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Our Bodies are Concentrated Energy – This is Basic Knowledge. Losing Weight With The LOA

“They consist of cells, which consist of atoms, which in turn consist of subatomic particles. What are subatomic particles? Energy!” ~ Jack Canfield

Our body does what we command. So, how do we place an order? How can we be losing weight with the Law of Attraction? Through our attention, our focus, our thoughts, and our feelings. This is the command – the signal. Thus, whoever says to himself, “I have to lose weight because I’m too fat,” sends out a counterproductive signal.

The focus, in this case, is directed at losing weight (low vibration) and focusing on being “too fat”. It only attracts more “I am fat” thoughts.  Plus, you also send out a negative vibration, a sort of fear of losing weight. So, in short, this whole approach is not effective!

Dieting is a struggle. If you have ever been on a diet, then you know all about it. How would it be like, however, to use the power of your opinion to switch your vibration over your body? To use the Law of Attraction to create your ideal body?

Your mind really IS that powerful!

Well, it really depends on where you are in terms of where you want to be. Just like building a new muscle or learning new dance steps, with practice you will make progress, and it will become easier.

Basically, your ability to “manifest” a slimmer body will depend on how much control you have over your thoughts and feelings.

Your thoughts become your reality.


The Law of Attraction responds to your dominant thoughts and feelings. Whatever you focus on is your dominant thought.

And, you will notice that your life circumstance continues to bring more of what you focus on most of the time. Do you feel fat?

Are you concerned about the foods you eat and if they will make you fat? Do you have a medical condition that you believe makes you gain weight? Whatever you think: Feeling, faith, and expectation consist of what you will get.

If you have thought along these lines, then you can understand now how you manifested your relationships. To create something new, you need to change your focus.

You have already created your present reality with your thoughts, so we say you take that same power and apply it to focus on what you REALLY WANT. How it feels to be your ideal weight. How it feels looking in the mirror when others are complimenting you while trying on new clothes.

Whatever you feel on the inside is what appears on the outside. Here are three easy ways to start changing your dominant vibration.

1) Purposefully Direct Your Thoughts On The Topic.

If you want to see a body that you love, then you need to learn to love the body that you have right now when looking into the mirror.  Find some aspect of your body that is now, at this present moment, exactly the way you like it to be.

Focus on this part of you as much as you can. Look for more things to appreciate about yourself; trust me there are plenty. Unfortunately, we always are our own worst critics. For the parts of yourself that you do not like, you can appreciate their collaboration in changing their condition, and you can put your focus back on the things you REALLY LIKE.

You have to make peace with where you are now before you can move on. As you discover more things to appreciate about your body now, your dominant focus will be changing, and soon you will be mirroring the reality that your new dominant outlook believes of yourself.

Visualize, have an ardent desire and unwavering faith.

2) Turn Up the Heat on Your Feelings

How often do you have a negative feeling about your body? And, they can be intense ones. The feeling behind our thoughts, however, is always the flame. So take it out of the situation; it is the way it is! 

Yes, acknowledge your feeling, welcome its presence, accept it, let it pass by and redirect it back to the image and to the fondness of your perfect body.

Bring yourself to the core feeling of loving your body. Guide yourself to the place of awareness where you already have this ideal figure, and it is so amazing! You will feel better about your body now that you will see your dream body reflecting back at you in the mirror.

So, be happy with some parts of your body as they are now, and be over the moon and in love with the quintessential body you are creating.

3) Change Your Belief and Perspective

Do you feel that you need to go through months of hard work and sacrifice to enjoy your ideal body? What if simply changing this perspective could open a different experience in your reality?

Try this Exercise

Find a quiet place to be alone and close your eyes. Bring your awareness to your body and notice how it feels. Do your arms and legs feel heavy? Do you feel bloated, tired, uncomfortable?

Begin to think what it would feel like to be slim, and fit for the moment. Imagine that your limbs are taking a trimming down. Your stomach becomes flatter, and your body becomes lean and light. Stay with these feelings for as long as you can, really trying to FEEL slim and light.

Think positive and stay focused on the good.


Doing this exercise regularly changes the signal that you transmit to the Universe in relation to your physical reality.

If you do that consistently enough, you should notice that you are feeling different and your outside conditions will gradually start to move in order to align with your inner focus.




Self Fulfilling Prophecies Definition Explained & Dr. Joe Dizpensa

Use Affirmations

Positive affirmations are short self-scripts that can condition the subconscious mind to help us develop a more positive perception of ourselves.

On the one hand, affirmations can help to change harmful behaviors to a desired or more acceptable one, and, then again, affirmations truly can help you achieve goals.

Positive affirmations can stop and aid to reduce the damage caused by negative scripts, which we have repeatedly told ourselves so far.

What Do Positive Affirmations Do?

Positive affirmations help stop the wasteful and unproductive soliloquy. Not only that, the positive affirmations replace it with motivation, positive self-image and higher self-confidence.

What’s more about Positive Affirmations

They change the focus from unwanted to desired objects and beliefs. So it helps to focus the mind on the higher goals. Furthermore, Affirmations influence your subconscious mind and activate its powers.

They help to change your thought patterns, which kick starts the transformation of your life.

They change the beliefs and the way you behave. That, on the other hand, can lead you to the right circumstances and create contact with the right people who can help you with our goals.

Affirmations also make you feel much more positive, energetic and active, thus, giving you greater control over your life. 

Show gratitude even for the smallest things and live in the presence.

They do make the change process easier and have the capacity to transform your inner and outer worlds.

In order to lose weight easily with the Law of Attraction, you must get your vibration in alignment first. Then the whole physical act becomes effortless.

Your current belief created your current body condition. You have to change your dominant focus over your body. As you do that, allow a whole different experience to come to you.

In many ways, this is much easier than “traditional” weight loss methods, because you are not trying to force your body to change, but rather allow yourself to be good, which is natural.


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  1. Wow, I as drawn to this post as soon as I saw it because I 100% believe the law of attraction can work for anything, and ave had it work for me so many times.
    Weight and dieting have always been a constant issue in my life since I was a young teenager; and I have probably been on a ‘diet’ for most of my life before I went completely plant based. I was constantly hating on my poor body and obsessing about every inch of fat when I was younger, but now I have chilled out, stopped thinking about it, and meditated on feeling and looking how I want, things have finally started to turn around.
    LOA works – you just have to stick with it and practice it until you bring your vibration up to speed with your desires.

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