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Weston A Price – The Origins of the Paleo Diet and the responsible breakthrough

Dr. Price was a dentist and traveled around the world in the early 20th century. Like so many of us, he, too, was curious about the origins of the Paleo diet.

He wanted to know why people in western society (including us) are increasingly suffering from tooth decay, diabetes and other diseases of civilization.

That’s why he visited primitive people around the world. People who still lived traditionally and originally, like in the Stone Age.

He immediately saw that civilization diseases such as tooth decay, diabetes, high blood pressure, autoimmune diseases and obesity were practically unknown to these people.

He was also pleased to learn that they had well-formed jaws and strong bones and joints all over their bodies.

Price also observed primitive people who adopted Western eating habits, no longer lived naturally, but began to smoke, drink, eat chips and pizza.

What happened then? The primitive tribes developed diseases of civilization just as we did.

He concluded that a Stone Age and traditional diet was the best way to prevent civilization disorders. Thus, the basic idea of ​​the Paleo diet was born.

He also noticed that they often consumed animal products, but that these animal products always came from animal welfare and not from factory farming.

List Of Allowed Foods With The Paleo Diet


One of the best-researched indigenous people are the Kitava, who live on the island of the same name near Papua New Guinea.

Their diet consists of what the island has to offer. They feed on lots of fruit, starchy vegetables and roots, coconut products and a little meat and fish.

Price concluded that a regional and seasonal diet is as important as the choice of the food itself. The Kitava diet is very high in carbohydrates, but natural and regional/seasonal.


With the Inuit in Greenland and Northern Canada, Price observed something similar. They, too, ate what the country bestowed upon them and what was in season.

The Inuit usually ate a lot of fish, seals, meat from ruminants, grasses and some tubers.

This diet is contrary to the Kitava, very high in fat and cholesterol. However, the Inuit are well adapted to this menu (fatty, regional/seasonal) after millennia.

Price also saw that they kept fit and slim all year round with their traditional Stone Age diet.

The breakthrough in Paleo nutrition – Professor Cordain

Cordain is a professor of nutritional physiology and picked up Weston Price’s old books and analysis. He published a groundbreaking study that gave the Paleo diet its first boost: Cordain et al., 2005.

He explained that 70% of what people in Western society consume is modern, artificial and chemically altered.

Only 30% are nutritious, healthy and traditional foods such as the aforementioned Paleo foods. He explained why grain, sugar, alcohol, and the like, are so unhealthy for the human body in this quantity.

Since then, the Paleo movement began growing, and other scientists such as Robb Wolf, Sarah Ballantyne and Dr. Jaminet wrote scientifically sound books on the Paleo diet.

A larger scene with great blogs and books has also emerged in America for a few years.

Paleo nutrition for chronic conditions

Thanks to the properties of the Paleo diet, it is ideal for dealing with chronic problems. These include not only lifestyle diseases such as obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol and allergies.

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Paleo nutrition for autoimmune diseases

Even with autoimmune diseases, Paleo has a very positive effect on the body. Because the real causes behind autoimmune diseases often lie in the diet, as you can read in many other articles on this website.

Regardless of whether it is leaky gut syndrome, lack of nutrients, poor sleep, poor liver detoxification or an overactive immune system – with Paleo you can get a lot under control.

You can only get a hold of autoimmune diseases if you address the root causes. Paleo, or especially the Paleo autoimmune protocol, provides first-class help here.

Autoimmune diseases where Paleo has had a good effect include type 1 diabetes, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, antiphospholipid syndrome and lupus erythematosus.

Paleo irritable bowel nutrition

Between 25 and 45 million Americans suffer from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and from those, 2 out of three are women.

It is difficult to diagnose (irritable bowel diagnosis), but it can be managed well through a suitable and adapted diet (irritable bowel nutrition).

Paleo No-Go Foods - What You Are Not Allowed To Eat

Stone Age diet? Lose weight with Paleo

If you are like 40 percent of people in the USA, you are overweight. Losing weight is very easy with Paleo, as this nutrition eliminates typical fattening foods.

Instead, the focus is on unprocessed, nutrient-rich and metabolism-stimulating foods.

The Paleo diet is a form of nutrition that imitates the diet of our ancestors from the Stone Age. It is probably the healthiest, most sustainable, and most varied diet available.

Paleo is also suitable for everyone who simply lives healthier and maybe wants to lose some weight.

It is scientifically sound, tried and tested, and one can also carry it out in the long term.

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