Mind & Soul + Alternatives


All about alcohol & its effects on your well-being and health

It is undeniable that drinking alcohol has certain effects on body, mind and spiritual energy There are good alternatives to alcohol intoxication and hangover. This article takes a closer look at the effects of alcohol and shows a really great replacement.

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The enemy of a happy society

If you look at what alcohol consumption does to people, it quickly becomes clear that it stands in the way of a fulfilling and satisfied life.

Everyone has the potential to do themselves and the world around them really well, but many don’t take this opportunity because they lose their drive through the use of alcohol or other drugs.

One of the biggest problems is that around the world we celebrate alcohol consumption so openly in our culture. Hence, it is easy to get the feeling that it is totally acceptable and a valid solution.

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Of course, we have to learn to understand here that people rarely make themselves purposely useless. It’s mostly other factors that tempt someone to consume alcohol.

The reason why people drink alcohol

When we ask people directly why they consume alcohol, we usually can isolate one main reason:

They want to intensify their experience and have  more fun.

To some extent, it works quite well too. People who are too cramped up to sing in the shower suddenly stumble singing through the streets and all the problems of everyday life are blown away.

You can suddenly laugh and feel free. In this context, alcohol consumption seems to offer advantages.

However, as soon as someone exceeds this amount of alcohol, his ugly face shows up. Even if you don’t surpass this amount, the next morning you can expect unpleasant effects.

Also, your problems will be back in full force at the latest when the effect ends.

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Effects on the body

Alcohol consumption offers a short-term kick, but it has several consequences for the body:

Damage to the heart and circulatory system

Our society can attribute around 15 percent of alcohol-related deaths to cardiovascular disease. Alcohol particularly promotes high blood pressure. The risk of stroke also increases.

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Alcohol has been shown to cause cancer. The risk of cancer rises especially for the liver, esophagus, mouth and throat, as well as for the intestines.

The risk of breast cancer also increases in women. Ten percent of cancers in men and three percent in women are due to alcohol consumption.

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Liver damage and Cirrhosis

First, a fatty liver develops, which shown as an enlargement of the organ. This stage of illness, however, does not yet cause any symptoms.

As a result, liver inflammation occurs, the so-called fatty liver hepatitis. Chronic inflammation leads to decomposition (“cirrhosis”) of the liver with continued alcohol consumption.

I think it is now quite clear that the consumption of alcohol is anything but digestible for the body. But it doesn’t stop here! We can also not overlook and underestimate the influences on the mind.

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Effects on the mind

The effects that alcohol consumption has on the mind are at least as diverse as the effects on the body.

A weak memory

The consumption of alcohol significantly weakens your memory. However, this does not mean that your past issues no longer influence you, you only lose the ability to recognize them.

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General mental slowdown

Your mental abilities generally become slower and more feeble as a result of alcohol consumption.

Judgment and criticism abate

This point is mostly the reason why the consumption of alcohol becomes a problem and friendships break down.

The experience of feelings changes

The inhibition threshold drops, which can quickly lead to violence, both emotion and indifference increase.

Most of the time, the alcohol abuser cannot recognize the consequences for the mind because there is no direct comparison to the past. However, other people mostly notice the difference fairly quickly.

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It enslaves you and distracts your spiritual growth

Probably the most important thing to mention here: Alcohol interferes with your spiritual development and awakening process.

Just like any other drug, alcohol numbs your brain. You lose clarity, focus and, ultimately, you will astray from the path towards enlightenment.

Make sure that you find your way back, as the real purpose in life is to rediscover your true being and potentials.

If you need any light to guide you back to your path, then please contact me. I have made it part of my life purpose to help you through your dark times. Together, we will find a way!

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Effects on energy

Alcohol consumption weakens the system’s bioenergy, making it increasingly difficult to stay in the higher levels of perception. This naturally affects the quality of life.

Initially, the ability to perceive one’s own inner life diminishes. Sooner or later, it leads to eating, sleeping and drinking being the only content that remains in life.

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A good alternative to alcohol

Now that it is clear that alcohol is far from beneficial for the body, mind and energy, it is time to come up with a real alternative.

To start with, cannabis is NOT an alternative because it has its own disadvantages. You can find out more on this in the article below.

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How about being intoxicated by life itself?

If you would like that, you should stop drinking alcohol immediately!

The 3 levels that alcohol negatively affects (body, mind and energy) have to be balanced to a certain extent so that you can experience real joy in yourself.

This is of course a process that doesn’t happen overnight, but you can feel better every day if you use the right methods for yourself.

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The methods to get intoxicated by life

If you tend to be lazy due to alcohol consumption or for whatever reason, it is advisable to get started:

Start exercising regularly, or at least go for a walk! This dissolves the worst lethargy.

Once you are done you can start practicing yoga and meditation regularly.

Through these practices, you balance yourself on a physical, mental, and energetic level, gaining access to a state of permanent satisfaction over time!

It also dissolves negative impressions from the past, which leads to a better access to your life.

To start yoga, read the post “The 5 Tibetans: Yoga Exercises for Holistic Well-Being”, where you will find instructions on a simple but extremely effective series of exercises.

If you do these two exercises regularly, you will soon notice how your condition improves. You will find it easier and easier to make your life positive and you will soon forget the alcohol altogether.

Dear co-creators

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