7 Reasons Why You’re Always Hungry & How To Prevent It

Outpointing 7 reasons why you’re always hungry

… and what really helps against it. Are you wondering why you’re always hungry, and does the following scenario sound familiar to you?

Your thoughts are constantly revolving around the next snack, and while you barely finished eating one meal, you do already crave the next? Constant hunger has causes – here with me you can find out what you can do about it.

Reason 1: You are eating too little

A green smoothie in the morning, a salad at lunchtime – after all, that’s healthy. Under certain circumstances yes, but you should make sure that you consume enough calories in addition to enough greens.

When a meal is low in carbohydrates, protein, and fats, it makes sense that satiety won’t last long. Mix a few oatmeal flakes and some avocado into your smoothie, for example, or spice up your salad with chickpeas, roasted walnuts and quinoa. This also provides additional vitamins and minerals.

Whole grain bread with banana cottage cheese and maple syrup is healthy and filling

Here’s one simple recipe that’s chockablock full with nutrients and guaranteed to stop you from being always hungry.

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To prepare this, you need for 2 servings:

1 banana, ripe

100 g of cottage cheese

0.5 tsp maple syrup

2 slice (s) of wholemeal bread

15 g pistachios, chopped


Peel and mash 1/2 banana and fold into the cottage cheese. Season to taste with maple syrup.

Lightly toast wholemeal bread, smear with the banana cottage cheese. Peel the remaining banana, cut it into fine slices and arrange on top of the cottage cheese with the chopped pistachios.


With its grainy structure, cottage cheese is particularly suitable for a delicious spread. You can, however, also use regular cream cheese.

Cause 2: You are eating the wrong thing

Various types of pasta, rice and bread do not differ enormously in terms of calories, but they can feel very different in terms of hunger and satiety.

Whole grain products contain significantly more fiber, which swells up in the stomach and, thus, ensures better and longer-lasting satiety. If you want to counteract constant hunger, you should definitely try switching from white flour to whole grain.

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Reason 3: You drink too little healthy fluids

I had to add “healthy fluids” because some people indeed thought just because I wrote “you drink too little” in another article, that I was including alcoholic beverages – which is most certainly not the case.

That being cleared up, hunger is quickly mistaken for thirst. So before you reach for the next snack, it is better to drink a large glass of water first.

Afterward, wait 15 minutes and then decide whether you cannot wait until the upcoming real meal. For a little more variety in the water, you can infuse it with lemon or orange slices, herbs, ginger or berries.

Try my rosemary and blueberry infused water

It’s delicious and keeps you busy while preparing it, too. To do this, simply wash the rosemary and blueberries well and pour water in a carafe / pitcher. Lightly press the blueberries with a fork and let the water steep in the refrigerator overnight.


The eye also enjoy the drink: The water becomes particularly pretty when it is pepped up with matching blueberry and rosemary ice cubes. Simply put a few of the fresh blueberries and a little rosemary in an ice cube mold, fill up with water and leave to freeze overnight.

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Cause 4: You are bored

Who does not know it? Often we feel always hungry and long for a snack not because our stomachs are really growling, but because we are looking for something interesting to do. As long as you don’t do this every day and eat chocolate bars, that’s okay too.

It is important, however, that you are aware of this and think about what you could do instead. As banal as it sounds, a short walk in the fresh air is quite effective in relieving cravings for something to eat.

If you are so lucky to have a dog, take him for a stroll. That will surely uplift your spirit and make you forget about food altogether.

Reason 5: You let others influence you

Your partner comes home later and you eat with a delay or you are visiting a friend and there are snacks ready: We often feel that we are hungry when others around us eat or offer us something.

In fact, it is more about appetite than actual physical hunger. Before you grab the finger food, ask yourself if you really need the extra food. Maybe you just try a little bite so you don’t feel like you’re missing out.

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Cause 6: You are eating too spicy

Garlic and onions, especially raw, leave a penetrating taste in the mouth even after eating. You quickly become hungry, although you rather have the need to cover the taste with other aromas.

Since this only works for a very short time anyway, brushing your teeth or chewing gum help more sustainably and of course calorie-free.

Reason 7: You sleep too little

Last but not least, too little sleep is a calorie trap in two ways. On the one hand, this gives you more time to eat, on the other hand, you automatically become more hungry.

The reason for this lies in the hormones: Lack of sleep leads to a lack of leptin, the hormone that inhibits hunger. At the same time, however, the level of ghrelin, the hormone that stimulates hunger, rises.

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