You’ve certainly clicked on this page to see if this is the right place for you. Whether you find what you are looking for, and whether it’s worth reading our articles and exploring the site… If this is a place to feel at home, nurtured and understood.

That’s why we’d like to share a little of our lives, passions, and adventures with you, so you can figure out if this is a sanctuary for you.

Hello there, Sunshine; Alexandra and Keryn here.



Our goal is to help you reach your ideal body weight faster and lead a life that you have always dreamed of; set your doubts and fears aside, and clear the way for a life that opens up all possibilities. Open your heart and let the sun comfort your precious soul.

We’re here to help you create the life you deserve.

By that, we mean a happy, truly joyful, abundant and fulfilling life. As soon as you really know the extent of your powers, where your strengths and your passions lie, have found your way and your true calling, your life will be equally wholesome in all areas; including your desired body weight.

I’ve learned from Alexandra to use a variety of methods to help me get there faster. If you are motivated and, above all, disciplined in approaching your goals, you will be more effective, faster and achieve more than you can imagine.

Total Alignment For Successful Weight Loss.

Then, followed the time when we worked on aligning my body and spirit through meditation, yoga, focused exercise, healthier food choices, and herbal teas. I started to soak up everything there was about the Law of Attraction, spiritual healing, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, and Ayurveda.

Once you realize that all of the above are precious gifts to us to use and heal ourselves and others, reaching your ideal weight will never be a problem for you anymore.

With all this, we can help you: Leaving you with nothing less but the most empowering and encouraging words, and the ultimate ingredient that helped me to finally not only lose my stubborn belly fat but to keep it off for good as well.

Why we’ve made the commitment to help you.

I’ve been struggling with weight issues for several years. My main problem zone back then has been the midsection (belly fat) along with my hip area. I was devastated because I used to be always athletic and slim throughout my entire life before. I can write a ballad regarding the frustrations of dieting, yo-yo effects, starving myself in order to lose my love handles fast and the anxiety once I just packed them back up in a few months time again; plus some extra pounds! Then I met Alexandra, and she helped me quit sodas, junk food, and she taught me how important regular exercise is. I also lost two of my uncles because of obesity. Both died prematurely in their mid-50s due to a heart attack. A good friend of Alexandra and mine committed suicide because she couldn’t deal with the depths of her weight loss battle any longer. She literally threw her 28-year-old life out of a window, leaving us behind filled with sadness and ridden with guilt. Guilt, because none of us took her signs of depression serious enough to dig deeper, to actually be the support which she so desperately needed. Since then, we’ve made it our purpose to help others to heal and reclaim their bodies from the inside out. It took yet another several years until a Shaman in Mexico taught us about the connection between our thoughts and the reality we are creating with them.

We are rooting for you during your weight loss journey.

Becoming the Best Version of Yourself. 

Because of our vision, our dream is so clear that we just continue working daily to make it come true. Not for ourselves – but for you! Because our purpose is to help you to find YOUR way – by motivating, inspiring, and giving you all the tools, methods and strategies we are aware of, so that you can feel, look and be the best version of yourself.


If you ever need a hand or have any questions, please feel free to leave them below and we will be more than happy to help you out.

Sending you much love, harmony and abundance,


KERYN SANCHEZ    &    ALEXANDRA NOVOTNY        lovebodyfatsolutions.com

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