I Am At Your Service, Beloved Co-Creators.

You’ve certainly clicked on this page to see if this is the right place for you. If here you’ll find the help, encouragement, deep understanding and support you are looking for, and whether it’s worth reading my articles and exploring the site?

Let me guide you through a place you can come to anytime and feel at home, nurtured and understood.

I’d like to share a little of my life, passions and adventures with you, so you can figure out if this is your ideal sanctuary.

Dearest co-creator, perchance you feel lost in this world at the time being, or you just don’t seem to fit in? 

Don’t worry, because if that’s the case, you are definitely on the right track. If you suddenly are “the odd one out” of your friend and family circle, then chances are high that you are upgrading.

Yes, that’s right, you are raising your vibration; shifting into a higher dimension. It’s all part of becoming the best version of yourself and an extremely positive sign.

Naturally, a spiritual awakening process is not always easy. There will be rough times, too, where old patterns and emotions come to the surface once more, where you start to figure out that you simply don’t have anything in common with certain people within your circle anymore.

All is well!

All these happenings are essential, because you need to let go in order to ascent. Let go of what doesn’t serve you. Let us help to uplift you and support you in your spiritual growth.

We know it can be tough, and that’s why we’ve created this website to coach you, give you the advice and necessary tools that you need to achieve your ultimate dreams.

Remember, we are all one. Each one of us is a small particle of the Universe, and solely together we are the highest source.

Thus, we all belong together, are co-creators and responsible for one another; regardless of wherever in the world we might be and how far apart we may feel.

There is no separation, to begin with, but more about this subject in one of our upcoming articles.

Hello there, Sunshine; Alexandra here.

My goal is to help you reclaim your innate rights to lead the life that you have always dreamed of; set your doubts and fears aside, and clear the path that guides you to all possibilities.

Whatever it is that you truly desire in life, I can put you on the right path to achieve your goals. And why? Not because I studied various secret formulas, or read about the LOA and watched videos regarding manifestation.

No, but because I experienced many life changing transformations on my own. Some even seem so fanciful and wild that I’m not sure if I’d believe them had I not lived though them to tell the tale.

My Story - My Life Transformation To Life My Purpose & Serve Our Collective

Whatever I can do, YOU can do!

Do you wish to think more positively, adopt healthier habits, quit smoking or excessive drinking, make healthier food and lifestyle choices, or retrain your mind for ultimate success?

How about overcoming panic attacks, agoraphobia and other fear-based disorders, attracting the right partner, getting into the correct business mindset and, thus, achieving financial independence?

Open your heart and let the sun comfort your precious soul. Find your real purpose in life, because therein lies true happiness!

Learn that what you really desire is already yours.

Yes, that’s right. Your dream life is already yours. All you need to do is recognize it, own it already, shift into it, and, of course, be grateful.

Be grateful now, even though you cannot physically perceive your longed-for wishes yet.

It is easy to say “thank you” after receiving a gift, right? Thus, say your grace now! For, regardless if you cannot see it yet, you already have received your desires.

All that’s missing is for you to open your eyes and step into your desire’s vibration level for it to become tangible within your life – Learn to align.

I am here to help you create the life you deserve.

By that, I mean a happy, truly joyful, abundant and fulfilled life. As soon as you really know the extent of your powers, where your strengths and your passions lie, have found your way and your true calling, your life will be equally wholesome in all areas.

This includes your relationships, health, financial independence, body image, the manifestation of all your desires, and, most of all, total alignment with the Universe.

I’ve learned to use a variety of methods to help me get there faster. If you are motivated and, above all, disciplined in approaching your goals, you will be more effective, faster and achieve more than you can imagine.

My story that led up to this path I am on now is even deeper. I had a terrifying battle with panic disorder, anxiety and even agoraphobia.

I have been to the darkest of places imaginable, and I have decided to share “My Story” in a separate section of the website with all of you.

It’s truly enlightening, encouraging and, frankly speaking, a proof that we are endlessly loved, guided and immensely powerful.

So, be sure to check out “My Story”; it’s definitely worth reading and will hopefully leave you encouraged and with a heart filled with positive energy.

Remember, if i can do it, YOU can do it!

The truth lies within – The power has been with you all the time.

After I got through my dark night of the soul and overcame my panic disorder, I worked on aligning my body and spirit through awareness training, meditation, yoga, focused exercise, healthier food choices, and herbal teas.

I started to soak up everything there was about the Law of Attraction, the power of thoughts and retraining the mind, the secret to manifesting ones desires, spiritual healing, naturopathy, and Ayurveda.

You see, the first thing you need to understand is that no matter what happens within your life, you have created it.

Whether it’s something positive or negative, you are in charge. You have to stop victimizing yourself, and start reclaiming your immense power instead.

With all this, I can help you: Leaving you with nothing less but the most empowering and encouraging thought patterns, and the ultimate ingredients that helped me find my calling.

I am of service to you to help you become the light that you truly are.  You are your own reality, and the Universe is not all around you; it’s always been within you.

Now claim your power – realize your desires and heal yourself and the world along on your journey.


Becoming the Best Version of Yourself. 

Because of my vision, my dream is so clear that I just continue working daily to make it come true. Not for myself – but for you!

Because my purpose is to help you to find YOUR way – by motivating, inspiring, and giving you all the tools, methods and strategies I have been made aware of, so that you can feel, look and be the best version of yourself.

So, schedule a free consultation call today and subscribe to my newsletter for weekly motivation and encouragement. Together we can cause your awakening from amnesia, and realizing the divine and limitless powers within you.

Sending you much love, harmony and abundance of all good things,