Enforcing A Healthy Lifestyle For Depression & Tips For Loved Ones


Creating a healthy lifestyle for depression and advice for relatives and friends

Here, I want to talk about the importance of a healthy lifestyle for depression. More so, because most of the time relevant guides and books only deal with methods of psychotherapy and psychosomatic to treat depression. What they usually neglected are the organic causes of depression that can exist in lifestyle.

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Why this is so essential?

Lifestyle is something highly individual, every person is unique. Due to the modern living conditions and the mostly very unhealthy diet, important causes of depression exist here.

We can identify and eliminate these with often simple changes in lifestyle.

The following is a small list of factors in nutrition and way of living, including individual foods and nutrients, which can make a decisive contribution to the development or treatment of depression.

A healthy diet can play a vital role in treating depression because it provides the body with important nutrients.

For the sake of simplicity, we start with factors that may trigger or may continue to cause depression.

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I recommend to recognize and eliminate the following in everyday life:

Diet and lifestyle factors that can promote and exacerbate depression

1- High sugar diet/Sugar Cravings

2- Industrial edible oils, such as sunflower oil, soybean oil, safflower oil and rapeseed oil

3- Trans fats from fast food, fried food and processed foods

4- Alcohol, the consumption of which goes beyond moderate (one to two servings daily)

5- Low-fat diet

6- Little time in the fresh air

7- Too less exercise

8- Chronic stress in everyday life and at work

9- Loneliness

10- Too little or poor quality sleep

11- Not enough time with people who are close to your heart

12- Suppression of creative skills

13- Strong hygiene in early childhood

These factors all have in common that you can do something about them. Rethink your everyday life and consider where these factors are relevant to you and can be replaced by healthy habits.

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Some healthy habit suggestions now follow:

Diet and lifestyle factors that can prevent or actively treat depression

Way of life:

1- Healthy and adequate sleep (at least 7-8 hours a day)

2- Spend a lot of time with people you care about

3- A job in which you see meaning and which you enjoy

4- Lots of exercise in the fresh air

5- Time in the sun

6- Creative hobbies

7- Music – whether listening to songs, singing, playing drums, piano, guitar, etc.

8- Cold therapy – take a cold shower (recommended in the morning, with a wake-up effect!)

9- Regular and conscious relaxation, mindfulness and meditation

Stress reduction is an important component in the treatment of depression because too much stress favors the development of depression.

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Nutrition and nutrients

A healthy diet consisting of natural and healthy raw materials is essential for a healthy mind and body. A lack of nutrients often causes depression, which leads to inflammation in the brain.

You can successfully eliminate this inflammation, and therefore often the depression, through a healthy diet. The basis for a wholesome diet are:

Fruit and vegetables, berries, nuts and seeds, wild-caught fish, organic meat, coffee and tea as well as little to no gluten and other irritants.

The following foods and nutrients are particularly important to counter depression:

1- Probiotic foods such as apple cider vinegar, yogurt and Kombucha ensure healthy intestinal flora

2- Abundant animal omega-3 fatty acids from fish and seafood as well as algae

3- Cabbage

4- Organ flesh/offals (e.g. heart, kidney, liver)

5- Paprika

6- Linseed oil and linseed

7- Olive oil

8- St. John’s wort (very effective treatment for depression, but increases susceptibility to sunburn and should not be taken with oral contraceptives)

9- Licorice tea

10- Rosemary in the kitchen, rosemary tea or rosemary extract

11- Coriander (used extensively in the kitchen)

12- Magnesium (contained in green vegetables)

13- Curcumin (Turmeric extract)

14- Saffron and saffron extract

15- Hericium Erinaceus (medicinal mushroom from the Far East, which is becoming more and more popular)

16- Supplementation with tryptophan or 5-HTP and tyrosine (if there is a deficiency in the blood)

17- B vitamins, abundant in offal and kombucha

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Emergency help

In an acute emergency, you are not alone and can get help. Use professional positions in emergency situations:

There is a nationwide free crisis counseling service that is available 24 hours a day. It guarantees anonymity and can be reached free of charge.

When in the US or Canada, simply text the word “HOME” to the number 741741. More information at www.crisistextline.org.

Or, you can also get in touch with me here, and I am your support at your fingertips

No matter what your current crisis is about – depression, anxiety, loneliness, work/school problems, relationship troubles, emotional abuse, suicidal thoughts, or if you simply need guidance through your spiritual awakening journey, know that I am here for you and will walk you through the rain into the sunshine.

If you notice that the situation is becoming very critical and the counseling alone is not sufficient, then I highly recommend going to the nearest hospital or the medical emergency service. These are also there to assist you 24 hours a day.

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Tips for relatives

If a person close to you suffers from depression, it is highly recommended to take some behavioral advice to heart and to treat those affected gently:

1- Man is an emotional and empathetic being. Ask the people concerned about their fears, worries and needs and listen to them.

2- Always take suicidal thoughts seriously and treat them with respect. Even slight hints should always be taken seriously. Avoid talking people out of these thoughts, rather seek a sympathetic and open conversation and show possible alternatives.

3- In addition, show affected people the consequences of suicide and explain that it is not the solution, but can make the situation worse, especially for relatives and loved ones.

4- Express to those affected positive perspectives and convey hope and an outlook for improvement.

5- Help those affected to maintain an everyday routine. Daily habits and routines provide security and help those who suffer immensely.

6- Make sure that those affected take their medication regularly.

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Dear co-creators

With everyday support, you can help the ones in need a lot and provide physical and emotional support in difficult times.

Helping sufferers enforcing a healthy lifestyle for depression is a massive step towards healing.

If you, however, find it too hard at some point, or you would like some encouragement and/or support, then please do not hesitate to contact me as well.

I am sending you all the healing, light and love power there is. Know that you are precious, unique, highly appreciated and endlessly loved universals beings.

Your mere existence is an asset to our planet and the entire collective. So, thank you, dearest co-creator, for being here with us. ~Namaste~

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