A Simple 10-Minute Morning Exercise Routine For More Pep!


Begin your day with an energy-boosting 10-minute morning exercise workout

I don’t know if you have already checked out the nine morning- gymnastics from my previous post. However, if you did, then I am sure that you do feel the positive benefits, just like I do every morning.

Do you like morning exercises as well? They are a good basis for a comprehensive morning routine and will get your circulation going in no time.

If you want to make your start of the day a little more intensive, you can use the following routine for 10-minute morning exercises and combine it with the nine gymnastics workouts.

This routine includes and combines many of the exercises previously described. This will get your blood flowing and heart going even better.

By the way, most of it seems familiar to you, because the routine contains many elements of the sun salutation from yoga. I do this sequence of movements every morning on my patio.

1- Stand up and bring your arms up.

2- Now alternately tilt your upper body to the left and right to the side.

3- Next, roll your torso down until your hands touch the floor.

4- Then go into a deep crouch and stretch your legs again two or three times, keeping your hands on the ground.

5- From the crouch position, with your hands on the ground, you now lead one leg backward. This position is the same as the start position before a sprint.

6- Let the second leg follow until you get into the push-up position.

7- Following, push your buttocks towards the ceiling and bring your head between your upper arms. In yoga, this exercise is called “the downward facing dog”, or in Sanskrit “Adho mukha svanasana”.

8- Now go to the four-footed pose and stretch and bend your spine.

9- Then you put your entire body in a bent position and go into the cobra pose (push your upper body slightly away from the floor with your hands).

10- Afterward, you raise yourself back to the push-up, bring one leg forward, let the second leg follow, and then stretch yourself to the ceiling while standing.

11- Repeat the exercise about 3 to 5 times for your 10 minute morning exercises.

Why Morning Gymnastics Is So Good For You & 9 Exercises For Everyone

What you should consider when doing morning exercises

There is not much to consider in the morning workouts. The best thing to do is to freshen up in the bathroom and ventilate the apartment.

In case you are doing Intermittent fasting, morning exercises are extremely valuable as they boost autophagy – your body’s own garbage disposal system.

In this way, old and damaged cells will get repaired or discarded and your DNA little by little restored.

Before you start the exercise, you should make sure that you supply your body with water. This will get your metabolism going.

In the article below, you can find out why a large glass of lemon water is my insider tip for starting the day.

I also recommend doing morning exercises on an empty stomach. As a result, the body is not burdened by digestion and you can concentrate more on the exercises.

Ready? Then start tomorrow with your morning exercises. Here is an overview of all the steps:

Morning exercises – explained step-by-step

The most important thing in the morning workout is that you develop a routine that you can perform every day.

Let your morning exercise become a strong habit. It’s incredible how this newly adopted lifestyle fragment will improve your body and your psyche 365 days of the year.

So you can start the day from now on:

1- Wake up relaxed and make your bed.

2- Ventilate your apartment and freshen up in the bathroom.

3- Drink a large glass of water (with lemon).

4- Roll out your exercise mat and take 10 deep breaths.

5- Then briefly move each of your joints through (exercises 1 – 9).

6- If you want some more action, then do the 10 minute morning exercises immediately afterward.

7- After that, you have several options once you check out my 20 morning-routine tips.

Dear co-creators

You will see that your morning exercise routine quickly becomes a strong habit and the foundation of your day. I hope that you have found some interesting impulses here.

If you would like to enrich your start to the day even more, then read through my other listed posts about exercises.

You will find interesting sports, such as Tabata and Tai Chi, as well as posture training and a 100 pushups challenge. In addition to fitness exercises, it contains many tips and encouraging words for a dream start to your day.

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